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Best Dallas Suburbs

Best Dallas suburbs, best places to live in Dallas.This fact-based best suburbs of Dallas study examines current community and housing desirability statistics for 118 DFW cities and towns with populations of about 2,500 and more residents to identify the 2017 best places to live in the Dallas area.

As described in the Methodology section at the bottom of this page, this latest Dallas suburbs ranking analysis considers the market appeal of available housing, public schools student academic performance and local crime rates, three key factors that are central to answering the best places to live in Dallas questions. Median home prices of previously occupied MLS-listed homes sold during 2016, also shown in the table below, were not considered in compiling these rankings, and are provided for information only.

2017 top 25 Dallas suburbs

This Dallas suburbs data table is searchable and sortable. For example, If you want to sort the cities and towns in descending house price order, double click on the median house price column heading. You also can limit the display of information by typing the name of a city or town in the Search box and can change the number of rows displayed by resetting default number in the Show entries box. More information about the cities and towns listed below are available by clicking on their names.

desirability of available housingschoolssafety
house price
sq. ft.
days on
scores above
1Southlake$650,000 11.0%92.4%$173.37 4896.6%0.311.9
2Flower Mound$350,000 17.4%89.3%$136.74 3192.4%0.57.1
3University Park$1,340,000 7.5%75.9%$371.06 5696.6%0.111.6
4Trophy Club$420,000 19.2%92.7%$140.32 3791.4%0.23.4
5Highland Village$359,500 14.4%95.3%$125.67 3692.2%0.97.8
6Double Oak$526,300 7.3%96.8%$147.34 3791.1%0.05.5
7Allen$295,000 23.8%76.8%$123.91 2892.5%0.810.8
8Murphy$351,900 23.8%94.2%$113.29 3690.5%0.86.0
9Melissa$244,000 19.0%89.5%$104.97 3190.2%0.86.4
10Wylie$230,000 28.9%84.5%$106.42 2287.9%0.97.6
11Keller$376,000 15.2%84.0%$132.18 3491.1%0.57.3
12Argyle$384,900 11.3%95.6%$147.36 5191.2%0.07.0
13Willow Park$235,000 13.8%100.0%$109.79 2886.7%0.810.3
14Colleyville$520,000 12.8%95.9%$155.86 4990.1%0.55.1
15Highland Park$1,600,000 12.8%81.7%$464.06 7392.9%0.219.7
16Fairview$402,800 14.9%82.0%$159.60 5392.8%0.55.9
17Coppell$399,800 17.5%71.3%$153.39 3190.6%0.611.9
18Frisco$365,000 23.3%74.8%$134.29 3390.7%0.915.6
19Prosper$415,000 17.6%77.3%$130.84 4390.0%0.610.0
20Celina$317,000 17.5%78.5%$130.86 3789.0%1.48.7
21Forney$204,900 18.5%86.2%$95.40 2785.1%1.314.5
22McKinney$285,000 24.6%68.7%$121.55 2887.7%1.616.4
23Aubrey$209,000 16.4%89.2%$108.76 2882.6%0.015.4
24Corinth$234,000 19.2%84.0%$104.90 2683.9%1.39.8
25Sachse$246,300 28.1%86.5%$109.14 2481.1%0.611.2
26Mansfield$241,000 19.2%79.0%$100.44 2684.5%0.915.3
27Parker$577,500 13.3%98.2%$145.61 5786.0%0.28.4
28Grapevine$315,000 19.7%57.9%$140.32 2187.5%1.421.0
29Plano$310,000 22.4%63.1%$131.57 2687.1%1.518.0
30Little Elm$240,000 25.8%80.3%$109.75 2581.6%1.06.0
31Lantana$365,000 14.6%90.7%$116.55 3890.1%
32Rockwall$256,400 17.2%74.0%$110.78 3487.0%1.117.1
33Midlothian$235,100 17.1%74.9%$107.99 3185.1%1.112.7
34Providence Village$202,000 35.5%100.0%$99.66 1981.5%
35Sunnyvale$398,000 19.2%95.4%$125.38 4489.0%
36Hickory Creek$295,000 11.7%95.1%$109.15 3382.8%1.215.2
37Lucas$590,000 15.8%85.5%$163.97 5792.9%
38Heath$490,000 8.9%98.1%$135.29 7487.3%0.26.8
39Watauga$145,000 22.1%78.0%$97.90 1480.3%1.422.7
40Fate$229,000 28.8%91.9%$101.95 2984.1%
41Bedford$226,000 20.5%56.7%$113.95 1986.7%2.824.1
42Hurst$190,000 17.6%65.6%$105.46 2087.5%2.642.8
43Euless$211,000 23.4%43.1%$114.66 1985.7%1.420.2
44Lavon$211,000 25.7%90.7%$104.55 2775.6%0.07.0
45Richardson$270,000 26.1%60.4%$131.27 2583.2%1.520.0
