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Aledo High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for Aledo High School and where its student performance overall ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Aledo High School attendance boundaries.

2018 best DFW public high schools rank: 57

Click this best Dallas Fort Worth public high schools link for the complete rankings and description of analysis methodology.

2017 Texas Education Agency (TEA) Student Achievement Index: 89

Student Achievement Index is the percentage of total number of student assessments for all subjects tested that met or exceeded TEA achievement standards. Click on this TEA accountability link for additional 2017 accountability information and general guidelines.

Aledo High School 's 2017 accountability rating is Met Standard, the top district and campus rating awarded.

2017 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

 all subjectsreadingmathematicssciencesocial studies 
Percentage at or above achievement standard 89 84 70 70 98  

2016 college readiness indicators

   English language artsmathematicssciencesocial studies 
Advanced Placement / International Baccalaureate Courses
  Participation rate   21% 14% 19% 21%  
  Participating students passing end-of-course examinations   74% 73% 47% 55%  
College Admissions Tests
  Participation rate 75%          
  SAT mean scores   1028 540      
  ACT mean scores   23.5 24.1 23.2    

Advanced Placement / International Baccalaureate courses participation rate is the percentage of students in grades 11-12 taking AP and IB courses. College admissions tests participation rate is the percentage of graduating seniors taking SAT and ACT tests.

2016-2017 enrollment

Aledo High School 1,238  
  Ninth grade 15  
  Tenth grade 431  
  Eleventh grade 400  
  Twelfth grade 392  

2015-2016 teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 16.8
Average years teaching experience 16.0

Campus address and phone number

1000 Bailey Ranch Road
Aledo, TX 76008
817 441-8711

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Aledo ISD schools, click on these Aledo and Willow Park links.

