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Flower Mound Homes for Sale

This page presents valuable information for anyone who is considering buying a home in Flower Mound. Detailed information about all previously owned and new homes currently listed for sale in Flower Mound is provided along with information about key residential real estate factors that make Flower Mound such a desirable place to live. Also at the bottom of this page are links to authoritative sources that provide general information about the Town of Flower Mound.

Homes currently for sale in Flower Mound

The homes for sale shown immediately below are an excellent starting point for learning about Flower Mound single-family housing. The table in which these Flower Mound listings are first presented is both searchable and sortable and detail property descriptions and photos can be displayed by clicking on the property addresses. The default display shows up to 50 of the most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all available properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading. To show only new construction properties, enter "new" in the Search box.

Please call 972 355-3511 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
11004 Sugarberry Lane$354,9002,494199442.122N0.12Preowned
1605 Teakwood Drive$299,0002,086199142.012N0.18Preowned
14920 Wolf Creek Trail$329,0002,284198742.012N0.20Preowned
13333 Rolling Hills$287,0002,042198342.122N0.47Preowned
16628 Via Italia Drive$799,9004,704201343.123N0.37Preowned
14005 Ashburton Way$550,0003,726199954.023Y0.25Preowned
12904 Parkhaven Drive$380,0002,440199742.012N0.19Preowned
15125 Timber Park Drive$340,0002,513199842.122N0.16Preowned
13400 Dwyer Lane$425,0003,394199943.022N0.23Preowned
1512 Shorecrest$285,0001,947196922.020N0.50Preowned
15100 Ironwood Court$515,0003,759200153.123N0.32Preowned
13013 Autumn Sage Trail$499,9003,721200243.023N0.27Preowned
110933 Smoky Oak Trail$649,9004,162201644.123N0.24Preowned
15042 Creekwood Drive$385,0003,074198553.122N0.39Preowned
12504 Stone Bridge Drive$320,0002,171198832.122Y0.13Preowned
14300 Native Oak Court$585,0003,887200343.123Y0.45Preowned
11325 Wildflower Lane$330,0002,097200032.012Y0.22Preowned
111417 Winecup Road$375,0002,680201432.212N0.14Preowned
11313 Cherry Brook Way$425,0003,077199942.122Y0.46Preowned
11716 Lansdale Drive$299,9002,177199442.122Y0.15Preowned
15328 Ponder Place$275,0001,783198532.122Y0.16Preowned
12612 Glenridge Drive$350,0003,058199342.122Y0.20Preowned
12805 Laurel Hill Drive$310,0002,114199132.012Y0.23Preowned
14008 Bordeaux Circle$695,0003,403199653.023Y1.14Preowned
12224 Shumard Lane$440,0003,043199543.012N0.18Preowned
11709 Tree Line Road$394,9002,970199843.022Y0.16Preowned
15309 Meadow Chase Lane$285,0002,143198842.012Y0.22Preowned
13512 Westminister Trail$364,9002,761200042.122N0.15Preowned
12825 Carnaby Lane$260,0001,807198332.012Y0.16Preowned
11217 Shamrock Drive$370,0002,766200443.022N0.13Preowned
11904 Grand Park Place Lane$459,0003,419200443.122Y0.23Preowned
13316 Cottrell Drive$370,0002,497199942.012N0.17Preowned
2937 Edgefield Trail$215,0001,802198132.012N0.20Preowned
21321 Wildflower Lane$335,0002,384200042.012N0.21Preowned
36829 Red Bud Drive$550,0002,688196432.020N0.30Preowned
34117 1 Place Lane$219,9001,318199532.022N0.10Preowned
35009 Balmoral Lane$569,9003,914199943.123Y0.31Preowned
35201 Reflection Court$800,0005,054200254.123Y1.03Preowned
43708 Golden Aspen Drive$349,9002,315199842.012N0.20Preowned
45109 River Hill Drive$829,0004,322200244.023Y1.34Preowned
42117 Bishop Drive$340,0003,024199452.122N0.20Preowned
