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Argyle, Lantana, Bartonville, Copper Canyon and Double Oak

This page presents valuable information for anyone who is considering buying a home in Argyle, Lantana, Bartonville, Copper Canyon or Double Oak. Detailed property descriptions and large high-resolution pictures of previously owned and new homes for sale in the Argyle area are available by clicking on the property addresses in the MLS listings table below. Also on this page is information about key residential real estate factors that influence the desirability of housing in this area. At the bottom of the page are links to the municipal web sites of these Argyle area towns.

Homes for sale in Argyle area

The table below provides for a quick assessment of the single-family MLS-listed homes currently available for sale Argyle, Lantana, Bartonville, Copper Canyon and Double Oak.

A more typical website presentation that provides a photo and summary description of each of these properties and advanced MLS search and mapping capabilities also is available on this Argyle area MLS listings expanded view page. Newly constructed homes are shown on this Argyle area new home listings page.

The table in which these latest Argyle area listings are presented is searchable and sortable. The default sort order is number of days listed, but if you prefer to see all available properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading.

Please call 972 355-3511 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
1212 Country Lakes Drive, Argyle$344,5002,470200332.012N0.23
11417 Fire Wheel Way, Lantana$450,0003,974200954.023N0.20
1214 Shenandoah Court, Argyle$469,9002,796199342.122Y1.00
11213 8th Street, Argyle$399,7142,981201743.022N0.00
1859 Terrace Drive, Lantana$479,9004,293200454.123Y0.23
11428 9th Street, Argyle$436,8182,722201743.013N0.00
1360 Conroe Circle, Lantana$264,0001,690200432.012N0.13
11225 Reese Way, Lantana$427,0003,305201143.123N0.25
2817 Big Sky Way, Argyle$599,5003,282201744.023N0.27
29417 Olive Court, Lantana$582,3553,835201743.123N0.00
28701 Bayberry Avenue, Lantana$469,0003,767201044.023N0.18
2115 Pheasant Run Road, Argyle$545,0003,701199153.014Y1.13
2231 Cedarcrest Lane, Double Oak$524,9003,575198042.222Y1.19
3920 Skyline Drive, Argyle$539,0003,154198354.012N2.36
4324 River Meadows Lane, Argyle$424,5003,327201253.023N0.31
5205 Hickory Ridge Court, Argyle$1,495,0009,930199856.224Y5.00
51201 8th Street, Argyle$400,5623,272201644.022N0.00
5120 Sunrise Drive, Argyle$429,9994,037201444.023N0.18
61128 Claire Street, Lantana$535,0004,565200654.023N0.16
7750 Sheldon Road, Lantana$370,0002,835201332.122N0.11
71456 Foster Street, Lantana$510,0004,187201154.023Y0.25
7761 Peco Street, Lantana$434,9003,510200342.123Y0.16
7110 Knob Hill Lane, Double Oak$430,0002,506198343.012N0.92
71116 4th Street, Argyle$414,0872,926201743.022N0.00
71217 8th Street, Argyle$361,3532,321201743.012N0.00
7141 Birdcall Lane, Argyle$350,0002,543201532.112N0.18
7702 Manor Drive, Argyle$1,149,0005,312200254.124Y3.00
81904 Kaiser Cove, Argyle$330,9902,852201653.022N0.13
8638 Forest, Argyle$619,0002,956199143.012Y3.30
82369 Britt Drive, Argyle$519,9002,653200132.123Y1.46
91151 Bonham Parkway, Lantana$424,9003,698200743.123N0.14
9941 Meadow Drive, Copper Canyon$385,0001,904198332.012Y1.36
9521 Hearth Terrace, Argyle$375,0002,175201532.012N0.15
10100 Birdcall Lane, Argyle$449,9003,835201554.023N0.21
10790 Bradford Street, Lantana$339,9002,459200442.012N0.17
10611 Walker Crossing, Lantana$599,9903,422201733.113N0.29
10600 Boswell Crossing, Lantana$725,0004,392201744.123N0.33
108770 Canyon Crossing, Lantana$949,9905,349201355.123N0.44
109125 Parson Drive, Lantana$530,0004,341200554.023Y0.24
101501 6th Street, Argyle$526,6723,726201754.122N0.00