Sources: Aledo Independent School District and Texas Education Agency

Aledo High School homes for sale

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
1107 Royal Oak Drive, Aledo$330,0002,238198833.022N0.86
1200 River Creek Lane, Aledo$798,0004,666200044.123Y2.78
11405 Saratoga Lane, Aledo$630,0004,221200543.123Y1.00
15654 Gebron Court, Fort Worth$315,0002,007201832.012N0.34
1120 Canyon Lake Drive, Aledo$515,0003,214201853.013N2.17
1122 Acorn Lane, Aledo$529,0003,813200744.023Y1.12
113729 Green Elm Road, Aledo$478,4772,999201843.022N0.14
13501 W Fm 5, Aledo$985,0002,908200143.110Y11.66
1622 Muir Road, Aledo$489,0002,292200043.022N2.73
2120 Rim Rock Road, Aledo$450,0003,254200354.024Y0.71
2256 Bearclaw Circle, Aledo$510,0003,534201442.123N1.00
29040 Mcdaniel Road, Fort Worth$334,9002,202200632.013N1.13
2705 Christel Sun Lane, Aledo$399,0003,450201844.123N0.17
215012 Teasley Ave, Aledo$399,0002,861201853.023N0.30
2329 Aledo Springs Court, Fort Worth$509,0002,777199833.022Y6.08
215004 Stargazer Dr., Aledo$351,0002,214201832.013N0.17
2701 Christel Sun Lane, Aledo$381,0002,861201843.022N0.17
21041 Crown Valley Drive, Weatherford$545,0004,094200654.023Y0.31
215008 Stargazer Dr., Aledo$393,0002,861201843.023N0.17
21824 Shumard Way, Fort Worth$758,9004,767201855.123N0.00
21625 Green Corner Court, Fort Worth$774,9004,842201855.123N0.00
3173 Muir Hill Drive, Aledo$465,0002,977200143.023Y1.07
3140 Links Lane, Aledo$470,0003,251200532.123Y0.50
3110 Waggoner Court, Fort Worth$589,0003,718200053.123Y3.15
312540 Bella Vino Drive, Fort Worth$464,5003,049201343.113N1.20
3122 Gardengate Court, Cresson$459,9002,789200043.013Y2.02
41928 Crested Ridge, Aledo$439,0512,297201832.112N0.14
4100 River Crest Court, Aledo$577,9004,212200254.023Y2.00
515033 Belclaire, Aledo$360,8763,345201743.122N0.17
61857 Oak Trail Drive, Aledo$575,1453,680201854.123N0.17
61908 Crescent Street, Aledo$468,3493,193201854.023N0.17
61913 Roundtree Circle Circle, Aledo$500,3512,887201843.113N0.17
613913 Green Elm Road, Aledo$514,3132,949201743.113N0.22
61873 Oak Trail Drive, Aledo$572,1553,779201854.123N0.20
71429 Keeneland Hill Drive, Aledo$560,0003,564200544.023Y1.34
7333 Post View Drive, Aledo$299,4002,575201542.122N0.10
71941 Bending Oak Street, Aledo$473,9253,124201844.022N0.17
8128 Stonehurst Court, Aledo$520,0004,024200844.123N1.00
81916 Crested Ridge Road, Aledo$495,8682,887201843.113N0.17
81121 Reata Drive, Weatherford$360,0002,906200442.122N0.31
81645 Prairie Ridge Road, Aledo$709,9004,153201854.223N0.00
9165 Camouflage Circle, Willow Park$289,9002,356201332.122N0.19
9301 Rustic View Lane, Aledo$899,9974,382201443.223Y3.18
91595 Crouse Lane, Aledo$1,495,0006,758200555.124Y13.50
9251 Bearclaw Circle, Aledo$515,0003,586201643.013N1.05
9108 Muir Hill Drive, Aledo$492,2003,300200343.014Y1.20
9114 Crown Valley Court, Weatherford$345,0002,651200642.013N0.33
91708 Crested Ridge, Aledo$689,9003,522201844.113N0.00
101832 Shumard Way, Aledo$699,9004,153201854.223N0.00
103020 Yucca Road, Willow Park$289,5002,297197932.112N1.05
111916 Crescent Street, Aledo$413,6792,248201832.112N0.13
1113908 Green Elm Road, Aledo$425,0712,240201842.012N0.14
11192 Aledo Creeks Road, Fort Worth$1,295,0006,158200974.125Y8.45
11715 Rosewood Place, Aledo$599,0004,320201555.023N0.23
12113 Cold Track Drive, Willow Park$269,9002,106201442.012N0.18
12321 Addison Drive, Hudson Oaks$775,0005,100201544.124N1.00
1214901 Gentry Drive, Aledo$342,7312,224201832.112N0.13
1214904 Belclaire Avenue, Aledo$384,2362,866201844.012N0.13
1214948 Belclaire Avenue, Aledo$347,2732,566201843.022N0.13
121413 Woodridge Drive, Aledo$539,9003,999200153.123Y0.90
14524 Point Vista Drive, Aledo$566,2663,768201844.122N0.20
15389 Meadow Hill Road, Fort Worth$769,0003,581199642.122Y10.00
15105 Branch Hollow Lane, Aledo$369,9992,936200542.122N1.01
15111 Stonehurst Court, Aledo$585,0004,338200544.123Y1.00
15111 Dixon Woods Court, Aledo$644,9004,090200244.023Y1.15
15146 Broken Horn Trail, Fort Worth$699,0003,850201443.113Y1.00
16105 Trifecta Lane, Fort Worth$385,0002,736201442.123N1.17
