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Best Dallas Suburbs

This 2017 best Dallas suburbs study analyzes the housing and community desirability of 118 DFW area cities and towns to identify which are the DFW's best places to live. Included in this comprehensive, fact-based assessment are Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan Area municipalities with populations of about 2,500 and more residents.

Best Dallas suburbsTopping this latest best Dallas suburbs ranking are Southlake, Flower Mound, University Park, Trophy Club and Highland Village. In several important ways these five Dallas suburbs are alike. All offer excellent local schools and family-friendly community amenities and are among the safest places in the DFW metroplex to live. In other equally important ways, including architectural styles and average costs of available housing, how far they are located from Dallas, and numbers of residents and population densities, they are more different than similar.

This likewise is true for the entire group of Top 25 Dallas suburbs presented below ...

  • Twenty-one of these twenty-five top ranked Dallas suburbs are located more or less north of Dallas and two more are in the park cities/north Dallas area, which also are located north of Dallas. This, of course, is why the north Dallas suburbs and park cities/north Dallas area are considered the best areas to live in Dallas.
  • Students living in sixteen of the top twenty-five Dallas suburbs earned composite Texas Education Agency Student Achievement Indexes (SAIs) that are the highest in the metroplex. Twenty of them have top-25 SAIs.
  • Crime rates in twenty of these cities and towns are among the twenty-five lowest municipal crime rates reported. Crime rates for all of these top-ranked suburbs are considerably lower than the overall DFW average rate.
  • Median sale prices of MLS-listed pre-owned single-family homes sold during 2016 in these Dallas suburbs ranged from highest in the DFW metroplex, $1.6 million in Highland Park, to near the top of the third quartile of Dallas suburbs median home prices.
  • As shown in the complete Best DFW cities/towns rankings, also presented below, appreciation in home prices over the past three years ranged from a high of 28.9 percent in Wylie to a low of 7.3 percent in Double Oak.
  • Current population of these cities/towns range from 162,898 residents living in McKinney to 3,078 residents living in Double Oak. Population density ranges from a high of 6,710 residents per sq. mile in University Park to a low of 342 residents per sq. mile in Argyle.
  • Population growth during the past five years in twelve of the twenty-five top Dallas suburbs is among the top quartile of growth rates for all 118 municipalities surveyed. Seven more experienced growth rates that put them in the second quartile. The other six placed in the third quartile.

Top 25 Dallas suburbs

Current listings of homes for sale in the cities and towns listed below are available by clicking on their names.

single-family house pricesfrom downtown Dallas
scores above
crime rate
sq. ft.
1Southlake29,94196.6%11.9$650,000 $173.37 26northwest
2Flower Mound71,25392.4%7.1$350,000 $136.74 28northwest
3University Park24,75996.6%11.6$1,340,000 $371.06 8north
4Trophy Club11,75991.4%3.4$420,000 $140.32 33northwest
5Highland Village16,14992.2%7.8$359,500 $125.67 30northwest
6Double Oak3,07891.1%5.5$526,300 $147.34 32northwest
7Allen98,14392.5%10.8$295,000 $123.91 26north
8Murphy20,61090.5%6.0$351,900 $113.29 26northeast
9Melissa7,43690.2%6.4$244,000 $104.97 41northeast
10Wylie46,70887.9%7.6$230,000 $106.42 28northeast
11Keller45,75891.1%7.3$376,000 $132.18 32northwest
12Argyle3,90591.2%7.0$384,900 $147.36 41northwest
13Willow Park4,92286.7%10.3$235,000 $109.79 53west
14Colleyville25,48790.1%5.1$520,000 $155.86 27northwest
15Highland Park9,18992.9%19.7$1,600,000 $464.06 6north
16Fairview8,43892.8%5.9$402,800 $159.60 32north
17Coppell41,15990.6%11.9$399,800 $153.39 22northwest
18Frisco154,40790.7%15.6$365,000 $134.29 28north
19Prosper15,96790.0%10.0$415,000 $130.84 36north
20Celina7,69789.0%8.7$317,000 $130.86 42north
21Forney18,41885.1%14.5$204,900 $95.40 21east
22McKinney162,89887.7%16.4$285,000 $121.55 33north
23Aubrey3,35282.6%15.4$209,000 $108.76 49north
24Corinth20,99883.9%9.8$234,000 $104.90 34northwest
25Sachse24,55481.1%11.2$246,300 $109.14 26northeast

Additional desirability and livability metrics for all DFW cities and towns included in this analysis are provided below and demographic and location information that is more related to the specific needs of an individual or family along with links to current MLS listings in each city and town is provided on this Dallas suburbs page. You also may find these best DFW school districts, DFW commute and DFW property tax rates pages useful.

