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If you are relocating to the Dallas area and considering buying a home, you probably have a lot of questions, such as ...

An easy and quick way to get up-to-date facts to answer these and other similar residential real estate questions is to click on the links included in the above questions and the DFW Best Places To Live links displayed on the left sidebar menu on this page.

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Both my experience as a real estate agent and the on-going analyses I do regarding Dallas Fort Worth residential real estate show that upscale home buyers are most likely to consider the northwest Dallas suburbs and park cities/north Dallas as DFW's best places to live and buy a home. Information about these areas that is intended to be of particular interest to home buyers is available by clicking on the Northwest Dallas Suburbs and Park Cities/North Dallas tabs on the site navigation bar located near the top of each page of this site.

Please also take advantage of the advanced MLS search capability that is accessed by clicking on the MLS Search tab on the site navigation bar. This home search tool enables you to view pictures, a detailed description, and the location of all currently active MLS-listed single-family homes available for sale in the DFW metroplex and surrounding area. It also allows you to do searches that screen out all but the properties that meet your specific selection criteria. Registration is not required and there are no advertisements or paid placements.

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This website has been designed to be especially useful for people who are moving to the Dallas area and considering where they want to buy a home. Pages like these Frisco real estate page are updated monthly. MLS listings are, of course, updated daily.

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If you found this site by entering a search phrase such as 2015 best places to live in Dallas, 2015 best Dallas suburbs or 2015 best Dallas schools, please be assured that all of the annual rankings presented on this website are based on the most current data available and that as more current data becomes available they also will be updated in a timely manner.

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