46Northlake$392,300 16.1%93.6%$138.11 1980.8%3.132.6
47Ovilla$293,000 16.2%94.0%$106.95 4781.4%1.47.4
48Roanoke$294,000 17.4%57.9%$111.62 3688.5%2.228.8
49North Richland Hills$207,000 17.2%63.2%$109.40 2383.6%1.823.1
50Saginaw$165,000 20.4%77.7%$88.67 1979.3%1.819.3
51Aledo$344,800 9.6%95.3%$122.81 6290.9%
52Crandall$166,500 16.2%91.0%$87.71 3478.9%0.920.1
53Anna$190,000 16.0%81.0%$98.86 2877.9%1.110.1
54Burleson$182,000 16.1%72.1%$98.14 2981.6%1.620.4
55Royse City$183,500 15.4%74.3%$102.57 3179.8%1.79.9
56Pantego$210,000 18.9%95.9%$96.25 2681.5%3.249.4
57Lake Dallas$202,000 19.7%61.4%$100.09 1582.8%4.914.7
58Rowlett$219,900 25.4%86.0%$99.94 2275.1%1.914.8
59The Colony$228,500 30.8%63.5%$117.83 2076.4%1.711.9
60Farmersville$170,000 14.2%93.7%$102.09 3578.2%2.020.5
61Blue Mound$100,180 13.6%96.0%$80.91 2981.7%
62Princeton$187,000 15.3%68.5%$101.88 2378.7%2.711.7
63Carrollton$245,000 25.9%61.6%$121.83 2177.0%1.522.0
64Richland Hills$137,500 25.7%66.8%$84.75 1875.5%1.225.9
65Justin$219,500 11.0%97.2%$103.43 3681.5%
66Denton$211,000 19.2%48.5%$108.66 2980.9%2.324.0
67Sanger$173,000 13.7%64.4%$109.11 3578.5%1.916.2
68Waxahachie$191,200 14.1%56.1%$100.15 3279.4%1.526.1
69Joshua$169,300 7.9%75.3%$89.25 3779.1%3.613.1
70Kennedale$230,000 15.7%70.2%$97.55 4679.7%2.322.4
71Oak Point$204,500 21.2%89.7%$122.47 3277.8%
72Venus$142,500 -1.9%88.3%$73.51 3173.3%1.89.1
73Lewisville$235,000 21.2%44.6%$122.39 2577.7%2.322.8
74Grand Prairie$189,000 21.2%61.7%$88.94 2574.6%2.521.8
75Red Oak$190,000 16.8%69.6%$93.10 3273.9%1.027.7
76Garland$170,000 25.1%63.9%$97.97 2274.3%3.031.5
77White Settlement$97,200 15.8%50.1%$75.06 3178.0%2.524.2
78Westworth Village$135,000 19.0%85.4%$97.25 3276.2%1.973.8
79Haltom City$125,500 26.4%55.9%$81.75 1973.4%2.930.6
80Springtown$165,000 15.0%89.3%$99.75 5076.5%5.015.8
81River Oaks$97,000 18.2%70.6%$76.64 3170.1%0.522.4
82Crowley$155,000 15.8%71.3%$85.09 3172.3%2.322.1
83Weatherford$192,800 12.1%61.5%$107.14 5377.6%1.621.9
84Everman$102,300 33.2%70.5%$68.32 2972.0%3.627.0
85Keene$135,000 17.3%49.6%$80.90 5980.8%2.813.9
86Cedar Hill$164,900 22.6%71.5%$85.62 3370.7%1.929.3
87Ferris$149,500 3.1%97.9%$77.51 3266.6%1.223.4
88Azle$175,000 15.9%66.0%$105.14 5477.0%2.329.2
89Benbrook$190,000 10.4%68.7%$103.95 3269.6%1.221.1
90Seagoville$125,000 29.0%70.4%$79.73 3168.9%1.433.0
91Mesquite$145,000 27.4%58.8%$85.08 2272.2%3.340.7
92Farmers Branch$213,800 25.5%59.1%$133.10 2366.8%1.523.7
93Shady Shores$350,000 14.1%89.0%$117.73 6079.5%
94Irving$215,000 15.4%38.7%$122.59 3073.4%2.025.5
95Arlington$177,000 18.1%56.7%$93.80 2374.3%5.034.4
96Glenn Heights$158,000 24.1%70.9%$80.16 2467.5%3.518.7
97Forest Hill$105,000 10.8%73.6%$70.42 2969.2%2.233.3
98Decatur$201,000 9.0%56.5%$112.12 5879.7%2.347.5
99Alvarado$144,500 12.8%95.6%$93.23 3465.2%2.823.9
100Kaufman$151,500 15.4%51.1%$88.00 4673.2%2.121.3
101Fort Worth$185,000 14.2%57.7%$101.13 3074.3%5.335.9
102Cleburne$140,000 17.3%59.9%$84.60 4372.4%3.330.7
103Duncanville$149,000 29.5%67.4%$81.97 3267.4%4.130.5
104Sansom Park$89,500 9.9%91.3%$63.51 3667.8%5.128.2
105Ennis$138,000 7.3%53.4%$81.31 5474.3%2.833.7
106Cockrell Hill$139,000 9.6%86.8%$83.27 4867.3%4.623.1
107Lancaster$139,000 27.0%65.4%$71.14 3368.4%4.940.8
108DeSoto$166,000 21.6%64.8%$75.47 2763.5%3.227.6
109Greenville$137,000 9.7%53.7%$74.32 5474.7%4.234.1
110Terrell$140,000 15.7%52.4%$88.57 4673.2%6.337.2
111Hutchins$77,500 37.6%77.4%$53.76 3456.9%1.829.9
112Dallas$310,000 13.3%43.0%$174.24 3770.5%6.934.4
113Balch Springs$120,000 29.2%56.3%$73.14 2268.5%9.843.0
114Lake Worth$125,000 18.2%94.5%$81.00 3765.2%3.2111.7
115Granbury$209,000 9.1%38.1%$110.35 7174.6%2.059.9
116Edgecliff Village$159,700 21.1%92.8%$81.29 3462.7%
117Addison$368,500 14.6%22.8%$171.87 3166.5%4.047.1
118Wilmer$106,300 41.2%78.7%$53.25 7556.9%0.819.8

