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Best Dallas Middle Schools

This page presents three different ranking views of the best public elementary schools in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Each of these rankings is based solely on the 2016 Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) evaluations administered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). No consideration was given to student demographics, changes in student performance over time, subjective evaluations and reviews, or other such factors.

Top 25 DFW open enrollment middle schools

Of the 313 DFW public middle schools listed in the table at the bottom of this page, 298 are open enrollment schools at which the only requirement for admittance is student residency in the school's attendance area. The 25 DFW open enrollment schools that ranked highest in this 2017 analysis are shown below. Additional performance and other information for middle schools located in the communities featured on this website can be accessed by clicking on the name of the school.

rankcampusdistrictattended by students living in
1Dawson Middle SchoolCarroll ISDColleyville, Keller, Southlake
2Fowler Middle SchoolFrisco ISDPlano
3Willow Springs Middle SchoolLovejoy ISDFairview, Lucas, Allen, McKinney, Wylie
4Rice Middle SchoolPlano ISDPlano
5Carroll Middle SchoolCarroll ISDGrapevine, Southlake, Westlake
6Griffin Middle SchoolFrisco ISDFrisco, Little Elm
7Pioneer Heritage Middle SchoolFrisco ISDFrisco
8Highland Park Middle SchoolHighland Park ISDDallas, Highland Park, University Park
9Pearson Middle SchoolFrisco ISDFrisco
10Coppell Middle School EastCoppell ISDCoppell, Irving
11McKamy Middle SchoolLewisville ISDFlower Mound
12Colleyville Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISDColleyville, Euless, Grapevine, Hurst
13Vandeventer Middle SchoolFrisco ISDFrisco, Plano
14Ereckson Middle SchoolAllen ISDAllen, McKinney
15Curtis Middle SchoolAllen ISDAllen, McKinney
16Roach Middle SchoolFrisco ISDFrisco, McKinney
17Wester Middle SchoolFrisco ISDFrisco
18Stafford Middle SchoolFrisco ISDFrisco, Little Elm
19Maus Middle SchoolFrisco ISDFrisco, Little Elm
20Murphy Middle SchoolPlano ISDLucas, Murphy, Parker, Richardson, Wylie
21Downing Middle SchoolLewisville ISDDouble Oak, Flower Mound
22Schimelpfenig Middle SchoolPlano ISDPlano
23Dowell Middle SchoolMcKinney ISDMcKinney
24Briarhill Middle SchoolLewisville ISDCopper Canyon, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville
25Robinson Middle SchoolPlano ISDPlano

Top 5 DFW magnet middle schools

In addition to their open enrollment schools, a number of DFW school districts also operate magnet schools. Magnet schools provide career-oriented or specialized curriculum in addition to academic subjects, and admittance typically is based on students' previous academic performance and interests demonstrated in student interviews, auditions, essays, and other similar faculty assessments. As would be expected, since admission to magnet high schools generally is highly selective and limited, the average standardized test results of the magnet schools generally are much higher than results attained by the open enrollment schools that their students otherwise would attend.

rankcampusdistrictattended by students living in
1Travis Talented and Gifted AcademyDallas ISDAddison, Dallas, DeSoto, Farmers Branch, Highland Park, Hutchins, Seagoville, Wilmer
2Rangel Young Women's Leadership AcademyDallas ISDAddison, Dallas, DeSoto, Farmers Branch, Highland Park, Hutchins, Seagoville, Wilmer
3Environmental Science AcademyDallas ISDAddison, Dallas, DeSoto, Farmers Branch, Highland Park, Hutchins, Seagoville, Wilmer
4Dealey International AcademyDallas ISDAddison, Dallas, DeSoto, Farmers Branch, Highland Park, Hutchins, Seagoville, Wilmer
5Obama Male Leadership AcademyDallas ISDAddison, Dallas, DeSoto, Farmers Branch, Highland Park, Hutchins, Seagoville, Wilmer

Top 50 DFW public middle schools

Similar campus information, ranking data and 2016 TEA accountability ratings for all 313 middle schools included in this analysis are presented on this complete DFW public middle schools ranking page.