42500 Telluride Drive$305,0001,936199442.012N0.20Preowned
55112 Clear Creek Drive$824,5004,981200154.124Y1.00Preowned
63932 Granby Lane$289,9002,001200332.122N0.16Preowned
62813 Carterton Way$719,9004,800199954.123N0.30Preowned
76345 Crossvine Trail$412,5002,918201543.022N0.16Preowned
75317 Bayberry Street$495,0003,137199944.023N0.63Preowned
73709 Imperial Drive$1,150,0005,531200755.124Y0.47Preowned
76305 Willow Ridge Trail$400,0002,548201542.112N0.20Preowned
72609 Winnpage Road$569,0004,742200154.123N0.24Preowned
85309 Water Oak Drive$375,0002,815200043.012Y0.25Preowned
86009 Garwood Circle$650,0004,640199843.123Y0.35Preowned
84009 Sharondale Drive$449,9003,212200143.122N0.15Preowned
92221 Shumard Lane$434,9003,115199843.022Y0.20Preowned
103520 Brightstone Court$420,0002,850199533.022Y0.23Preowned
113601 Leanne Drive$440,0003,174200343.122Y0.17Preowned
122021 Breaker Lane$800,0005,070199643.223Y1.02Preowned
132805 Pasadena Place$515,0004,013200044.022N0.22Preowned
131420 Elmhurst Lane$368,0002,712199842.122N0.24Preowned
143900 Edna Valley Court$669,5004,158200444.124N0.34Preowned
143612 Polo Run Drive$570,0003,868199743.123Y0.25Preowned
152608 Winding Path Way$760,0004,230201344.123N0.33Preowned
151701 Tree Line Road$379,0003,118199842.122N0.18Preowned
166372 Prairie Brush$564,5503,103201744.113N0.17New Construction - Incomplete
166108 Prairie Brush Trail$601,0063,907201743.223N0.17New Construction - Incomplete
163517 Misty Meadow$546,5113,738201754.023N0.17New Construction - Incomplete
173617 Karla Drive$418,0003,103200353.122N0.14Preowned
173501 Piney Point Drive$440,0003,243199542.122Y0.19Preowned
174404 Sorrel Court$975,0005,702200054.124Y1.01Preowned
184721 Youpon Street$344,9002,338200233.012N0.63Preowned
204009 Tulane Street$499,9003,598199954.023Y0.41Preowned
207701 Ranch Road$773,5002,654201232.112Y3.51Preowned
213933 Granby Lane$265,0002,070200432.122N0.09Preowned
211401 Rustic Timbers Lane$409,0003,032199743.122N0.20Preowned
213813 Park Bend Drive$1,150,0004,427199443.124Y1.96Preowned
2110925 Smoky Oak Trail$514,9952,653201733.113N0.24New Construction - Incomplete
214921 Rippy Road$455,0003,174201742.122N0.25New Construction - Complete
223001 Hamlett Court$279,0002,010198432.012Y0.19Preowned
223021 Reid Drive$689,0004,177201244.023N0.24Preowned
284900 Indale Way$529,9004,094200043.123N0.27Preowned
285800 Sandstone Court$1,000,0005,133200644.024Y2.00Preowned
28922 Edgefield Trail$279,5001,852198332.012N0.19Preowned
283320 Heather Glen Drive$339,9003,175198952.122N0.20Preowned
286409 Whiskerbrush Road$431,9502,655201732.122N0.15New Construction - Incomplete
296001 Garwood Circle$462,8003,560199754.122Y0.34Preowned
296317 Savannah Oak Trail$447,0002,933201544.013N0.18Preowned
292820 Northshore Boulevard$437,5003,573199743.122N0.24Preowned
315900 Pepperport Lane$1,250,0003,918197643.023N9.18Preowned
322124 Heather Ridge Court$474,5003,106200044.013Y0.37Preowned
324204 Crescent Drive$389,9003,173199242.122Y0.21Preowned
333608 Lofty Pines Lane$420,0003,027199843.022N0.23Preowned
352909 Cromwell Way$500,0003,824199854.023N0.30Preowned
351817 Crooked Creek Court$459,0003,342199753.023Y0.35Preowned
356037 Tompkins Trail$478,4192,517201743.122N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
351916 Haversham Drive$482,5003,602199653.122N0.22Preowned
362900 Shadow Oak Court$355,0003,045199153.122Y0.20Preowned
363908 Regency Park Court$495,0002,865200443.013N0.35Preowned
372016 Annabel Avenue$494,9004,850200343.123Y0.23Preowned
373512 Chimney Rock Drive$1,400,0005,724200555.123N1.00Preowned
383100 Greenwood Court$675,0004,477200253.123Y0.34Preowned