Note: Crime rates are offenses reported per 1,000 residents.

Sources: North Texas Real Estate Information Systems Inc., Texas Education Agency, U.S. Census Bureau and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Rankings for all cities and towns included in this analysis and demographic information that is more related to the specific needs of an individual or family is provided on this Dallas suburbs livability page. A comparison with other online best Dallas suburbs rankings is shown on this Dallas suburbs rankings comparison page. You also may find information presented on these best Dallas suburbs for families, best DFW school districts, DFW commute and DFW property tax rates pages useful.

Dallas suburbs best of the best

The top five ranked 2017 best Dallas suburbs are alike in several important ways. All offer excellent local schools and family-friendly community amenities and are among the safest areas in the DFW area to live. In other equally important ways, including the architectural styles and cost of housing and population size, they are more different than similar.

1. Southlake

  2018 STAAR scores above TEA achievement standard: 96.6%
  2015 crime incidence / 1000 residents: 12.2
  2016 median home sale price: $650,000
  2015 residences owner occupied: 92.4%
  2015 average household income: $237,400
  2016 population: 30,991
  2012 - 2016 population growth: 10.6%

The City of Southlake is best known for its outstanding public schools, Southlake Town Square and its parks and open spaces.

Southlake public schools have the second highest composite STAAR performance index of all Dallas suburbs and its principal high schools, Carroll Senior High School / Carroll High School, rank second among DFW's 2018 best open enrollment high schools. Town Square is a unique, open air 130-acre shopping district that features more than 120 shops and restaurants, and while upscale shopping and fine dining are surely the big attraction, Town Square also is home to several small yet beautiful parks, featuring pavilions, fountains and lots of open space. Southlake parks offer a combination of 1,100 acres of open space, 73 atheletic fields, a premier activity and event venue and numerous other facilities. Three large community parks, Bicentennial Park, Bob Jones Park/Bob Jones Nature Center and North Park are among Southlake's most prominent features.

Southlake is conveniently located 10 miles northwest of DFW International Airport and 17 miles northwest of the Las Colinas business center. Most homes in Southlake were built during the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, but a limited number of new homes currently are being constructed in neighborhoods including Carillon, Shady Oaks and Winding Creek. Prices of Southlake existing single-family homes sold in 2016 generally ranged from about $300,000 to $3 million. While Southlake's overall crime rate is highest among the five top ranked Dallas suburbs, it is only half the combined DFW average of 2.1 violent crime incidents and 22.3 property crime incidents per 1,000 residents.