% students meeting STAAR standard
1Travis Talented and Gifted AcademyDallas ISD6-827899.88%100%100%100%100%100%
2Rangel Young Women's Leadership AcademyDallas ISD6-828799.64%100%100%100%99%98%
3Environmental Science AcademyDallas ISD6-840298.65%99%98%99%99%97%
4Dawson Middle SchoolCarroll ISD7-863697.95%99%98%99%97%96%
5Fowler Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-8105897.43%96%97%99%98%98%
6Willow Springs Middle SchoolLovejoy ISD7-870797.40%98%98%99%98%93%
7Dealey International AcademyDallas ISD7-818297.07%99%99%98%96%89%
8Obama Male Leadership AcademyDallas ISD6-824296.81%99%96%97%94%95%
9Longfellow Career Explorations AcademyDallas ISD6-842496.50%98%96%97%94%92%
10Rice Middle SchoolPlano ISD6-8112896.43%97%97%98%94%93%
11Carroll Middle SchoolCarroll ISD7-869796.42%96%94%98%97%95%
12Griffin Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-885196.32%97%95%98%98%88%
13Pioneer Heritage Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-872996.29%96%95%98%94%95%
14Highland Park Middle SchoolHighland Park ISD7-8112695.86%98%94%99%93%92%
15Pearson Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-859295.37%96%95%96%95%91%
16Stone Montessori AcademyDallas ISD6-819895.07%98%95%94%95%88%
17Coppell Middle School EastCoppell ISD6-897994.86%94%91%98%95%93%
18McKamy Middle SchoolLewisville ISD6-8107894.73%97%95%95%94%88%
19Colleyville Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD6-870394.54%96%90%97%94%88%
20Vandeventer Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-8112294.48%95%95%96%92%90%
21Ereckson Middle SchoolAllen ISD7-8119594.20%94%91%96%96%92%
22Curtis Middle SchoolAllen ISD7-8123693.68%94%90%96%94%91%
23Roach Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-8110993.63%94%92%95%94%90%
24Wester Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-888493.39%92%90%95%97%91%
25Stafford Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-873592.93%92%93%95%96%88%
26Maus Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-898592.79%93%90%93%94%92%
27Murphy Middle SchoolPlano ISD6-8121992.73%93%91%95%89%90%
28Downing Middle SchoolLewisville ISD6-860292.67%93%91%94%91%91%
29Schimelpfenig Middle SchoolPlano ISD6-894992.59%93%93%94%91%89%
30Dowell Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD6-8116592.54%92%87%96%94%90%
31Briarhill Middle SchoolLewisville ISD6-889492.39%94%92%92%91%92%
32Robinson Middle SchoolPlano ISD6-8100892.17%93%90%93%91%91%
33Keller Middle SchoolKeller ISD7-887192.07%95%90%94%90%87%
34Melissa Middle SchoolMelissa ISD6-852791.94%92%90%93%96%86%
35Coppell Middle School NorthCoppell ISD6-891791.90%93%91%95%87%85%
36Harwood Junior High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISD7-9102991.88%91%93%92%94%87%
37Hunt Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-879591.62%93%89%95%89%83%
38Trent Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-865391.60%93%94%93%88%81%
39Medlin Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD6-8110891.58%92%88%93%92%87%
40Coppell Middle School WestCoppell ISD6-899391.58%91%89%95%87%89%
41Harpool Middle SchoolDenton ISD6-896691.33%92%88%95%94%78%
42Bedford Junior High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISD7-986291.17%92%85%92%92%89%
43Aledo Middle SchoolAledo ISD7-885191.11%93%90%94%92%82%
44Reynolds Middle SchoolProsper ISD7-8128491.11%93%94%94%88%81%
45Cobb Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-895191.01%91%90%93%89%86%
46Shadow Ridge Middle SchoolLewisville ISD6-869090.94%93%91%92%92%82%
47Cockrill Middle SchoolMcKinney ISD6-8124190.74%88%86%95%96%86%
48Austin AcademyGarland ISD6-888890.50%91%89%93%90%82%
49Heritage Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD6-891790.37%91%92%91%94%81%
50Ford Middle SchoolAllen ISD7-889490.32%92%87%90%91%90%

Source: Texas Education Agency

Similar Dallas area elementary schools and high schools student performance ranked lists are available on these best DFW public elementary schools and best DFW public high schools pages. Schools with the best k-12 student performance are identified on this best DFW public k-12 schools page and rankings for area school districts are shown on this best DFW school districts page.

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