383305 Rolling Hills$399,9003,084198543.133N1.00Preowned
4210858 Smoky Oak Trail$659,9904,618201754.123N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
422208 Waterstone Trail$524,9953,477201433.123N0.26Preowned
433701 Chimney Rock Drive$1,250,0005,578200444.124Y1.01Preowned
443701 Haynes Road$750,0001,592199932.012N12.00Preowned
444504 Crown Knoll Circle$549,9004,027199743.123Y0.31Preowned
452608 Gentle Drive$799,0004,907199543.223Y1.15Preowned
482008 Kipling Drive$449,9003,997199443.123N0.24Preowned
4811042 Longleaf$510,8103,488201753.022N0.25New Construction - Incomplete
494733 Bayberry Street$437,0003,400200842.122N0.20Preowned
502813 Edinburg Lane$284,7502,521198243.022N0.16Preowned
524421 Villa Drive$469,0003,074201633.122N0.12New Construction - Complete
534005 Dawn Drive$410,0002,971200043.122N0.20Preowned
553200 Emory Drive$389,5003,170199642.122N0.20Preowned
563908 High Trail Court$924,9905,520201755.124N1.00New Construction - Incomplete
578604 Mazzini Court$1,100,0005,625201465.123N1.14Preowned
576049 Tompkins Trail$452,9472,202201733.012N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
576009 Tompkins Trail$447,2952,115201722.112N0.13New Construction - Incomplete
573801 Country Club Drive$849,0006,641199955.223Y0.48Preowned
576004 Wayne Court$450,0004,307200343.223Y0.25Preowned
632713 Pasadena Place$484,5003,824199954.022N0.00Preowned
633600 Havenlake Drive$449,0003,272200053.122N0.25Preowned
643704 Kingfisher Court$939,0007,400200755.126N0.60Preowned
643520 Pecan Park Drive$479,9003,004199342.122N0.49Preowned
656704 Oak Knoll Road$575,0003,981201544.023N0.24Preowned
652612 Rembert Drive$549,1543,015201743.123N0.25New Construction - Complete
675100 Knights Court$1,425,0005,948199755.123Y1.03Preowned
704019 Badenoch$754,9783,437201744.113N0.33New Construction - Incomplete
713700 Scenic Drive$2,940,00017,618200567.139Y11.83Preowned
731309 Rosewood Trail$439,9003,562199643.023N0.22Preowned
732224 6th Avenue$459,0002,829201633.122N0.12New Construction - Complete
742205 Condor Street$925,0005,646200554.123Y0.55Preowned
782404 Dana Drive$459,0004,145200153.123N0.24Preowned
7811504 Feather Reed Road$399,9002,756201742.122N0.13New Construction - Complete
794204 Equestrian Way$859,9006,424200355.125Y1.00Preowned
806337 Savannah Oak$474,7472,916201732.113N0.25New Construction - Incomplete
844413 Broadway Avenue$509,0003,187201633.122N0.12New Construction - Complete
8610855 Smokeyoak Trail$569,9903,123201643.014N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
864801 Pacer Way$800,0005,800200554.123Y1.00Preowned
891108 Steele Lane$489,0002,739201643.023N0.14Preowned
905804 Southern Hills Drive$1,365,0005,785200555.124Y1.60Preowned
914008 Badenoch Way$799,0004,429201555.324N0.35Preowned
916401 Whiskerbrush Boulevard$393,7272,178201732.012N0.25New Construction - Complete
913709 Kinross Court$859,0005,706199954.123Y0.45Preowned
916371 Whiskerbrush Boulevard$454,6443,097201744.022N0.25New Construction - Incomplete
916405 Whiskerbrush Boulevard$452,7383,127201744.022N0.25New Construction - Incomplete
92604 Heritage Lane$578,0003,586201442.123N0.18Preowned
934732 Amble Way$775,0003,786201743.123N0.46New Construction - Incomplete
933500 Sutton Drive$699,7274,178201744.123N0.25New Construction - Incomplete
946301 Crossvine Trail$474,9003,416201544.022N0.22Preowned
966405 Sorrento Lane$794,9955,119201754.123N0.38New Construction - Incomplete
9810874 Smoky Oak Trail$584,9903,254201744.023N0.00New Construction - Complete
9810851 Smoky Oak Trail$689,9904,615201654.123N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
