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Best Public Schools In Dallas

Considering moving to Dallas and looking for the best public schools?

Here on one page are lists of the 2018 top ranked DFW public high schools, the 2018 top ranked DFW public middle schools, 2018 top ranked DFW public elementary schools and the 2018 top ranked DFW schools districts.

To view a list of the best schools in the Dallas area across all grade levels and the cities, towns and neighborhoods they serve click on this 2018 best Dallas public schools k-12 link.

Top 50 Dallas high schools

The data presented in these tables can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the data display to a single school or school district by using the Search boxes at the top of each table.

Advanced Placement /
International Baccalaureate
college admission tests
course credit
1School for the Talented and GiftedDallas ISD2619 - 12100.0100.097.1%85.3%100.0%195729.2
2School of Science and EngineeringDallas ISD4189 - 1299.893.393.7%76.5%100.0%190829.3
3Uplift Education - North Hills Preparatory High SchoolUplift Education5279 - 1295.576.569.9%75.6%100.0%172425.2
4Westlake AcademyWestlake Academy Charter School843K - 1295.972.264.7%69.1%100.0%169725.8
5Highland Park High SchoolHighland Park ISD21599 - 1298.369.245.6%74.5%99.0%181427.1
6Carroll Senior High SchoolCarroll ISD27469 - 1297.761.630.9%83.5%96.4%168425.7
7Washington High School for the Performing and Visual ArtsDallas ISD9299 - 1298.056.854.4%42.6%100.0%159823.4
8Imagine International Academy of North TexasImagine International Academy1230K - 1293.962.135.9%74.3%100.0%168325.8
9Lovejoy High SchoolLovejoy ISD14319 - 1296.857.334.9%66.8%94.9%158224.1
10Rangel Young Women's Leadership SchoolDallas ISD2719 - 1299.651.855.7%27.6%100.0%159822.7
11School of Health ProfessionsDallas ISD5499 - 12100.048.963.7%24.7%100.0%147821.2
12Sanders Law MagnetDallas ISD3819 - 1299.548.863.7%26.2%100.0%147320.5
13Liberty High SchoolFrisco ISD20609 - 1294.055.726.0%81.5%92.2%156523.9
14Coppell High SchoolCoppell ISD34099 - 1292.058.025.9%82.6%98.7%170724.1
15Flower Mound High SchoolLewisville ISD35789 - 1296.150.016.6%85.2%89.1%152022.6
16Wakeland High SchoolFrisco ISD21329 - 1296.348.722.3%70.5%88.5%143321.6
17Marcus High SchoolLewisville ISD33379 - 1295.449.119.4%82.4%88.0%145021.6
18School of Business and MagementDallas ISD5069 - 1299.641.850.9%15.9%100.0%140619.1
19Garza Early College High SchoolDallas ISD4259 - 1299.841.415.1%37.9%100.0%141619.9
20Texas Academy of Biomedical SciencesFort Worth ISD3859 - 1299.042.712.1%26.2%100.0%145622.3
