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Guyer High School

This page identifies all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within Guyer High School attendance boundaries. Also shown on this page are key academic performance metrics for Guyer High School and where its student performance overall ranks among DFW public high schools.

Guyer High School homes for sale

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
16524 Wellston Lane, Denton$269,9002,916200742.112N0.19
16909 Algarve Drive, Denton$249,9001,397200532.012N0.17
1841 Clear Fork, Lantana$631,0753,474201743.013N0.00
16508 Longleaf Lane, Denton$200,0001,507200732.012N0.16
11810 Caladium Drive, Corinth$239,9001,893200032.012N0.17
11802 Oak Hill Drive, Corinth$179,9001,290198132.011N0.22
11200 Claire Street, Lantana$375,0002,740201332.122N0.16
27304 Mitchell Court, Lantana$599,9004,943201154.223N0.24
23511 Brookshire Run, Corinth$389,9003,219199933.023N0.60
2309 Sky Meadow Lane, Denton$269,1552,222201732.012N0.15
33500 Villanova Drive, Denton$265,0002,714200142.122N0.18
39209 Sandhills Drive, Lantana$516,5643,600201743.023N0.00
38451 Navisota Drive, Lantana$439,0004,850200353.123N0.23
31608 Tanner Parkway, Lantana$518,0573,600201743.023N0.00
39112 Sandhills Drive, Lantana$513,4553,600201754.022N0.00
46820 Algarve Drive, Denton$261,5002,015200632.012N0.15
46716 Hayling Way, Denton$234,9002,125200042.012N0.22
49116 Sandhills Drive, Lantana$488,0723,330201743.123N0.00
49200 Sandhills Drive, Lantana$499,5653,339201743.022N0.00
52224 Miranda Place, Denton$349,0003,513200953.122N0.19
59204 Sandhills Drive, Lantana$534,3183,886201754.023N0.00
51200 Silent Star Lane, Denton$229,0002,609199943.022N0.19
71616 Conner Way, Lantana$384,0002,884201244.022N0.24
8190 Canyon Oaks Drive, Argyle$448,5002,505199532.122Y1.01
88920 Mustang Way, Lantana$390,0003,213200343.122Y0.15
81220 Fortner Road, Lantana$385,0003,793200943.122N0.14
81215 Grant Avenue, Lantana$439,0003,139200632.122N0.16
8421 Sterling Ridge, Lantana$410,0003,325201243.122N0.19
95001 Thistle Hill, Denton$374,9002,694201743.012N0.18
102002 Hayden Lane, Corinth$320,0003,052199953.022N0.16
104308 Poppy Valley Lane, Denton$242,4951,659201732.012N0.15
101302 Apache Trail, Corinth$424,9003,863200654.023Y0.24
113517 Villanova Drive, Denton$229,9002,017200042.012N0.16
118805 Cypress Creek Road, Lantana$400,0003,228200733.122N0.16
131801 Trinidad Way, Lantana$408,2682,297201732.112N0.00
141205 Dayton Drive, Lantana$419,9003,445200643.123Y0.17
149155 Calvert Road, Lantana$462,0003,467200443.023Y0.29
157201 Frost Lane, Denton$304,9004,045200262.122Y0.17
151919 Ainsley Court, Corinth$374,9003,360200542.122Y0.16
159001 Thompson Drive, Lantana$399,0003,798200854.122N0.18
168911 Sherman Trail, Lantana$525,0003,859200754.023Y0.27
166961 Hickory Hill Circle, Argyle$650,0003,000201643.023Y1.10
17324 Kirby Drive, Lantana$275,0001,999200543.022N0.10
17820 Ethan Road, Lantana$388,0003,517200643.123N0.16
181451 Bonham Parkway, Lantana$389,9903,786200854.022N0.15
182309 Windhaven Drive, Denton$305,0002,858201543.122N0.25
228743 Cherry Lee Lane, Lantana$359,0002,507200642.112N0.16
221580 Meadows Avenue, Lantana$399,9003,396200643.122N0.14
221421 Burnett Drive, Lantana$464,9003,859200554.023N0.19
221802 Regent Court, Corinth$363,9002,876200143.022N0.32
228209 Bayberry Avenue, Lantana$390,0003,295201143.122N0.14
221709 Peregrine Drive, Corinth$316,9002,877200042.122N0.15
221908 Sharon Drive, Corinth$169,9001,493198532.012N0.19
229301 Sabal Lane, Lantana$630,0004,852201443.323N0.36
23621 Camilla Lane, Lantana$346,9002,197200232.012N0.19
