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Carroll Independent School District

This page provides for quick comparison of all currently listed single-family homes located within Carroll ISD attendance boundaries. General information about Carroll ISD and student achievement indexes at both district and campus levels also are provided on this page.

Carroll ISD homes for sale

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
22120 S Winding Creek Drive, Grapevine$250,0001,753198532.012N0.18
2904 Independence Parkway, Southlake$850,0004,170199544.123Y0.39
3420 Stockton Drive, Southlake$879,0005,189200455.223Y0.38
31313 Province Lane, Southlake$895,0004,865200055.123Y0.26
3904 Wentwood Drive, Southlake$650,0003,490199943.023Y0.28
3706 Kent Court, Southlake$909,0004,810199955.024Y0.52
3206 Swallow Drive, Southlake$625,0005,125199454.023Y0.35
41715 Water Lily Drive, Southlake$564,0004,004199753.123Y0.33
41828 Broken Bend Drive, Westlake$2,498,0008,288200778.025Y0.88
4408 W Chapel Downs Drive, Southlake$1,449,0006,179201255.124N0.46
51305 Kings Brook Court, Southlake$700,0003,785199644.023Y0.48
6900 Hampton Manor, Southlake$1,513,4465,818201755.223N0.47
61606 Sleepy Hollow Court, Westlake$1,895,0007,019200056.124Y0.99
9308 Timber Lake Way, Southlake$639,9003,652199443.023Y0.37
101335 Bent Creek Drive, Southlake$789,0004,031199243.123Y0.44
101000 Lexington Terrace, Southlake$1,695,0005,812201555.224Y0.47
10705 Lakehurst Court, Southlake$739,9004,567199465.023Y0.40
101690 Bent Creek Drive, Southlake$1,249,5005,915199555.126Y1.22
10204 Lovegrass Lane, Southlake$535,0003,533199643.123N0.34
101800 Larkspur Court, Southlake$1,895,0007,991199955.224Y1.00
111623 Fair Oaks Court, Westlake$2,195,0006,915200455.224Y0.96
112148 Brownstone Court, Grapevine$499,0003,614198943.122Y0.36
12905 Suffolk Court, Southlake$1,076,0005,520199855.123Y0.75
132162 Estes Park Road, Southlake$1,200,0005,849200754.224Y0.35
13601 Shady Brook Court, Southlake$569,0003,190199142.113N0.44
13800 Elmbrook Court, Southlake$769,0004,700199644.123Y0.33
13605 Stratford Drive, Southlake$625,0003,766199644.023Y0.32
141608 Fair Oaks, Westlake$1,755,0006,993200365.223Y0.84
14813 Lake Carillon Lane, Southlake$869,9904,928201653.123N0.32
171141 Tealwood Court, Southlake$780,0003,291201434.023N0.23
171205 Timber Court, Southlake$799,9003,843199744.023N3.19
171717 Riviera Lane, Southlake$679,0003,147201333.023N0.14
19179 Summit Avenue, Southlake$1,269,0003,942200544.232Y0.09
192505 Oakbend Court, Southlake$1,199,9004,985201555.023N0.46
19931 Parkview Lane, Southlake$825,0005,055199854.023Y0.39
20700 S White Chapel Boulevard, Southlake$2,500,0007,549198865.125Y6.77
23313 Blanco Circle, Southlake$559,5003,456199143.023N0.46
23928 Winding Ridge Trail, Southlake$949,0004,441201744.123N0.27
251224 Timberline, Southlake$225,0002,030200032.012N0.45
261829 Riviera Lane, Southlake$685,0003,480201243.123N0.12
261521 Moss Lane, Southlake$2,695,0007,600201766.124N1.00
312024 Woodbury Court, Southlake$785,0004,275201154.023N0.50
31150 Lilac Lane, Southlake$1,899,0007,518200567.223Y2.26
311100 Tealwood Court, Southlake$924,0004,206201244.123Y0.23
312012 Vail Road, Southlake$935,0004,829200854.024N0.34
33516 Round Hollow Lane, Southlake$989,0006,265200155.124Y0.73
343400 Hillside Drive, Southlake$599,8802,280197932.122N1.16
351660 Trace Bella Court, Westlake$2,575,0006,381201755.224N1.00
351025 La Salle Lane, Southlake$1,090,0004,596201755.023N0.31
351029 La Salle Lane, Southlake$1,069,0004,475201754.123N0.28
351033 La Salle Lane, Southlake$1,067,0004,466201755.023N0.27
37707 Greymoor Place, Southlake$649,9003,764199854.122N0.29
393409 Ballard Drive, Grapevine$400,0002,105200532.012N0.17
39605 Logans Lane, Southlake$699,0004,315199744.123N0.42
391021 La Salle Lane, Southlake$1,035,0004,388201655.123N0.34
391309 Biltmore Drive, Southlake$2,499,0008,231200966.225Y0.99
391312 Fanning Street, Southlake$2,680,0007,572201456.124Y0.83
401024 La Salle Lane, Southlake$1,515,3306,076201755.223N0.30
401502 Plantation Drive, Southlake$1,495,0007,744198754.234Y1.00
40908 Hampton Manor, Southlake$1,425,4296,409201755.224N0.50
40917 Lexington, Southlake$1,245,7084,143201744.113N0.50