121232 Appaloosa Court, Bartonville$992,0004,668200354.124Y2.55
128060 Steeplechase Circle, Argyle$575,0003,471200043.123Y1.00
121325 Saddlebrook Court, Bartonville$775,0004,245200054.023Y2.01
121520 6th Street, Argyle$469,3393,024201743.112N0.00
121108 6th Street, Argyle$442,1832,851201743.013N0.00
141224 Grant Avenue, Lantana$400,0003,558200732.122N0.15
141425 5th Street, Argyle$400,0003,518201553.123N0.16
159140 Charles Street, Lantana$619,9994,790200754.123Y0.26
171117 5th Street, Argyle$467,6923,732201754.023N0.25
181124 Grant Avenue, Lantana$519,9004,719200764.023N0.16
18214 S Carruth Lane, Double Oak$1,499,0005,894200644.123N5.00
199231 Dahlia Way, Lantana$459,0003,107201543.023N0.20
20735 Estates Drive, Copper Canyon$879,9003,542197053.122N3.99
211071 Mercer Avenue, Lantana$615,3413,474201743.113N0.00
22245 W Fm 407, Argyle$615,0002,800201444.022N2.91
228204 Victoria Lane, Lantana$479,9003,859200654.022Y0.19
22940 S Berry Trail Court, Copper Canyon$440,0002,336198443.012Y1.01
248451 Navisota Drive, Lantana$470,0004,850200353.123N0.23
291225 9th Street, Argyle$369,8752,425201732.012N0.00
295 Victory Lane, Double Oak$965,0005,158201343.224Y1.00
292239 Berniece Jones Road, Argyle$599,0001,897197732.211N10.64
308605 Bayberry Avenue, Lantana$450,0003,777201243.223N0.18
31611 Birch Court, Argyle$1,150,0005,253200344.123Y5.01
31850 Garland Drive, Lantana$610,4823,762201743.123N0.00
321695 Barrington Hills Boulevard, Bartonville$1,199,0004,090200643.123N4.01
33551 Hawthorne Circle, Lantana$399,0003,988200153.123N0.24
341105 Reese Way, Lantana$525,0005,157200854.133N0.18
35716 Kimbro Avenue, Lantana$549,9004,659200944.123N0.25
369124 Blanco Drive, Lantana$445,0003,962200543.212N0.24
368916 Wyatt Circle, Lantana$464,9004,459200443.123N0.17
369144 Parson Drive, Lantana$499,9003,634200743.123N0.24
369740 Blanco Drive, Lantana$519,9994,017201444.133N0.21
361060 Lakeview Court, Copper Canyon$849,5006,418199866.129Y4.08
371901 E Hickory Hill Road, Argyle$585,0004,479200044.323N1.00
381112 7th, Argyle$451,0332,934201742.122N0.25
381712 Verbena Lane, Lantana$459,0003,494201554.022N0.22
381440 E Jeter Road, Bartonville$780,9002,466198322.013N6.37
382600 Winthrop Hill, Argyle$629,0003,901200443.123Y1.01
40307 E Carruth Lane, Double Oak$585,0004,153200133.123N1.00
438394 Holliday Road, Lantana$379,9003,675200443.122N0.18
441758 W Jeter Road, Bartonville$3,600,0003,016197143.014N60.00
451737 Goliad Way, Lantana$444,5273,400201743.122N0.15
451709 Seminole Lane, Lantana$426,4402,660201732.112N0.00
47633 Woods Drive, Argyle$1,150,0006,400200354.234Y5.00
50140 Quiet Hill Circle, Copper Canyon$800,0003,947201544.123Y2.00
51508 Hearth Terrace, Argyle$369,9952,479201343.022N0.15
52408 Nora, Argyle$598,9853,724201643.023N0.24
541581 Terrace Drive, Lantana$439,0004,318200154.123N0.24
54135 Winding Creek Way, Argyle$639,9004,924198854.123Y0.99
56560 Parker Lane, Lantana$409,9003,494200632.112N0.25
579020 Terrel Street, Lantana$415,4372,786201743.022N0.00
57144 Birdcall Lane, Argyle$390,0003,015201543.122N0.19
589221 Blanco Drive, Lantana$539,9294,152200743.123N0.19
5910839 Hilltop Road, Argyle$998,5004,325200554.123Y4.22
61217 Boonesville Bend, Argyle$629,5004,092201644.123N0.29
62600 Partridge Drive, Argyle$695,0006,132199454.223Y1.30
65106 W Carruth Lane, Double Oak$575,0004,371200244.123N1.02
65841 Garland Drive, Lantana$598,5093,216201743.113N0.00
65450 Canyon Oaks Drive, Argyle$499,9993,833198743.123Y0.98
661521 Trinidad Way, Lantana$597,4713,966201743.023N0.00
661724 Trinidad Way, Lantana$537,9973,089201743.013N0.00
671600 Trinidad Way, Lantana$494,8463,051201743.013N0.00
671720 Trinidad Way, Lantana$538,2193,723201743.023N0.00
671520 Trinidad Way, Lantana$521,1903,458201743.023N0.00
71416 Pegasus Ridge, Argyle$699,0004,070201643.023N0.31
719016 Terrel Street, Lantana$384,3172,313201742.112N0.00