21Plano ISD Academy High SchoolPlano ISD4559 - 1299.241.80.9%89.9%150222.5
22Lassiter Early College High SchoolDallas ISD2379 - 12100.040.313.1%19.0%100.0%140920.8
23Keller High SchoolKeller ISD28769 - 1294.547.719.9%72.9%88.9%143021.4
24Richland Collegiate High SchoolRichland Collegiate High School57211 - 1299.241.50.2%96.0%150022.2
25Cedar Hill Collegiate High SchoolCedar Hill ISD4069 - 1299.341.3100.0%150321.9
26Plano West Senior High SchoolPlano ISD56669 - 1290.253.427.4%84.1%84.6%144522.2
27Sorrells School of Education and Social ServicesDallas ISD3339 - 1298.640.950.0%13.9%100.0%137219.4
28Waxahachie Global High SchoolWaxahachie ISD4189 - 1298.340.795.6%147321.7
29Grand Prairie Fine Arts AcademyGrand Prairie ISD7406 - 1297.440.748.5%20.5%100.0%138717.1
30Centennial High SchoolFrisco ISD20379 - 1294.444.525.0%73.2%75.4%123618.5
31Argyle High SchoolArgyle ISD8009 - 1294.745.05.6%77.8%95.8%152523.0
32Mansfield Frontier High SchoolMansfield ISD23011 - 12100.034.621.1%21.9%77.5%115517.2
33Colleyville Heritage High SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD20789 - 1287.952.134.3%63.4%87.8%143021.8
34Independence High SchoolFrisco ISD18239 - 1293.044.323.3%71.0%80.0%125819.0
35Nelson High SchoolNorthwest ISD25519 - 1289.848.829.4%51.2%100.0%152420.8
36Steele Accelerated High SchoolNorthwest ISD1429 - 1296.938.0100.0%141619.7
37McKinney Boyd High SchoolMcKinney ISD28149 - 1292.044.126.2%61.7%78.1%125519.0
38Heritage High SchoolFrisco ISD20759 - 1292.942.821.2%73.1%79.4%123118.4
39Fort Worth Academy of Fine ArtsFort Worth Academy of Fine Arts3437 - 1292.544.421.5%26.8%94.3%150621.8
40Hebron High SchoolLewisville ISD36189 - 1291.244.918.3%80.3%81.2%130720.1
41New Tech High School at CoppellCoppell ISD3259 - 1291.046.010.7%49.4%100.0%159322.5
42Gilliam Collegiate AcademyDallas ISD3649 - 1296.637.021.3%20.0%100.0%128818.0
43Allen High SchoolAllen ISD64379 - 1292.442.018.8%81.4%74.7%120118.2
44Prosper High SchoolProsper ISD25159 - 1292.941.014.5%65.6%81.9%129819.0
45Frisco High SchoolFrisco ISD16749 - 1288.745.324.2%71.9%77.8%126219.6
46Uplift Education - Summit International High SchoolUplift Education4389 - 1285.550.058.6%34.0%100.0%143820.4
47Grapevine High SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD18209 - 1286.149.135.7%57.3%82.2%133320.7
48Sunnyvale High SchoolSunnyvale ISD5009 - 1292.939.489.3%141821.2
49Obama Male Leadership AcademyDallas ISD1879 - 1299.027.664.7%20.0%100.0%1467
50Marine Creek Collegiate High SchoolFort Worth ISD3139 - 1293.437.9100.0%136320.3