2. Flower Mound

  2018 STAAR scores above TEA achievement standard: 93.1%
  2015 crime incidence / 1000 residents: 7.6
  2016 median home sale price: $350,000
  2015 residences owner occupied: 89.3%
  2015 average household income: $141,200
  2016 population: 73,547
  2012 - 2016 population growth: 7.8%

Excellent quality of life, highly rated schools, accessibility and location make the Town of Flower Mound one of the best places to live in the Dallas area.

Outdoor and sports enthusiasts find much to like about Flower Mound with Lake Grapevine to the south and Lake Lewisville to the north and more than 50 parks and athletic fields and some 59 miles of paved hike and bike trails located within the Town. Flower Mound public schools have the seventh highest composite STAAR performance index of all Dallas suburbs and its principal high schools, Flower Mound High School / Flower Mound Ninth Grade Campus and Marcus High School / Marcus Ninth Grade Campus, rank fifth and eleventh among the 2018 best open enrollment high schools in the DFW metroplex. Flower Mound is bounded on the west by I-35W and bisected by FM 1171 and FM 3040, which provide easy access to I-35E, and FM 2499, which provides easy access to Highway 121. Located just 10 miles north of DFW International Airport and occupying a 44 square mile area of which only about half has been developed, Flower Mound has both the opportunity and space for significant future residential and commercial growth.

Prices of single-family Flower Mound homes sold during 2016 ranged from about $120,000 to nearly $3 million. Two large well-established master-planned communities, Bridlewood and Wellington, are being joined by a new and third Flower Mound master-planned community, Canyon Falls. New home construction also is occurring in medium-sized and smaller neighborhoods, including Creekside at Heritage Park, Magnolia Park, Parkside at Woodlake, Saddlewood, Town Lake and Terracina. Homes in adult ages 55+ subdivisions are being constructed in Orchard Flower and The Legends neighborhoods. Also well under way is the development of a large medical park area, anchored by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, a 101-bed acute care facility with more than 400 physicians on staff.

3. University Park

  2018 STAAR scores above TEA achievement standard: 96.8%
  2015 crime incidence / 1000 residents: 11.7
  2016 median home sale price: $1,340,000
  2015 residences owner occupied: 75.9%
  2015 average household income: $230,000
  2016 population: 24,905
  2012 - 2016 population growth: 4.4%

Located just 8 miles north of downtown Dallas and with a population density of 6,710 residents per square mile, the City of University Park has the most urban feel of any of these top 5 ranked Dallas suburbs. At the same time, however, it offers some of the most sought after advantages typically associated with suburban living.

University Park public schools have the highest composite STAAR performance index of all Dallas suburbs and its high school, Highland Park High School, ranks first among the 2018 best open enrollment high schools in the DFW metroplex. University Park also ranks first as the most educated Dallas suburb with 83.5 percent of its residents having earned college or advanced degrees. Because of where it is located, its residents also enjoy the convenience of being close to both major DFW airports, multiple business centers, upscale dining and entertainment and world-class shopping.

University Park offers some of the finest estate homes, mansions and luxury real estate in the Dallas area. Many of these properties are located in the University Heights, University Highlands and University Parks neighborhoods. Due at least to some extent to the student housing around Southern Methodist University, University Park's average home price is less than in Highland Park, its municipal neighbor to the south. The median price of exxisting single-family University Park homes sold during 2016 was $1,340,000, second highest of all Dallas suburbs. Prices of these University Park homes generally ranged from about $600,000 to over $5 million. Despite the high cost of housing, a 2015 survey conducted by the city found 95 percent of residents think living in University Park is meeting their expectations. Likewise, 95 percent indicated they would recommend University Park as a place to live.

4. Trophy Club

  2018 STAAR scores above TEA achievement standard: 91.4%
  2015 crime incidence / 1000 residents: 3.6
  2016 median home sale price: $420,000
  2015 residences owner occupied: 92.7%
  2015 average household income: $152,900
  2016 population: 12,166
  2012 - 2016 population growth: 20.6%

The Town of Trophy Club in has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. Most of this growth occurred in the the Highlands at Trophy Club and Turnberry at Trophy Club neighborhoods. Nevertheless, Trophy Club has remained pretty much an ideal place for those looking for a scenic respite from the hustle and bustle of urban living and homes available for sale there typically are in short supply.