9810854 Smoky Oak Trail$587,9903,442201643.113N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
993616 Grant Court$759,0004,207201755.223N0.28New Construction - Incomplete
1001604 Cipher Lane$679,5544,422201755.123N0.23New Construction - Incomplete
1001700 Milford Drive$689,9154,045201745.023N0.25New Construction - Incomplete
1011510 Wood Creek Drive$239,0001,984198032.012N0.21Preowned
1012820 Lakemont Drive$369,0002,568199443.022N0.22Preowned
1013317 Indian Trail$299,0002,468198022.020N0.18Preowned
1035805 Southern Hills Drive$1,200,0006,651199755.023Y1.92Preowned
1055012 Balmoral Lane$639,0004,681199954.123Y0.31Preowned
1054815 Aurora Court$769,0005,137200054.123Y0.34Preowned
1072717 Sun Meadow Drive$974,9005,734199655.123Y1.01Preowned
10811525 Feather Reed Boulevard$465,0783,113201744.022N0.25New Construction - Complete
1132912 Eastbourne Lane$550,0004,368199953.122Y0.22Preowned
1195701 Lighthouse Drive$1,499,9006,579200755.224N1.51Preowned
1201904 Bayshore Drive$10,950,00014,360201056.247Y2.08Preowned
1205901 Shorefront Lane$1,950,0006,500201455.114N2.01Preowned
1253800 Longchamp Lane$875,0004,388201755.323N0.35New Construction - Incomplete
1262912 Parkhaven Drive$479,9003,718199654.022Y0.20Preowned
1268204 Firestone Drive$939,9005,750200055.123N1.57Preowned
1265800 Lighthouse Drive$949,0004,354199933.214Y1.50Preowned
1268105 Firestone Drive$2,500,0006,861199865.226Y2.09Preowned
1272243 Moonlight Bay$410,0003,042201744.122N0.20New Construction - Complete
1275801 Pine Valley Drive$1,449,9007,973200155.324Y1.63Preowned
1282816 Sun Meadow Drive$675,0003,963199143.123Y1.01Preowned
1283516 Heather Glen Drive$459,9004,150199543.022Y0.20Preowned
1304216 Bordeaux Way$499,9002,830199642.113Y1.24Preowned
1328708 Doral Court W$930,0005,230199754.124Y1.78Preowned
1406613 Cardinal Drive$600,0005,085196545.014N2.73Preowned
1543009 High Chaparral Drive$395,0002,254197422.022N0.43Preowned
1585813 Sicily Way$570,0003,596201743.023N0.27New Construction - Complete
1651759 Hunters Lane$699,9324,373201755.123N0.22New Construction - Complete
173Lot 74 Nautilus Court$950,0005,400201754.133N1.06Proposed
176601 Aspen Way$300,0002,587199442.122Y0.23Preowned
1854609 Oak Springs Drive$539,0004,135199554.023Y0.41Preowned
2103405 Pheasant Court$640,0004,362200554.123Y0.40Preowned
21410846 Smoky Oak Trail$654,9904,717201654.123N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
2216619 Dolan Falls Drive$534,1903,712201653.123N0.26New Construction - Complete
2216612 Elderberry Way$556,6044,240201654.123N0.24New Construction - Complete
2324505 Tour 18 Drive$1,800,0008,310199755.124N2.00Preowned
24110878 Smoky Oak Trail$834,9904,629201554.123N0.00New Construction - Complete
2422274 Starlight Trail$170,0001,181194042.010N0.20Preowned
2521100 Cofield Drive Corner$572,8313,381201743.123N0.16New Construction - Complete
2666705 Oak Knoll Road$614,9904,098201644.123N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
2722105 Bayshore Drive$2,800,00010,200200364.226Y2.00Preowned
2843509 Sutton Drive$646,8474,497201655.123N0.28New Construction - Complete
3034605 Tour 18 Drive$1,199,0006,908200456.123N2.09Preowned
3221200 Noble Way$1,999,9997,993199855.124Y1.02Preowned
3406513 Elderberry Way$560,4713,700201654.023N0.00New Construction - Complete
364151 Quince Drive$567,5062,771201633.112N0.02New Construction - Complete
366150 Calla Drive$593,7132,917201632.112N0.15New Construction - Incomplete
367155 Quince Drive$530,5882,500201632.012N0.14New Construction - Complete
4224009 Chimney Rock Drive$939,0004,700200654.123N1.00Preowned
7542220 Timber Creek Trail$2,000,0004,528197133.012N3.60Preowned