Additional information about how the performance of DFW public high schools was evaluated and ranked and the rankings for all 246 high schools included in the Dallas high schools performance ranking analysis are available by clicking on this complete DFW public high schools rankings link. The top 25 traditional open enrollment high schools and the DFW cities/towns they serve, the 10 top ranked magnet high schools and the top 10 charter high schools are identified on this Dallas best public high schools page.


Top 50 Dallas middle schools

1Travis Academy for Talented and GiftedDallas ISD6-829799.8
2Rangel Young Women's Leadership AcademyDallas ISD6-826999.6
3Dallas Environmental Science AcademyDallas ISD6-842999.2
4Longfellow Career Explorations AcademyDallas ISD6-841798.5
5Dawson Middle SchoolCarroll ISD7-861698.0
6Cedar Hill Collegiate AcademyCedar Hill ISD6-720797.7
7Carroll Middle SchoolCarroll ISD7-868897.5
8Pearson Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-868997.2
9Willow Springs Middle SchoolLovejoy ISD7-872896.9
10Fowler Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-81,08696.9
11Stone Montessori AcademyDallas ISD6-818496.8
12Dealey International AcademyDallas ISD7-818196.7
13Highland Park Middle SchoolHighland Park ISD7-81,11396.7
14Pioneer Heritage Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-881396.7
15Rice Middle SchoolPlano ISD6-81,10196.5
16Griffin Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-890196.3
17Uplift North Hills PreparatoryUplift Education6-847296.3
18Coppell Middle School EastCoppell ISD6-898295.9
19Obama Male Leadership AcademyDallas ISD6-824795.9
20McKamy Middle SchoolLewisville ISD6-81,01595.5
21PTAA GreenvillePioneer Technology and Arts Academy6-72595.5
22Vandeventer Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-81,06695.4
23Curtis Middle SchoolAllen ISD7-81,25694.8
24Colleyville Middle SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISD6-868494.7
25Murphy Middle SchoolPlano ISD6-81,23494.5
26Coppell Middle School NorthCoppell ISD6-894094.0
27Nelson Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-863894.0
28Stafford Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-881893.5
29Ereckson Middle SchoolAllen ISD7-81,21593.3
30Shadow Ridge Middle SchoolLewisville ISD6-869993.0
31Coppell Middle School WestCoppell ISD6-81,10992.9
32Downing Middle SchoolLewisville ISD6-859392.9
33Reynolds Middle SchoolProsper ISD6-81,12992.8
34Wester Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-896492.6
35Melissa Middle SchoolMelissa ISD6-859092.5
36Maus Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-896692.4
37Smithfield Middle SchoolBirdville ISD6-879492.4
38Grandview Junior High SchoolGrandview ISD6-829492.3
39Rogers Middle SchoolProsper ISD6-81,24592.2
40McMillan Junior High SchoolWylie ISD7-874792.2
41Roach Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-877792.1
42Harwood Junior High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISD7-997192.0
43Bedford Junior High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISD7-987592.0
44Trent Middle SchoolFrisco ISD6-878891.9
45Aledo Middle SchoolAledo ISD7-884791.9
46Harpool Middle SchoolDenton ISD6-898291.8
47Ford Middle SchoolAllen ISD7-886691.7
48Schimelpfenig Middle SchoolPlano ISD6-892691.7
49Cooper Junior High SchoolWylie ISD7-882091.7
50Medlin Middle SchoolNorthwest ISD6-81,14591.6

Similar campus information, ranking data and 2017 TEA accountability ratings for all 359 middle schools evaluated are presented on this complete DFW public middle schools ranking page. Top 25 open enrollment, top 10 magnet and top 10 charter middle schools in Dallas are identified on this Dallas best public middle schools page.