Best DFW cities/towns rankings

As is further described in the Methodology section at the bottom of this page, this best Dallas suburbs analysis considers the three key factors that are central to answering the best places to live question: desirability of available housing, local schools student academic performance and local crime rates.

Desirability of available housing was based on how much the market price of single-family home values have appreciated during the prior three years, how willing homebuyers are to invest their money in owning a home and relatively what they are willing to pay for it, and how quickly houses sell at a market-determined price. Local schools performance was evaluated based on the aggregate STAAR score of the public schools serving these communities. Top-rated local schools are of course fundamental to identifying the best suburbs for families with school age children. Low crime rates indicate which Dallas area towns and cities are likely the safest places to live. These metrics are incidentally also indicative of which DFW cities and towns likely offer the best combinations of convenient location, pleasant neighborhoods, suitable health care, and appealing shopping and eating establishments.

Median home prices of previously occupied MLS-listed homes sold during 2016, also shown in the tables below, were not considered in compiling these Dallas best places to buy a home rankings, and are provided for information only.

The table in which this data is presented is searchable and sortable. To display all of the cities and towns, change Show entries to All. If you want to sort the cities/towns in descending price order, double click on the median house price column heading. To limit the display of information to a single city or town by entering its name in the Search box.

desirability of available housingschoolssafety
house price
sq. ft.
days on
scores above
1Southlake$650,000 11.0%92.4%$173.37 4896.6%0.311.9
2Flower Mound$350,000 17.4%89.3%$136.74 3192.4%0.57.1
3University Park$1,340,000 7.5%75.9%$371.06 5696.6%0.111.6
4Trophy Club$420,000 19.2%92.7%$140.32 3791.4%0.23.4
5Highland Village$359,500 14.4%95.3%$125.67 3692.2%0.97.8
6Double Oak$526,300 7.3%96.8%$147.34 3791.1%0.05.5
7Allen$295,000 23.8%76.8%$123.91 2892.5%0.810.8
8Murphy$351,900 23.8%94.2%$113.29 3690.5%0.86.0
9Melissa$244,000 19.0%89.5%$104.97 3190.2%0.86.4
10Wylie$230,000 28.9%84.5%$106.42 2287.9%0.97.6
11Keller$376,000 15.2%84.0%$132.18 3491.1%0.57.3
12Argyle$384,900 11.3%95.6%$147.36 5191.2%0.07.0
13Willow Park$235,000 13.8%100.0%$109.79 2886.7%0.810.3
14Colleyville$520,000 12.8%95.9%$155.86 4990.1%0.55.1
15Highland Park$1,600,000 12.8%81.7%$464.06 7392.9%0.219.7
16Fairview$402,800 14.9%82.0%$159.60 5392.8%0.55.9
17Coppell$399,800 17.5%71.3%$153.39 3190.6%0.611.9
18Frisco$365,000 23.3%74.8%$134.29 3390.7%0.915.6
19Prosper$415,000 17.6%77.3%$130.84 4390.0%0.610.0
20Celina$317,000 17.5%78.5%$130.86 3789.0%1.48.7
21Forney$204,900 18.5%86.2%$95.40 2785.1%1.314.5
22McKinney$285,000 24.6%68.7%$121.55 2887.7%1.616.4
23Aubrey$209,000 16.4%89.2%$108.76 2882.6%0.015.4
24Corinth$234,000 19.2%84.0%$104.90 2683.9%1.39.8
25Sachse$246,300 28.1%86.5%$109.14 2481.1%0.611.2
26Mansfield$241,000 19.2%79.0%$100.44 2684.5%0.915.3
27Parker$577,500 13.3%98.2%$145.61 5786.0%0.28.4
28Grapevine$315,000 19.7%57.9%$140.32 2187.5%1.421.0
29Plano$310,000 22.4%63.1%$131.57 2687.1%1.518.0
30Little Elm$240,000 25.8%80.3%$109.75 2581.6%1.06.0
31Lantana$365,000 14.6%90.7%$116.55 3890.1%
32Rockwall$256,400 17.2%74.0%$110.78 3487.0%1.117.1
33Midlothian$235,100 17.1%74.9%$107.99 3185.1%1.112.7
34Providence Village$202,000 35.5%100.0%$99.66 1981.5%
35Sunnyvale$398,000 19.2%95.4%$125.38 4489.0%
36Hickory Creek$295,000 11.7%95.1%$109.15 3382.8%1.215.2
37Lucas$590,000 15.8%85.5%$163.97 5792.9%
38Heath$490,000 8.9%98.1%$135.29 7487.3%0.26.8
39Watauga$145,000 22.1%78.0%$97.90 1480.3%1.422.7
40Fate$229,000 28.8%91.9%$101.95 2984.1%
41Bedford$226,000 20.5%56.7%$113.95 1986.7%2.824.1