16212 Cattlebaron Parc Drive, Fort Worth$685,0003,889199733.013Y3.60
16121 Mountain Vista Drive, Fort Worth$369,5002,585201343.012N1.00
16745 W Hill Drive, Aledo$2,000,0004,335200244.223Y27.00
177951 Bella Flora Drive, Fort Worth$1,125,0005,270201456.013N1.82
1713733 Parkline Way, Fort Worth$347,2892,062201832.122N0.09
17201 Silver Valley Court, Fort Worth$850,0004,370200445.023Y1.15
1812700 Bella Colina Drive, Fort Worth$499,9993,440201643.013N1.01
18512 Deer Pond Drive, Willow Park$399,9503,652198464.022N1.04
1913713 Green Elm Road, Fort Worth$442,0012,857201843.522N0.13
192008 Crescent Street, Fort Worth$443,1843,121201843.123N0.14
1913633 Sweetwalk Place, Fort Worth$331,1771,856201832.122N0.10
23115 Harvestwood Lane, Aledo$430,0003,301200843.023N0.73
24700 Rosewood Place, Aledo$590,0003,798201754.123N0.27
24151 Breeders Drive, Aledo$361,9502,928201743.122N0.50
24158 Breeders Drive, Willow Park$297,9502,201201832.112N0.25
261705 Prairie Ridge Road, Aledo$749,9004,842201855.123N0.00
29501 Bluestem Lane, Aledo$559,8033,480201843.223N0.29
30113 Rattler Way, Fort Worth$584,5003,502201442.123Y1.50
30141 Turkey Creek Drive, Aledo$669,7004,130201444.023Y2.27
317824 Aledo Oaks Court, Fort Worth$499,9003,044199933.014N2.50
32198 Deer Creek Drive, Aledo$415,0003,058200743.012N1.44
32200 Creekview Terrace, Aledo$599,0003,571201644.022N0.24
35105 Whitney Court, Aledo$659,9004,386201643.223N1.00
35727 Rosewood Place, Aledo$482,0003,384201743.122N0.29
36109 Blue Stem Lane, Aledo$544,9003,213201343.123Y0.41
36775 E Fm 1187, Aledo$599,9005,863199643.023N3.00
36143 Timberland Lane, Aledo$568,0003,800201153.023Y1.00
37836 Sunflower Court, Aledo$399,0003,120201854.022N0.18
38111 Tealwood Lane, Aledo$519,8004,536200644.124Y2.35
38204 Creek Wood Drive, Aledo$499,9003,297201243.023N1.34
38130 Maravilla Drive, Aledo$459,9002,951201842.113N2.08
397550 Fm 1187 W, Fort Worth$1,420,0005,118199865.124Y25.76
391837 Quiet Oak Place, Fort Worth$750,0003,779201844.123N0.21
42128 Kentucky Drive, Willow Park$291,6002,160201842.012N0.20
42132 Kentucky Drive, Willow Park$283,7002,101201842.012N0.20
43136 Bear Path Trail, Fort Worth$535,0003,411199633.222N5.21
43100 Silver Ridge Lane, Aledo$344,9002,607199943.022Y0.65
43149 Timberland Lane, Aledo$564,2903,865201342.123N1.00
44524 Sagebrush Court, Aledo$299,7502,290201842.013N0.39
44212 Parkview Drive, Aledo$395,0002,960201442.122N0.17
44322 Parkview Drive, Aledo$437,0003,340201643.122N0.18
44129 Shumard Drive, Aledo$279,0002,036200542.012N0.50
47167 Crooked Creek Lane, Aledo$699,9993,983201643.124Y1.08
47204 Park Oaks Drive, Aledo$516,6363,225201853.013N2.00
491420 Oaklawn Lane, Aledo$750,0004,617200544.123Y1.36
50263 Bearclaw Circle, Aledo$569,9003,868201443.123N1.04
51527 Prairie Run, Aledo$569,0003,601201744.022N0.25
52723 Rosewood Place, Aledo$425,0003,065201743.122N0.20
52306 Bluestem Lane, Aledo$479,5003,679201743.123N0.17
54680 Lookout Point Avenue, Aledo$429,5002,838201742.122N0.30
56103 Bluestem Lane, Aledo$426,5002,869201443.022N0.21
57105 S Spanish Plum Court, Aledo$739,9004,915201544.124N2.02
58124 Stonehurst Court, Aledo$529,9004,075200643.223Y1.00
5812500 Bella Vino Drive, Fort Worth$459,9003,100201443.113N1.40
59103 Buckskin Street, Aledo$424,9003,387200543.123N0.89
64701 Paintbrush Court, Aledo$329,8893,360201753.122N0.17
64105 Austin, Aledo$119,0001,021196921.011N0.20
64140 Melbourne Drive, Willow Park$281,8802,088201842.012N0.21
64144 Melbourne Drive, Willow Park$291,6002,160201842.112N0.21
6414104 Cross Oaks Place, Aledo$545,0003,337201743.122N0.00
64176 Forest Court, Aledo$1,140,0004,986199943.123Y4.53
6414100 Cross Oaks Place, Aledo$539,0003,312201743.122N0.00
6414116 Cross Oaks Place, Aledo$555,0003,410201743.122N0.00
651109 Reata Drive, Weatherford$274,9002,054200442.012N0.21
661009 Meadow Lark Lane, Weatherford$427,9004,138200343.113N0.78
72100 Maravilla Drive, Aledo$410,9002,583201842.113N2.14
721010 Crown Valley Drive, Weatherford$374,9002,706201842.113N0.27
72612 Ardath, Aledo$329,2972,224201832.112N0.13
7313765 Green Elm Road, Fort Worth$637,9904,294201734.122N0.16
74412 Meadow Hill Road, Fort Worth$410,0002,406198132.112N5.00