422112 Beaver Creek Lane, Southlake$1,025,0006,381200854.124N0.42
441315 Eagle Bend, Southlake$1,234,9006,158199955.224Y0.58
443001 Crestwater Ridge, Keller$559,9903,156201643.122N0.00
481212 Cross Timber Drive, Southlake$1,175,0004,957198743.123Y1.25
49605 Morningside Drive, Southlake$630,0004,727199654.023Y0.59
52309 Oak Pointe Lane, Southlake$897,7004,732200544.125N0.55
532105 Woodbine Circle, Southlake$699,0003,799200664.023N1.00
69208 Woodsong, Southlake$1,503,6096,300201755.224N0.00
691213 Casey Court, Southlake$425,0001,675196332.010N0.39
731709 Grass Court, Southlake$2,150,0007,323200954.224Y1.13
77708 Winding Ridge Trail, Southlake$750,0003,400201633.123N0.25
801245 Westwyck Court, Southlake$2,499,0007,697201755.224Y1.16
811860 Hunters Creek Drive, Southlake$724,9003,734198943.122N1.12
811021 Winfield Court, Southlake$875,0004,479201144.123N0.46
82417 Borders Court, Southlake$1,350,0006,724200056.123Y0.57
861514 Spruce Court, Southlake$559,9274,294199844.023Y0.47
893329 Van Zandt Court, Grapevine$710,0004,646200444.023Y0.32
941411 Northridge Drive, Southlake$639,0004,111199254.023Y0.67
951201 Earlston Court, Southlake$1,495,0008,433200255.224Y0.89
1058776 Quiet Path, Keller$559,9903,312201654.022N0.00
1082901 River Crest Street, Grapevine$340,0002,174198543.012Y0.23
108900 Lake Carillon Lane, Southlake$1,249,0005,062201766.124N0.33
1132940 Burney Lane, Southlake$1,080,0004,623198243.112Y2.08
1151833 Broken Bend Drive, Westlake$2,750,0008,246200266.224Y2.00
1171700 Bur Oak Drive, Southlake$1,694,0005,192201044.113Y1.05
121607 Aberdeen Way, Southlake$849,9004,718199754.123Y0.44
121701 Gateshead Court, Southlake$875,0005,729199955.124Y0.75
134400 W Chapel Downs Drive, Southlake$1,595,0006,349200755.123Y0.46
136300 Woodsong, Southlake$1,442,4226,015201655.224N0.00
1361204 Earlston Court, Southlake$829,0004,398199943.123Y0.35
137600 Concho Court, Southlake$615,0004,032199354.023Y0.47
140801 Helmsley Place, Southlake$929,9004,926201354.023N0.35
1431012 Lake Forest Drive, Southlake$599,0004,053199643.023N0.48
143202 Bob O Link Drive, Southlake$489,5003,511199843.122Y0.34
1511802 Larkspur Court, Southlake$1,695,0007,399200155.324Y1.16
152561 Round Hollow Lane, Southlake$969,9005,296200155.024Y0.98
1523004 Crestwater Ridge, Keller$549,9903,156201643.122N0.00
1523008 Crestwater Ridge, Keller$547,3333,185201643.122N0.00
1571302 White Wing Court, Southlake$399,9001,885199032.012N0.30
157920 Rhone Lane, Southlake$1,034,9005,485201755.223N0.27
160700 Nelson Court, Southlake$899,9005,031199856.023Y0.42
1642508 Ogollala Court, Southlake$650,0004,062199844.123Y0.38
171633 Fairway View Terrace, Southlake$925,0004,972199853.123Y0.44
1712005 N White Chapel Boulevard, Southlake$2,149,0009,103200855.224Y1.73
1721254 Biltmore Drive, Southlake$2,099,0008,855200867.225Y0.84
1761567 Dove Road, Westlake$2,488,0008,067200755.224Y1.00
1821721 Torian Lane, Southlake$1,375,0004,972201655.124N0.50
1861360 Shady Oaks Drive, Southlake$3,498,00010,440200158.325Y5.23
193Lot 2 Kimball Road, Grapevine$659,0003,106201633.013N0.43
193Lot 1 Kimball Road, Grapevine$749,0003,662201655.023N0.43
1953013 Crestwater Ridge, Keller$489,9902,322201632.112N0.00
1953005 Crestwater Ridge, Keller$510,4903,185201643.122N0.00
2022153 Branchwood Drive, Grapevine$398,5002,839199043.122Y0.21
2201220 Wyndham Hill Lane, Southlake$1,885,0008,008199744.133Y0.65
2331004 Evening Glen Court, Southlake$1,475,0006,091201555.124Y0.35
2411750 Trace Bella Court, Westlake$5,450,00011,248201355.425Y1.00
2632421 Greenbough Lane, Southlake$499,5002,188197732.011N1.00
270475 Bentwood Lane, Southlake$1,950,0005,431200155.124Y1.00
276229 Woodsong, Southlake$1,254,6224,100201644.114N0.00
282800 Winding Ridge Trail, Southlake$949,0004,211201644.013N0.29
3101200 Clubhouse Court, Southlake$1,449,0006,448200255.223Y0.44
3121853 Broken Bend Drive, Westlake$1,498,0006,735200254.124Y0.81
3192155 Estes Park Road, Southlake$1,099,0005,133200555.023Y0.35
3251312 Golden Gate Drive, Southlake$2,998,0007,213201256.124Y4.96
3291000 La Salle Lane, Southlake$1,121,9005,059201655.123N0.27
3821600 Burney Lane, Southlake$495,0001,222195600.010N1.00
5551012 La Salle Lane, Southlake$1,099,0005,017201544.123N0.00