Mid-priced homes listings

Shown below is a more typical website presentation of homes priced in the middle of the Flower Mound single-family homes price range. A similar presentation of all currently listed single-family homes and links to displays of homes for sale in other higher and lower price ranges are available on this Flower Mound homes for sale expanded view page. Other similar displays of new and pre-owned homes can be accessed by clicking on these Flower Mound new construction homes and Flower Mound pre-owned homes links.

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Photo of Listing #13632070

1004 Sugarberry Lane, Flower Mound, TX - $354,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,494 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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From The Moment You Walk Through The Front Door, You Will Feel Right At Home In This Beautiful Well Maintained, Very Light & Bright Home With A Formal Living Room & Dining Room Combo! Kitchen Boasts Of White Cabinets, Granite Counter Tops, Stain...

Photo of Listing #13632705

4005 Ashburton Way, Flower Mound, TX - $550,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,726 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Stunning 5 Bedrooms (5th Bed Or Study), 4 Full Bathrooms, 3-car Side Entry Garage In Highly Sought After Wellington! This Stately Home Has Been Updated With The Finest Finishes. Chef's Kitchen With Gas Cooktop, Ss Appliances, Granite, Custom Cabin...

Photo of Listing #13632969

2904 Parkhaven Drive, Flower Mound, TX - $380,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,440 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Rare Single Story In Flower Mound, Clean, Light And Bright. Home Is Updated And Ready To Move In New Appliances In Kitchen Including Double Ovens, Cooktop And Microwave. Master Is Separate From Other Bedrooms For Privacy, Huge Master Bath Has Sepa...

Photo of Listing #13632615

3400 Dwyer Lane, Flower Mound, TX - $425,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,394 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Waiting For New Family This Home Is Located On Corner Lot In Sought After Wellington. Open Floor Plan With Plenty Of Natural Light And Room For Entertaining. 1st Floor Living, Dining, Den With Fireplace And Vaulted Ceiling. Good Size Study, Kitche...

Photo of Listing #13631222

5100 Ironwood Court, Flower Mound, TX - $515,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,759 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Wonderful 5 Bedroom Home With All Large Rooms. Spacious Living Area With High Ceilings And Great Natural Light. New Carpet Throughout. Oversized Rectangular Backyard For Designing Your Own Backyard Paradise In This Master-planned Golf Course Co...

Photo of Listing #13632360

3013 Autumn Sage Trail, Flower Mound, TX - $499,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,721 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Upgrades, Designer Touches And Details Are Found Throughout This Spectacular 4-bedroom Home. You’ll Find Rich Hardwood Flooring, Textured Walls And Faux Finishes, Antique Bronze Fixtures, Dramatic Tall Ceilings And Niches. The Foyer Welcomes With...

Photo of Listing #13626283

5042 Creekwood Drive, Flower Mound, TX - $385,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,074 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Well Maintained Home Sits In A Cul-de-sac In Timberview. With 5 Bedrooms And 3 Full And 1 Half Bath, This Home Has Plenty Of Room To Spread Out. Split Formals Just Off The Front Entry Are Open To An Oversized Family Living Space With Firepla...

Photo of Listing #13619455

4300 Native Oak Court, Flower Mound, TX - $585,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,887 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Captivating Lake View From This Custom Home On Elevated Cul De Sac Lot! Striking Heated Pool W Grotto, Slide, Raised Spa & Rock Backdrop W Water Features Rests Amidst Picturesque Landscape & Flagstone Sit Areas In Backyard Haven W Covered Patio W ...

Photo of Listing #13628489

11417 Winecup Road, Flower Mound, TX - $375,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.2 Baths
  • 2,680 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Come See This Lovely Two Year Old Home Nestled In The Master-planned Community Of Canyon Falls. Features Granite Counter Tops, Wood Floors, An Open Concept Living And Kitchen Area, An Over-sized Master Bath, As Well As A Half Story Upstairs With ...

Photo of Listing #13623512

1313 Cherry Brook Way, Flower Mound, TX - $425,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 3,077 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Open Sunday 1 To 4pm. Half Acre In Flower Mound At This Price! Stunning Updates! Recently Remodeled Pool, With Totally Private Back Yard Oasis! Outdoor Kitchen With Granite Is A Nice Touch And Perfect For Entertaining Or Bbq Dinners! Master Suite ...

Photo of Listing #13630762

2612 Glenridge Drive, Flower Mound, TX - $350,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 3,058 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautifully Updated Flower Mound Home! Formal Dining & Living Rooms Welcome You Inside This Beautiful Home. Bright Natural Lighting & Surround Sound Grace The Family Room As It Opens To Kitchen & Breakfast Area. The Chef In Your Family Will Love ...

Photo of Listing #13631909

2224 Shumard Lane, Flower Mound, TX - $440,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,043 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Beautifully Updated & Maintained 1 Story 4 Bed, 3 Bath Home Nestled On A Corner Lot With Side Entry Garage & Low Maintenance Patio Style Backyard With Wrought Iron Fence. Appreciate Ceramic Tile & Wood Floors Thru All Living & Common Areas. Split ...