729012 Terrel Street, Lantana$415,8892,519201743.012N0.00
729004 Terrel Street, Lantana$374,5542,248201743.012N0.00
728940 Terrel Street, Lantana$453,4313,351201743.122N0.00
729000 Terrel Street, Lantana$359,5382,051201732.012N0.00
721 Baines Court, Argyle$1,790,0005,982200755.224Y6.07
731209 8th Street, Argyle$375,8042,250201733.012N0.00
738924 Terrel Street, Lantana$456,6112,922201744.012N0.00
738936 Terrel, Lantana$431,7463,203201754.022N0.00
73125 Eagles Peak Lane, Double Oak$640,0003,933200743.023N1.02
75Lot 6 Denton Street, Argyle$572,8502,896201732.122N0.18
784548 Mahogany Lane, Copper Canyon$749,9006,001200365.026N1.00
794529 Mahogany Lane, Copper Canyon$899,9907,087199565.126Y2.02
79921 Fincher Trail, Argyle$796,8004,593201744.124N1.00
812827 Prairie View Drive, Argyle$771,2624,857201754.123N1.00
841208 5th Street, Argyle$425,0002,723201743.013N0.00
86180 Whistling Duck Lane, Double Oak$744,0004,655200654.023Y1.05
861026 Dayton Drive, Lantana$399,9003,775200844.122N0.13
879200 Simmons Road, Lantana$495,6903,330201743.123N0.00
88205 Waterside Drive, Argyle$565,3703,442201643.122N0.00
881612 Tanner Parkway, Lantana$481,0343,330201743.123N0.00
921509 7th Street, Argyle$399,9003,244201543.122N0.17
94820 Sewell Drive, Lantana$579,4593,400201743.113N0.00
94831 Clear Fork Drive, Lantana$664,2474,244201744.223N0.00
94810 Sewell Drive, Lantana$669,9424,065201743.223N0.00
941051 Mercer Avenue, Lantana$686,5164,230201745.223N0.00
959208 Simmons Road, Lantana$487,9233,436201644.023N0.00
1011513 6th Street, Argyle$528,5343,583201754.023N0.00
1011525 6th Street, Argyle$513,6143,623201744.123N0.00
1031244 Grant Avenue, Lantana$380,0003,998200743.122N0.13
1031016 Hazel Drive, Lantana$575,0003,885201543.223N0.25
1051101 6th, Argyle$585,2093,328201643.113N0.30
1068301 Buffalo Drive, Lantana$739,0004,588201355.123Y0.51
1081429 8th Street, Argyle$475,9333,794201654.023N0.25
1081216 5th, Argyle$413,3852,540201642.112N0.25
1081425 7th Street, Argyle$389,9293,226201543.012N0.16
1091252 Grant Avenue, Lantana$435,0003,558200732.122Y0.20
1101516 Presley Way, Lantana$349,0002,296201432.112N0.13
119901 Fenceline Drive, Argyle$494,9953,766201643.123N0.19
1211108 5th Street, Argyle$423,2322,883201632.113N0.25
1211104 5th Street, Argyle$473,9093,835201664.023N0.25
1358451 Marsh Street, Lantana$324,9002,538200143.022N0.26
1411100 7th Street, Argyle$500,0003,684201643.123N0.00
1421 Hickory Crossing, Argyle$700,0003,501200444.023N2.23
145975 Ranch Road, Copper Canyon$1,300,0008,125199777.124Y4.60
148821 Big Sky Way, Argyle$674,9904,204201644.123N0.26
149115 Quiet Hill Circle, Copper Canyon$1,275,0004,052201644.013N4.36
1501847 E Hickory Hill Road, Argyle$634,9004,198198943.123N3.54
1501200 Tate Lane, Bartonville$789,5004,363200755.123N1.00
1519413 Blackpine Court, Lantana$548,0003,760201543.123N0.00
1632008 Winthrop Hill Road, Argyle$639,7004,189200544.023Y1.01
171854 Harpole Road E, Argyle$2,200,0006,125200354.123N12.19
1785301 Chinn Chapel Road, Double Oak$474,0002,846198232.012N1.07
2061208 Saddlebrook Way, Bartonville$2,499,0007,457199955.224Y2.48
2151429 9th Street, Argyle$452,9993,879201654.023N0.25
2157700 Fm 1830, Argyle$1,795,0006,450200255.214Y6.00
2201120 Shady Oak Circle, Argyle$2,097,0006,863200356.123Y5.14
2291412 8th Street, Argyle$452,9993,731201654.023N0.25
2291113 6th Street, Argyle$534,0824,137201643.123N0.30
253705 Old Justin Road, Argyle$899,0005,272198454.223N3.92
263124 Birdcall, Argyle$399,9993,341201753.022N0.25
275408 Pegasus Ridge, Argyle$744,9003,932201744.123N0.27
2789409 Olive Court, Lantana$619,9004,370201644.213N0.29
322767 Johns Well Court, Argyle$949,0005,050200455.124Y2.50
365419 Pegasus Ridge, Argyle$673,9003,000201643.113N0.30
420501 Crawford Road, Argyle$799,9993,389198442.114N8.43
5361107 Maple Drive, Bartonville$118,0001,008198532.010N0.20