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Carroll Independent School District profile

2017 best DFW school districts rank: 2

Carroll ISD homes for saleCarroll ISD operates five elementary schools, two intermediate schools, two middle schools and two high schools. These schools are attended by approximately 8,100 students who live in Southlake, Colleyville, Grapevine, Keller and Westlake.

Carroll ISD's composite 2016 Texas Education Agency (TEA) student achievement index is 97. The Student Achievement Index is the percentage of total student assessments for all subjects tested that met or exceeded the TEA 2016 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) achievement standards. Like all other DFW area school districts, Carroll ISD's 2016 TEA accountability rating is Met Standard, the top district and campus rating awarded.

All eleven Carroll ISD schools attended by students living in the north Dallas suburbs are profiled on this website. As shown below, each of these campuses attained a Student Achievement Index between 90 and 100. Additional performance and other information for each campus is available by clicking on the campus name. The 2016 TEA accountability rating for all of the campuses listed below is Met Standard.

Carroll ISD schools

  serves students living in
 Student Achievement IndexSouthlakeColleyvilleGrapevineKellerWestlake
Carroll Elementary School 97      
Johnson Elementary School 97      
Old Union Elementary School 98      
Rockenbaugh Elementary School 98        
Walnut Grove Elementary School



Durham Intermediate School 97    
Eubanks Intermediate School



Carroll Middle School 96    
Dawson Middle School



Carroll High School 97
Carroll Senior High School 98

Carroll Senior High School is ranked among the 25 best open enrollment public high schools in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Click on this 2017 best Dallas Fort Worth public high schools link for complete rankings and analysis methodology.

For information about other public schools attended by Southlake, Colleyville, Grapevine and Westlake students, click on these Southlake schools, Colleyville, Grapevine schools and Westlake schools links.

Sources: Carroll ISD and Texas Education Agency

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