231824 Seminole Lane, Lantana$395,0003,008201643.122N0.15
242616 Pinto Drive, Denton$299,9993,028200642.122N0.16
248304 Swan Park Drive, Denton$214,9001,868200132.012N0.18
241428 Bluebell Avenue, Lantana$545,5004,215201554.124N0.21
277013 Chaucer Drive, Denton$250,0002,058199942.012Y0.18
276620 Hayling Way, Denton$297,0003,005200143.122N0.21
281231 Montgomery Way, Lantana$364,9002,569201532.022N0.12
29750 Sheldon Road, Lantana$345,0002,835201332.122N0.11
299409 Glen Falls Lane, Denton$279,0003,448200153.022N0.28
292305 Creekdale Drive, Denton$274,9002,353200442.122N0.22
29347 Kirby Drive, Lantana$259,0001,923200532.012N0.10
308951 Crockett Drive, Lantana$495,0003,839200354.023N0.27
301930 Meadows Avenue, Lantana$399,9003,667200753.122N0.16
311847 E Hickory Hill Road, Argyle$620,0004,198198943.123N3.54
311109 Reese Way, Lantana$429,0003,732201333.023N0.20
339413 Blackpine Court, Lantana$533,9903,760201543.123N0.00
341561 Meadows Avenue, Lantana$325,0002,259200432.112N0.15
341916 Hollister Lane, Denton$297,6842,146201732.112N0.17
351813 Trinidad Way, Lantana$439,9662,926201743.022N0.00
351417 Firewheel Way, Lantana$425,0003,974200954.023N0.20
361616 Villa Court, Corinth$269,9002,039199932.012N0.14
361720 Verbena Lane, Lantana$559,0004,048201454.124N0.36
36721 Peco Street, Lantana$449,9004,164200453.122Y0.16
371401 Bonham Parkway, Lantana$289,0002,238200543.022N0.15
384316 Poppy Valley Lane, Denton$250,2651,820201742.012N0.15
389141 Crockett Drive, Lantana$624,0004,129200354.023Y0.55
381817 Maya Drive, Lantana$388,1362,250201743.012N0.00
396600 Wellston Lane, Denton$224,0001,868200732.012N0.19
391110 Oakhollow Drive, Corinth$294,0002,572199842.112N0.20
411709 Buena Vista Drive, Denton$269,9993,052200242.122N0.18
421509 Haverford Drive, Lantana$542,8263,294201744.013N0.00
43170 Canyon Oaks Drive, Argyle$511,8753,089198843.122Y1.00
441401 Verbena Lane, Lantana$429,0003,623201343.123N0.17
441707 Falcon Drive, Corinth$257,0002,188199842.012N0.18
45850 Clear Fork Drive, Lantana$580,4863,131201743.113N0.00
451821 Maya Drive, Lantana$458,9933,351201743.122N0.00
469631 Carson, Lantana$635,0004,190200454.123Y0.37
46309 Red Fox Lane, Denton$275,2562,500201743.022N0.15
491000 Truman Road, Lantana$620,0004,271201555.223N0.36
493218 Andalusian Drive, Denton$287,5003,759200453.122Y0.23
49313 Matthew Avenue, Denton$550,0003,671201744.022N0.12
506213 Saddleback Drive, Denton$225,0002,570200742.122N0.17
508317 Victoria Lane, Lantana$459,9003,859200444.022Y0.18
503203 Breton Drive, Denton$290,0003,448200353.022Y0.17
518380 Navisota Drive, Lantana$425,0004,492200543.123N0.18
51371 Granger Circle, Lantana$274,0002,140200332.122N0.14
52212 Thistle Ridge, Denton$325,0002,862200643.122N0.16
54850 Randall, Lantana$995,0005,192201356.123N0.00
548912 Terrel Street, Lantana$449,7063,048201744.022N0.00
56210 Canyon Oaks Drive, Argyle$619,0006,800199265.122Y1.01
568304 Victoria Lane, Lantana$445,0003,553200843.122Y0.18
571702 Timber Ridge Circle, Corinth$399,0003,246198742.122N0.32
601041 Wagner, Lantana$900,9515,192201555.123N0.00
609108 Sandhills Drive, Lantana$507,2623,339201743.022N0.00
602133 Clubside Drive, Corinth$295,0002,443199933.022N0.14
619170 Cedar Ridge, Lantana$599,0004,777201154.123N0.26
612301 Lighthouse Drive, Denton$315,0002,838201454.022N0.14
631141 Central Way, Lantana$364,5002,962200443.122N0.13
649105 Blanco Drive, Lantana$519,0004,300200653.113N0.19
642317 Miranda Place, Denton$317,0002,423201543.122N0.16
641601 Pine Hills Lane, Corinth$300,0002,861200043.123N0.33
641151 Bonham Parkway, Lantana$379,9003,698200743.123N0.14
671141 Mercer Avenue, Lantana$646,9284,057201754.123N0.00