Living in Argyle, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Double OakArgyle area residential real estate

The connecting communities of Argyle, Bartonville, Copper Canyon and Double Oak are semi-rural towns in the northwest corner of south central Denton County. Country estates, fine homes and horse farms are common in these communities.

Three of these towns have adopted minimum lot size requirements that help maintain their upscale country living characters, one acre in Copper Canyon and Double Oak and two acres in Bartonville. Lot sizes in Argyle mostly range from one to two-and-a-half acres. Lantana, a master planned community in which homes are built on smaller lots, has both Argyle and Lantana mailing addresses, but actually is located in unincorporated Denton County.

Home prices

Median sale price of pre-owned single family homes in this area sold during the three months ending February 28, 2017 was $379,900 ... home prices generally ranged from about $200,000 to $1.1 million ... houses sold averaged 49 days on market

Median home sales prices for all cities and towns in the metroplex are provided on this DFW best places to buy a home page.


Looking for the best places to live in the Argyle, Lantana, Bartonville, Copper Canyon and Double Oak area? One of the reasons real estate in this area is so desirable is its wonderful neighborhoods and they are a great place to begin your search. Links to profiles describing some of the best of these neighborhoods are provided below.


Students living in Argyle attend Argyle ISD schools ... Bartonville students attend Argyle ISD or Denton ISD schools ... Copper Canyon and Double Oak students attend Denton ISD or Lewisville ISD schools ... Lantana students attend Denton ISD schools

Click on this Argyle, Bartonville, Copper Canyon and Double Oak area schools link for TEA STAAR scores, student population by grade, and other information for all public schools serving this area. Performance information for other DFW metroplex school districts is available on this Dallas Fort Worth school districts page and performance information for other public schools in the Dallas area is provided on these DFW high schools, DFW middle schools and DFW elementary schools pages.

Property taxes

Property tax rates for 2016 are 2.19 percent to 2.22 percent of tax appraisal value in Argyle ... 1.98 percent in Bartonville ... 1.97 percent to 2.09 percent in Copper Canyon ... 1.90 percent to 2.02 percent in Double Oak ... 2.13 percent in Harvest ... 2.80 percent in Lantana

A description of how Texas property taxes are calculated and paid, along with 2016 property tax rates for other DFW cities and towns, are available by clicking on this DFW property tax rates link.


Approximately 15 to 24 miles and 25 to 31 minutes drive time to DFW International Airport passenger terminals ... 20 to 29 miles and 29 to 35 minutes to the Las Colinas business center ... 30 to 38 miles and 35 to 45 minutes to downtown Fort Worth

Commute time and distance information for additional destinations, and for other DFW metroplex cities and towns, is provided on this average DFW commute distances and times page

More about Argyle, Bartonville, Copper Canyon and Double Oak

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