Top 100 Dallas elementary schools

1Travis Talented and Gifted VanguardDallas ISD4-519699.8
2Kerr Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK-666099.0
3Eubanks Intermediate SchoolCarroll ISD5-660298.7
4School for Highly GiftedGrand Prairie ISD1-510698.7
5Bradfield Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISDEE-471298.2
6Tanglewood Elementary SchoolFort Worth ISDK-584598.0
7McSpedden Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-565397.7
8Old Union Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDEE-446397.6
9E. Rayzor Elementary SchoolDenton ISDK-542297.5
10University Park Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISDK-464897.5
11Dealey Montessori SchoolDallas ISDPK-644097.4
12Evans Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK-668097.3
13Spring Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDEE-633897.0
14Tibbals Elementary SchoolWylie ISDK-466497.0
15Green Valley Elementary SchoolBirdville ISDEE-544996.9
16McCoy Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDK-543696.9
17Boon Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK-671096.8
18Sloan Creek Intermediate SchoolLovejoy ISD5-663696.8
19Liberty Elementary SchoolKeller ISDK-442396.8
20Walnut Grove Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDK-466496.8
21Carroll Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDEE-457996.7
22Prairie Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDK-634696.7
23Rockenbaugh Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDEE-454996.6
24Hartman Elementary SchoolRockwall ISDPK-654296.6
25Heritage Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISDK-546796.5
26Wellington Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDEE-590396.5
27Lakeside Elementary SchoolCoppell ISDK-547396.4
28Norris Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-568396.4
29Cheatham Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK-674696.3
30Brentfield Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDK-672996.3
31Castle Hills Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDK-567296.1
32Hosp Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-567696.0
33Hyer Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISDK-469796.0
34Ashley Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-563895.9
35Johnson Elementary SchoolCarroll ISDK-461095.9
36Durham Intermediate SchoolCarroll ISD5-667395.9
37Andrews Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-560595.8
38McCulloch Intermediate SchoolHighland Park ISD5-61,14395.7
39Borchardt Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-570395.6
40Beverly Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-548195.6
41Skaggs Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-544995.4
42Liberty Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDK-555595.3
43Walker Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISDK-558095.3
44Hillside AcademyGarland ISDK-544195.2
45Lakewood Elementary SchoolDallas ISDK-588195.1
46Brown Elementary SchoolMansfield ISDEE-461295.0
47Hunt Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-570195.0
48Bluebonnet Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDK-554695.0
49Kimberlin AcademyGarland ISDK-549094.9
50Canyon Creek Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDEE-629794.9
51Fort Worth Academy of Fine ArtsFort Worth Academy of Fine Arts3-622694.9
52Lee Elementary SchoolCoppell ISDEE-573594.8
53Nichols Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-544994.6
54Stinson Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-561294.6
54Hartman Elementary SchoolWylie ISDEE-448694.6
56Sparks Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDEE-572694.5
57Walnut Hill Elementary SchoolDallas ISDPK-538194.5
58Armstrong Elementary SchoolHighland Park ISDK-455294.5
59Boggess Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-564494.3
60Mathews Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-547294.3
61Rosemeade Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDEE-541794.2
61Colleyville Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISDPK-548394.2
63Parks-Heath Elementary SchoolRockwall ISDK-683594.2
64Lindsey Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK-690794.2
65Valley Ranch Elementary SchoolCoppell ISDK-563494.1
66Hidden Lakes Elementary SchoolKeller ISDK-440794.0
67Anderson Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-567693.9
68Bear Creek Intermediate SchoolKeller ISD5-696693.9
69Bennett Elementary SchoolMcKinney ISDK-548693.7
70Lovejoy Elementary SchoolLovejoy ISDK-443493.7
71Vaughn Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-550893.7
72Wyatt Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-547993.7
73Beck Elementary SchoolNorthwest ISDK-583093.6
74Fisher Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-563193.5
75Mohawk Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDK-645893.4
76North Joshua Elementary SchoolJoshua ISDEE-666093.4
77Cedar Hill Preparatory SchoolCedar Hill ISDPK-548193.4
78Taylor Elementary SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISDEE-544493.4
79Uplift North Hills Primary SchoolUplift EducationK-555993.3
80McAnally Intermediate SchoolAledo ISD5-683493.3
81Longbranch Elementary SchoolMidlothian ISDK-549193.3
82Robertson Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-571493.2
83Bledsoe Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-573993.1
84Pinkerton Elementary SchoolCoppell ISDK-539393.1
85Stuard Elementary SchoolAledo ISDK-457693.1
86Harrington Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-538593.0
87Green Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK-660592.9
88Bowie Elementary SchoolRichardson ISDK-660892.7
89Bridlewood Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDK-541092.7
90Puster Elementary SchoolLovejoy ISDK-435992.6
91Carroll Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-543292.6
92Curtsinger Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-581392.6
93Comstock Elementary SchoolFrisco ISDK-575292.6
94Miller Elementary SchoolPlano ISDK-539692.6
95Country Place Elementary SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDEE-541292.5
96Spencer Elementary SchoolMansfield ISDK-480292.5
97Heritage Elementary SchoolLewisville ISDK-559592.4
98Johnson Elementary SchoolForney ISDK-649392.4
99Florence Elementary SchoolKeller ISDK-449492.4
100Chandler Elementary SchoolAllen ISDK-667392.4

Similar campus information, ranking data and 2017 TEA accountability ratings for all 1,168 elementary and intermediate schools evaluated are presented on this complete DFW public elementary schools ranking page. DFW's 50 top open enrollment, top 10 magnet and top 10 charter elementary schools are identified on this Dallas best public elementary schools page.