709651 Blanco, Lantana$560,0003,758201443.123N0.21
719001 James Drive, Lantana$379,9003,150201342.122N0.14
712104 Creekdale Drive, Denton$297,5003,051200653.122N0.22
712809 Paddock Way, Denton$275,0003,440200653.022N0.14
741200 Bailey Drive, Lantana$657,0444,254201754.023N0.00
74316 Cypress Creek Lane, Denton$238,2651,736201732.012N0.15
744200 Stonetrail Drive, Denton$286,9902,657201753.022N0.15
74216 Red Fox Lane, Denton$282,7902,511201742.122N0.15
741516 Trinidad Way, Lantana$499,0292,838201743.013N0.00
771404 Apache Trail, Corinth$380,0004,247200653.123N0.25
771301 Meadows Avenue, Lantana$395,0003,332200732.122N0.14
784017 Winston Drive, Denton$439,9903,749201744.022N0.17
802704 Pottery Trail, Corinth$399,9953,843200654.123N0.35
801131 Bonham Parkway, Lantana$398,0003,345200654.022N0.29
838761 Weston Lane, Lantana$385,0003,688200354.022N0.15
83890 Terrace Drive, Lantana$399,8003,135200742.113N0.22
851708 Buena Vista Drive, Denton$230,0002,002200042.012N0.26
863322 Lipizzan Drive, Denton$214,9001,701200432.012N0.19
86940 Mistletoe Drive, Lantana$455,0003,769201544.123N0.19
869140 Charles Street, Lantana$589,9004,790200754.123Y0.26
918341 Navisota Drive, Lantana$399,0003,920200354.122N0.16
929060 Charles Street, Lantana$569,9004,132200754.123Y0.27
931148 Dayton Drive, Lantana$389,0003,212200743.122N0.16
97308 Thistle Ridge, Denton$465,0003,702200643.122N0.16
98445 Bentson Drive, Lantana$265,0002,253200742.122N0.17
982798 Robinson Road, Denton$870,0001,724195032.010N2.10
992301 Highland Park Road, Denton$675,0002,567197332.011N8.02
998900 Bluestem Drive, Lantana$442,9002,975201333.123N0.16
1012617 Hereford Road, Denton$230,0002,097200242.012N0.16
101551 Hawthorne Circle, Lantana$393,0003,603200143.123N0.24
106950 Wagner Way, Lantana$750,0004,802200254.123Y0.34
107951 Fortner Road, Lantana$320,0002,668200343.123N0.13
1111 Hickory Crossing, Argyle$650,0003,501200444.023N2.23
1138412 Cholla Boulevard, Lantana$399,0003,082201543.012N0.17
1221916 Ainsley Court, Corinth$295,0002,878200443.122N0.16
1228430 Canyon Crossing, Lantana$700,0004,755200754.223Y0.30
1288390 Fullerton Street, Lantana$374,9003,519200343.122N0.17
134104 Red Fox Lane, Denton$252,9152,222201732.012N0.15
135400 Garrison Circle, Lantana$539,9004,001201443.123Y0.23
1419468 Crane Street, Lantana$395,0003,403200742.112N0.23
142840 Clear Fork Drive, Lantana$597,6373,674201745.023N0.00
1499417 Olive Court, Lantana$567,9903,835201743.123N0.00
1531128 Claire Street, Lantana$469,5004,565200654.023N0.16
157600 Boswell Crossing, Lantana$722,4904,392201754.123N0.33
178850 Garland Drive, Lantana$610,4823,762201743.123N0.00
1791695 Barrington Hills Boulevard, Bartonville$1,159,0004,090200643.123N4.01
1811105 Reese Way, Lantana$520,0005,157200854.133N0.18
1839124 Blanco Drive, Lantana$395,0003,962200543.212N0.24
1851712 Verbena Lane, Lantana$435,0003,494201554.022N0.22
1851440 E Jeter Road, Bartonville$725,0002,466198322.013N6.37
1921709 Seminole Lane, Lantana$426,4402,660201732.112N0.00
2131521 Trinidad Way, Lantana$585,0003,966201743.023N0.00
2141720 Trinidad Way, Lantana$525,0003,723201754.023N0.00
2349200 Simmons Road, Lantana$495,6903,330201743.123N0.00
2392308 Ranch House Drive, Denton$990,0007,283197854.222Y3.71
241831 Clear Fork Drive, Lantana$650,0004,244201754.223N0.00
2501244 Grant Avenue, Lantana$376,0003,998200743.122N0.13
2538301 Buffalo Drive, Lantana$720,0004,588201355.123Y0.51
2561252 Grant Avenue, Lantana$435,0003,558200732.122Y0.20
432110 Quiet Hill Circle, Copper Canyon$899,0005,200199533.022N4.80
951605 Francks Circle, Shady Shores$899,0002,108197032.010N5.18