Trophy Club has the lowest overall crime rate of all Dallas suburbs and Trophy Club schools have the ninth highest composite STAAR performance index of all Dallas suburbs. Trophy Club's public high school, Nelson High School, ranks fifteenth among the 2018 best open enrollment high schools in the DFW metroplex.

Trophy Club's 1,000+ acres of parks, its trail system, a 36-hole golf course and its proximity to DFW International and Alliance airports offer a wonderful setting for its mid to high-end residential development. As would be expected, residential real estate prices are lower in Trophy Club than in Southlake, its top ranked municipal neighbor to the southeast. Prices of existing single-family Trophy Club homes sold during 2016 ranged from about $220,000 to over $1 million.

5. Highland Village

  2018 STAAR scores above TEA achievement standard: 92.7%
  2015 crime incidence / 1000 residents: 8.7
  2016 median home sale price: $359,500
  2015 residences owner occupied: 95.3%
  2015 average household income: $152,900
  2016 population: 16,624
  2012 - 2016 population growth: 6.0%

The City of Highland Village, Texas is a relaxed suburban city located immediately north of Flower Mound and just 15 miles from DFW International Airport. Scenic and unhurried, Highland Village offers incredible outdoor recreation opportunities, terrific schools, the convenience of great shopping and a quiet safe place to live. As occurred in Southlake and Flower Mound, the opening of DFW International Airport in 1973 began a building boom, and most Highland Village homes were built during the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. This growth was principally accommodated by the development of the Highland Shores, Briarhill Estates and Castlewood neighborhoods.

Outdoor recreational activities available to Highland Village residents on Lake Lewisville and at Pilot Knoll Park and Copperas Branch Park have been augmented by Highland Village's Inland Trail system that crisscrosses the city, the 38-acre Unity Park, a new state-of-the-art splash pad at Doubletree Ranch Park and numerous other smaller parks and facilities. Highland Village public schools have the eighth highest composite STAAR performance index of all Dallas suburbs and its high schools, Marcus High School / Marcus Ninth Grade Campus, rank eleventh among the 2018 best open enrollment high schools in the DFW metroplex. Highland Village residents often can find pretty much whatever they want in the stores, boutique shops and restaurants located in The Shops at Highland Village and The Highlands of Flower Mound shopping areas.

Prices of existing single-family Highland Village homes sold during 2016 generally ranged from about $180,000 to $1.1 million.


All home buyers have their own ideas about why they prefer one place over another, but there seem to be three general requirements that top the selection criteria of almost all of the DFW home buyers with whom I work. Typically the first requirements mentioned are great houses and great schools. A "safe" and "nice" place to live also is frequently mentioned. Metrics to quantify these three factors have been selected to analyze and rank which DFW metroplex cities and towns are the best places to live. These metrics are incidentally also indicative of which DFW cities and towns likely offer the best combinations of convenient location, pleasant neighborhoods, suitable health care, and appealing shopping and eating establishments.

Each city and town included in this analysis was measured against seven evaluation criteria that were selected to reflect these three factors. Within each evaluation category, the top rated municipality was awarded the maximum points allocated to that category and bottom rated city or town received zero points. All other cities and towns were awarded a proportional number of points based on how their individual scores compared to the score of the top rated city or town. Scores from all seven evaluation categories for each community were added together and then divided by the total possible points to arrive at a total overall ranking score.

Crime statistics were not available for Aledo, Edgecliff Village, Fate, Justin, Lantana, Lucas, Oak Point, Providence Village, Shady Shores and Sunnyvale. These communities were credited with no points for those evaluation categories and the total possible points for each of these cities and towns were adjusted accordingly.

Desirability of available housing: 75 points

Based on recent home price appreciation, percentage of owner-occupied homes and average number of days required to sell single-family homes. Home price appreciation was allocated ten points and was calculated by comparing the weighted average price per square foot of MLS-listed existing single family homes sold in 2016 and 2013. The city or town with the highest percentage of owner-occupied homes was awarded twenty-five points. The cities/towns with the highest single-family homes price per square foot were awarded fifteen points and the lowest average number of days on market were awarded twenty-five points.

Schools: 75 points

Based on the percentage of students meeting the TEA's 2017 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) achievement standards on reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies subject assessments.

Safety: 50 points

Based on 2015 Annual Uniform Crime Report statistics for eight types of offenses: murder and negligent homicide, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault (violent crimes), and burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and larceny (property crimes). The crime statistics shown above for each community are the number of incidents reported per 1,000 residents. Twenty-five points were awarded to community with the lowest incidence of violent crimes and twenty-five points were awarded to community with the lowest incidence of property crimes.

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