76636 Lookout Point, Aledo$431,8602,889201843.123N0.17
76640 Lookout Point, Aledo$462,5403,112201843.123N0.17
7613824 Walsh Avenue, Fort Worth$492,4853,174201844.022N0.01
7613828 Walsh Avenue, Fort Worth$478,3052,817201832.123N0.01
84105 Oakdale Drive, Fort Worth$132,0001,800198433.010N0.46
86108 Lariat Court, Willow Park$275,0003,618198153.022N2.67
88185 Breeders Drive, Aledo$361,9502,928201743.122N0.50
901920 Crescent Street, Aledo$474,4672,786201843.023N0.19
92424 Prairie Run, Aledo$435,0002,971201454.022N0.00
96600 Rockfall Way, Aledo$509,0003,150201644.012Y0.20
99509 Prairie Run, Aledo$544,9903,700201743.023N0.24
100102 Royal Oak Drive, Aledo$399,0002,972198853.123Y0.76
105624 Ardath, Aledo$368,6822,965201843.022N0.13
114105 Links Lane, Aledo$570,0003,781200543.023Y0.55
1231925 Roundtree Circle, Fort Worth$379,0822,062201832.012N0.14
12313621 Parkline Way, Fort Worth$433,3232,912201843.022N0.00
12313613 Leatherstem Lane, Fort Worth$442,9213,087201843.022N0.14
130300 Bear Country Drive, Aledo$493,5003,290201743.013N1.00
13413652 Leatherstem Lane, Fort Worth$447,9893,078201843.022N0.00
135232 Rancho Drive, Fort Worth$465,0002,800200243.122N3.70
135132 Jordan Ranch Road, Aledo$518,0003,200200743.013N1.00
143306 S Oakvista Court, Aledo$480,0003,401200253.022N1.40
143104 Clipper Court, Cresson$435,0002,458200033.018N1.00
14812400 Bella Vineyard Drive, Fort Worth$699,9004,600201864.023N1.43
149390 Mcdavid Terrace Drive, Aledo$1,850,0004,936200543.110Y20.10
152137 Bent Tree Court, Aledo$399,0003,209200053.122N2.50
155636 Yucca Court, Aledo$339,9002,655201843.022N0.19
15515037 Teasley Avenue, Aledo$339,2842,479201733.013N0.18
15615117 Teasley Avenue, Aledo$338,8162,479201743.012N0.18
157282 Briarwood Lane, Aledo$599,0004,033200644.023N2.00
158606 Rolling Hills Drive, Aledo$239,0002,107199942.122N0.27
165529 Prairie Run, Aledo$459,9903,574201743.123N0.20
166721 Rosewood Place, Aledo$449,9903,574201743.123N0.20
168181 Oakcrest Hills Drive, Aledo$500,0004,200200244.123N1.20
177106 Bear Path Trail, Fort Worth$569,5003,722200043.124Y5.01
1771821 E Fm 1187, Aledo$340,0003,658198144.110N1.77
1797909 Bella Flora Drive, Fort Worth$1,299,9995,731201055.224Y1.76
184112 Tioga Downs Court, Fort Worth$430,9372,610201843.012N2.64
188153 Old Tunnel Road, Aledo$1,599,9993,000200143.112N47.00
190315 Rustic View Lane, Aledo$1,049,0004,950201355.023N2.42
2047 Bankhead Cove, Aledo$1,995,0005,643201255.123Y10.40
20713812 Green Elm Road Road, Fort Worth$599,9953,891201744.123N0.25
21313801 Green Hook Road, Fort Worth$619,9953,688201744.123N0.25
2211309 Steeple Chase Lane, Aledo$690,0006,150200153.224Y1.09
222142 Kentucky, Willow Park$289,9802,148201742.012N0.21
233700 Russell Road, Willow Park$449,9003,080201742.113N1.33
23915037 Belclaire Avenue, Aledo$366,5753,191201743.022N0.18
24313813 Parkline, Aledo$480,7902,834201743.022N0.14
288102 Grey Stone Street, Aledo$420,0003,350201533.022N0.18
30212335 Bella Rosa Court, Fort Worth$574,9004,296201744.123N1.20
303901 Crown Valley Drive, Weatherford$424,9003,013201743.123N0.44
3032346 Old Annetta Road, Aledo$897,7503,750200742.114N9.28
30514912 Gentry Drive, Aledo$372,8692,981201743.022N0.13
31014937 Gentry Drive, Aledo$294,4851,825201732.012N0.14
31014933 Gentry Drive, Aledo$367,4553,150201743.122N0.14
31113821 Parkline Way, Fort Worth$549,9903,801201744.022N0.00
32814956 Belclaire Avenue, Aledo$358,8872,861201743.022N0.14
32914957 Gentry Drive, Aledo$366,9103,169201743.122N0.14
33014953 Gentry Drive, Aledo$343,3332,866201732.122N0.14
33115032 Belclaire Avenue, Aledo$358,7293,433201753.122N0.17
345127 Parc Oaks Drive, Annetta South$435,0003,002201453.013N2.02
3654850 E Bankhead Highway, Hudson Oaks$360,0003,750197052.420N7.21
37315025 Stargazer Drive, Aledo$356,6333,345201743.123N0.18
392167 Kortney Drive, Hudson Oaks$1,395,0006,538200945.124Y1.31
40115120 Roderick Road, Aledo$358,6253,120201732.122N0.18
40115117 Roderick Road, Aledo$292,3772,260201732.012N0.18
675324 Aledo Springs Court, Fort Worth$650,0003,295199954.025N8.32

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