42Hurst$190,000 17.6%65.6%$105.46 2087.5%2.642.8
43Euless$211,000 23.4%43.1%$114.66 1985.7%1.420.2
44Lavon$211,000 25.7%90.7%$104.55 2775.6%0.07.0
45Richardson$270,000 26.1%60.4%$131.27 2583.2%1.520.0
46Northlake$392,300 16.1%93.6%$138.11 1980.8%3.132.6
47Ovilla$293,000 16.2%94.0%$106.95 4781.4%1.47.4
48Roanoke$294,000 17.4%57.9%$111.62 3688.5%2.228.8
49North Richland Hills$207,000 17.2%63.2%$109.40 2383.6%1.823.1
50Saginaw$165,000 20.4%77.7%$88.67 1979.3%1.819.3
51Aledo$344,800 9.6%95.3%$122.81 6290.9%
52Crandall$166,500 16.2%91.0%$87.71 3478.9%0.920.1
53Anna$190,000 16.0%81.0%$98.86 2877.9%1.110.1
54Burleson$182,000 16.1%72.1%$98.14 2981.6%1.620.4
55Royse City$183,500 15.4%74.3%$102.57 3179.8%1.79.9
56Pantego$210,000 18.9%95.9%$96.25 2681.5%3.249.4
57Lake Dallas$202,000 19.7%61.4%$100.09 1582.8%4.914.7
58Rowlett$219,900 25.4%86.0%$99.94 2275.1%1.914.8
59The Colony$228,500 30.8%63.5%$117.83 2076.4%1.711.9
60Farmersville$170,000 14.2%93.7%$102.09 3578.2%2.020.5
61Blue Mound$100,180 13.6%96.0%$80.91 2981.7%
62Princeton$187,000 15.3%68.5%$101.88 2378.7%2.711.7
63Carrollton$245,000 25.9%61.6%$121.83 2177.0%1.522.0
64Richland Hills$137,500 25.7%66.8%$84.75 1875.5%1.225.9
65Justin$219,500 11.0%97.2%$103.43 3681.5%
66Denton$211,000 19.2%48.5%$108.66 2980.9%2.324.0
67Sanger$173,000 13.7%64.4%$109.11 3578.5%1.916.2
68Waxahachie$191,200 14.1%56.1%$100.15 3279.4%1.526.1
69Joshua$169,300 7.9%75.3%$89.25 3779.1%3.613.1
70Kennedale$230,000 15.7%70.2%$97.55 4679.7%2.322.4
71Oak Point$204,500 21.2%89.7%$122.47 3277.8%
72Venus$142,500 -1.9%88.3%$73.51 3173.3%1.89.1
73Lewisville$235,000 21.2%44.6%$122.39 2577.7%2.322.8
74Grand Prairie$189,000 21.2%61.7%$88.94 2574.6%2.521.8
75Red Oak$190,000 16.8%69.6%$93.10 3273.9%1.027.7
76Garland$170,000 25.1%63.9%$97.97 2274.3%3.031.5
77White Settlement$97,200 15.8%50.1%$75.06 3178.0%2.524.2
78Westworth Village$135,000 19.0%85.4%$97.25 3276.2%1.973.8
79Haltom City$125,500 26.4%55.9%$81.75 1973.4%2.930.6
80Springtown$165,000 15.0%89.3%$99.75 5076.5%5.015.8
81River Oaks$97,000 18.2%70.6%$76.64 3170.1%0.522.4
82Crowley$155,000 15.8%71.3%$85.09 3172.3%2.322.1
83Weatherford$192,800 12.1%61.5%$107.14 5377.6%1.621.9
84Everman$102,300 33.2%70.5%$68.32 2972.0%3.627.0
85Keene$135,000 17.3%49.6%$80.90 5980.8%2.813.9
86Cedar Hill$164,900 22.6%71.5%$85.62 3370.7%1.929.3
87Ferris$149,500 3.1%97.9%$77.51 3266.6%1.223.4
88Azle$175,000 15.9%66.0%$105.14 5477.0%2.329.2
89Benbrook$190,000 10.4%68.7%$103.95 3269.6%1.221.1
90Seagoville$125,000 29.0%70.4%$79.73 3168.9%1.433.0
91Mesquite$145,000 27.4%58.8%$85.08 2272.2%3.340.7
92Farmers Branch$213,800 25.5%59.1%$133.10 2366.8%1.523.7
93Shady Shores$350,000 14.1%89.0%$117.73 6079.5%
94Irving$215,000 15.4%38.7%$122.59 3073.4%2.025.5
95Arlington$177,000 18.1%56.7%$93.80 2374.3%5.034.4
96Glenn Heights$158,000 24.1%70.9%$80.16 2467.5%3.518.7
97Forest Hill$105,000 10.8%73.6%$70.42 2969.2%2.233.3
98Decatur$201,000 9.0%56.5%$112.12 5879.7%2.347.5
99Alvarado$144,500 12.8%95.6%$93.23 3465.2%2.823.9
100Kaufman$151,500 15.4%51.1%$88.00 4673.2%2.121.3
101Fort Worth$185,000 14.2%57.7%$101.13 3074.3%5.335.9
102Cleburne$140,000 17.3%59.9%$84.60 4372.4%3.330.7
103Duncanville$149,000 29.5%67.4%$81.97 3267.4%4.130.5
104Sansom Park$89,500 9.9%91.3%$63.51 3667.8%5.128.2
105Ennis$138,000 7.3%53.4%$81.31 5474.3%2.833.7
106Cockrell Hill$139,000 9.6%86.8%$83.27 4867.3%4.623.1
107Lancaster$139,000 27.0%65.4%$71.14 3368.4%4.940.8
108DeSoto$166,000 21.6%64.8%$75.47 2763.5%3.227.6
109Greenville$137,000 9.7%53.7%$74.32 5474.7%4.234.1
110Terrell$140,000 15.7%52.4%$88.57 4673.2%6.337.2
111Hutchins$77,500 37.6%77.4%$53.76 3456.9%1.829.9
112Dallas$310,000 13.3%43.0%$174.24 3770.5%6.934.4
113Balch Springs$120,000 29.2%56.3%$73.14 2268.5%9.843.0
114Lake Worth$125,000 18.2%94.5%$81.00 3765.2%3.2111.7
115Granbury$209,000 9.1%38.1%$110.35 7174.6%2.059.9
116Edgecliff Village$159,700 21.1%92.8%$81.29 3462.7%
117Addison$368,500 14.6%22.8%$171.87 3166.5%4.047.1
118Wilmer$106,300 41.2%78.7%$53.25 7556.9%0.819.8