Top DFW school districts

campus student achievement index
campuses90+80 - 8970 - 7960 - 6959-
1Highland Park ISD
(University Park)
2Carroll ISD8,20097.461.61111
3Lovejoy ISD4,10095.957.366
4Coppell ISD12,30092.556.915105
5Frisco ISD55,70091.845.4654418111
6Allen ISD20,90092.342.0221741
7Grapevine-Colleyville ISD13,80087.446.319892
8Argyle ISD2,40091.545.0431
9Aledo ISD5,40091.139.2844
10Prosper ISD10,00091.141.01055
11Plano ISD53,90085.445.66724231451
12Northwest ISD22,00084.746.52641471
13Sunnyvale ISD1,70091.239.433
14Rockwall ISD15,70086.639.7186102
15McKinney ISD24,70084.639.728713332
16Keller ISD34,60086.537.73791972
17Celina ISD2,40090.433.4431
18Wylie ISD (Wylie)15,00089.231.719712
19Grandview ISD1,20091.628.033
20Lewisville ISD53,20082.839.863211514103
21Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD23,10084.934.9273195
22Brock ISD1,30089.330.9321
23Richardson ISD39,20078.944.15210161772
24Melissa ISD2,60090.522.8422
25Midlothian ISD8,40084.930.111182
26Aubrey ISD2,40086.628.444
27Mansfield ISD34,30083.732.041623102
28Glen Rose ISD1,80085.030.133
29Caddo Mills ISD1,70087.824.2413
30Forney ISD9,70084.326.9131111
31Farmersville ISD1,60084.525.433
32Burleson ISD11,90079.832.1162842
33Joshua ISD5,30082.627.58143
34Lake Dallas ISD3,90081.528.7532
35Denton ISD28,40079.730.835315125
36Paradise ISD1,20083.425.04121
37Birdville ISD23,80078.927.631311134
38Palmer ISD1,20081.626.2321
39Eagle Mountain‑Saginaw ISD19,60079.226.9239104
40Decatur ISD3,10079.227.3615
41Krum ISD2,10078.828.2422
42Ponder ISD1,30080.924.3321
43Waxahachie ISD8,40079.325.611173
44Kennedale ISD3,10078.627.4514
45Peaster ISD1,10081.520.933
46Azle ISD6,30078.924.2101531
47Royse City ISD5,50079.721.78134
48Princeton ISD4,10079.920.2734
49Little Elm ISD7,40076.823.98251
50White Settlement ISD6,80076.925.781331
51Carrollton‑Farmers Branch ISD25,20074.627.935491363
52Boyd ISD1,20080.417.94112
53Maypearl ISD1,10079.120.0422
54Red Oak ISD5,70075.625.8725
55Garland ISD57,00074.625.56651723192
56Kaufman ISD3,80070.938.6431
57Pilot Point ISD1,40076.026.4312
58Grand Prairie ISD29,30071.734.8355311124
59Granbury ISD7,00075.525.98323
60Scurry-Rosser ISD1,00078.918.2312
61Boles ISD50078.419.333
62Crandall ISD3,80075.224.8514
63Weatherford ISD8,00074.224.4101531
64Bland ISD70083.06.8321
65Sanger ISD2,70077.219.8413
66Alvord ISD70081.78.5321
67Millsap ISD1,00074.624.933
68Blue Ridge ISD80074.224.933
69Arlington ISD62,10071.128.37131616279
70Anna ISD3,20075.718.944
71Springtown ISD3,50075.918.1651
72Irving ISD34,70068.334.4321418
73Community ISD2,10074.521.433
74Keene ISD1,10072.425.5321
75Ennis ISD5,80073.720.3817
76Dallas ISD157,80067.533.52282518657347
77Bridgeport ISD2,10072.322.6321
78Mesquite ISD40,90071.023.846221212
79Cedar Hill ISD7,90070.327.4133172
80Lancaster ISD7,60071.023.210163
81Everman ISD5,90072.419.191611
82Fort Worth ISD87,20065.234.4125512264240
83Venus ISD2,10071.420.7321
84Poolville ISD60074.69.7312
85Godley ISD1,90069.520.6422
86Cleburne ISD6,70068.019.6101252
87Wills Point ISD2,40069.016.5422
88Duncanville ISD12,80065.723.816493
89Greenville ISD5,40069.115.78242
90Castleberry ISD4,00067.218.75221
91Crowley ISD15,20064.322.919577
92Kemp ISD1,50068.411.3312
93Lake Worth ISD3,50064.718.66141
94Quinlan ISD2,60066.115.2312
95Terrell ISD4,40066.014.9413
96DeSoto ISD9,70061.724.21165
97Ferris ISD2,60065.214.7413
98Rio Vista ISD70067.49.4312
99Alvarado ISD3,70062.815.76222

Complete Best DFW best school districts rankings for all 99 districts, the metrics on which the ranking is based and the cities/towns each district serves are presented on this best DFW school district rankings page.

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