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Guyer High School academic profile

2018 Best DFW Public High Schools Rank: 57

Click this best Dallas Fort Worth public high schools link for the complete rankings and description of analysis methodology.

2017 Texas Education Agency (TEA) Student Achievement Index: 88

Student achievement index is the percentage of total number of student assessments for all subjects tested that meet or exceed TEA achievement standards. Click on this TEA accountability link for additional 2017 accountability information and general guidelines.

Guyer High School 's 2017 accountability rating is Met Standard, the top district and campus rating awarded.

2017 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Results

 all subjectsreadingmathematicssciencesocial studies 
Percentage at or above achievement standard 88 81 91 94 97  

2015 College Readiness Indicators

   English language artsmathematicssciencesocial studies 
Advanced Placement / International Baccalaureate Courses
  Participation rate   20% 6% 11% 22%  
  Participating students passing end-of-course examinations   59% 70% 42% 47%  
College Admissions Tests
  Participation rate 77%          
  SAT mean scores   1007 520      
  ACT mean scores   22.6 21.9 22.4    

Advanced Placement / International Baccalaureate courses participation rate is the percentage of students in grades 11-12 taking AP and IB courses. College admissions tests participation rate is the percentage of graduating seniors taking SAT and ACT tests.

2016-2017 Enrollment

Guyer High School 2,543  
  Ninth grade 675  
  Tenth grade 642  
  Eleventh grade 635  
  Twelfth grade 591  

2015-2016 Teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 14.4
Average years teaching experience 10.7

Campus address and phone number

7501 Teasley Lane
Denton, TX 76210
940 369-1000

For information about Dallas suburbs served by Denton ISD schools, click on these Argyle, Aubrey, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Corinth, Double Oak, Flower Mound, Lantana, Little Elm and Prosper links.

Sources: Denton Independent School District and Texas Education Agency

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