Note: Crime rates are offenses reported per 1,000 residents.

Sources: North Texas Real Estate Information Systems Inc., Texas Education AgencyU.S. Census Bureau and Federal Bureau of Investigation.


All home buyers have their own ideas about why they prefer one place over another, but there seem to be three general requirements that top the selection criteria of almost all of the DFW home buyers with whom I work. Typically the first requirements mentioned are great houses and great schools. A "safe" and "nice" place to live also is frequently mentioned. Metrics to quantify these three factors have been selected to analyze and rank which DFW metroplex cities and towns are the best places to purchase a home.

Each city and town included in this analysis was measured against seven evaluation criteria that were selected to reflect these three factors. Within each evaluation category, the top rated community was awarded the maximum points allocated to that category and bottom rated city or town received zero points. All other cities and towns were awarded a proportional number of points based on how their individual scores compared to the score of the top rated city or town. Scores from all seven evaluation categories for each community were added together and then divided by the total possible points to arrive at a total overall ranking score.

Crime statistics were not available for Aledo, Edgecliff Village, Fate, Justin, Lantana, Lucas, Oak Point, Providence Village, Shady Shores and Sunnyvale. These communities were credited with no points for those evaluation categories and the total possible points for each of these cities and towns were adjusted accordingly.

Desirability of available housing: 75 points

Based on recent home price appreciation, percentage of owner-occupied homes and average number of days required to sell single-family homes. Home price appreciation was allocated ten points and was calculated by comparing the weighted average price per square foot of MLS-listed existing single family homes sold in 2016 and 2013. The city or town with the highest percentage of owner-occupied homes was awarded twenty-five points. The cities/towns with the highest single-family homes price per square foot were awarded fifteen points and the lowest average number of days on market were awarded twenty-five points.

Schools: 75 points

Based on the percentage of students meeting the TEA's 2016 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) achievement standards on reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies subject assessments.

Safety: 50 points

Based on 2015 Annual Uniform Crime Report statistics for eight types of offenses: murder and negligent homicide, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault (violent crimes), and burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and larceny (property crimes). The crime statistics shown above for each community are the number of incidents reported per 1,000 residents living there. Twenty-five points were awarded to community with the lowest incidence of violent crimes and twenty-five points were awarded to community with the lowest incidence of property crimes.

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