Photo of Listing #13629270

1709 Tree Line Road, Flower Mound, TX - $394,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,970 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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This Pretty Two Story House Is Perfect For Any Family! You Can Enjoy The Whole Summer In The Sparkling Pool And Spa! An Outstanding Living Room Welcomes You To This Home With Hardwood Floors. Beautifully Updated 4 Br, 3 Bath Home Complete With Yo...

Photo of Listing #13628920

3512 Westminister Trail, Flower Mound, TX - $364,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,761 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Well-maintained Gem In The Desirable Wellington Community. This Spacious 4 Bd,2.1 Ba Home Offers New Carpet, Plantation Shutters, Vaulted Ceilings & Ceiling Fans Throughout. Recently Remodeled Dream Master Bath & Closet W-built-in's. Large, Open K...

Photo of Listing #13630421

1217 Shamrock Drive, Flower Mound, TX - $370,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 2,766 SQFT
  • 1 DAY
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Located In The Beautiful Cedar Creek Addition Along The Lush Greenbelt, This Home Has It All! Corner Lot, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths With One Bedroom Down, Master On The Second Floor And Generous Closet Sizes. Kitchen And Breakfast Nook Open To The ...

Flower Mound new home construction

There currently is considerable new home construction occurring in Flower Mound. Click on this new construction homes link to see all new Flower Mound homes that currently are listed for sale. Links to neighborhood profiles for some of the subdivisions in which these new homes are being built are provided below. Two of these neighborhoods, Orchard Flower and The Legends are active adult communities in which residency is restricted to adults ages 55+.

I frequently am asked by folks who have never bought a new construction home if they should be assisted by a buyer’s agent when selecting a builder and when negotiating their new home purchase. Most of the time my answers are "Yes" and "Yes."

Recent home sales

Compared to previous year sales, on average, prices of Flower Mound MLS-listed pre-owned single-family homes sold during the three months ending April 30, 2017 increased 3.7 percent ... median sales price of homes sold $368,950 ... home prices generally ranged from about $190,000 to $1.1 million ... average house size 2,900 square feet, average price per square foot $138.20 and average house age 22.2 years ... houses sold averaged 28 days on market ... 1.2 months average supply of homes listed for sale during month of April


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2017 Best Dallas suburbs rank: 2

Flower Mound public schools have the seventh highest composite STAAR performance index of all Dallas suburbs and its principal high schools, Flower Mound High School / Flower Mound Ninth Grade Campus and Marcus High School / Marcus Ninth Grade Campus, rank fifth and eleventh among the 2017 best open enrollment high schools in the DFW metroplex. Flower Mound also has the ninth lowest overall crime rate and its prevailing tax rate is in the bottom quartile of property tax rates in the Dallas area. Some of the ways Flower Mound is different from and similar to other DFW cities and towns are shown on these best Dallas suburbs and about Dallas suburbs pages.

As the DFW metroplex continues to grow and becomes more densely populated, Flower Mound's proximity to DFW International Airport, the Las Colinas business center and downtown Dallas is likely to make Flower Mound residential real estate even more desirable than it is now for people who need to commute frequently to and from these areas.


Flower Mound public schools are among the best in the DFW metroplex ... most school age children who reside in Flower Mound are eligible to attend Lewisville Independent School District schools ... Denton Independent School District serves four subdivisions and Argyle Independent School District serves two subdivisions, all located in northwest Flower Mound ... two subdivisions on the west end of Flower Mound are served by the Northwest Independent School District

Click on this Flower Mound schools link for TEA STAAR scores, student population by grade, and other information for all Flower Mound public schools. Performance information for other DFW metroplex school districts is available on this best Dallas Fort Worth school districts page and performance information for other public schools in the Dallas area is provided on these DFW high schools, DFW middle schools and DFW elementary schools pages.

Private schools located near Flower Mound are identified on this north Dallas suburbs private schools page.


A key reason Flower Mound residential real estate is so desirable is its terrific neighborhoods. Click on this Flower Mound neighborhoods link for profiles that describe some of the best and most popular of these neighborhoods. Other great north Dallas area neighborhoods are identified on this best DFW neighborhoods page.

Community amenities/activities

One of the truly outstanding things about living in Flower Mound is its exceptional community amenities.


Approximately 12 miles and 18 minutes drive time without traffic from central Flower Mound to DFW International Airport passenger terminals ... 19 miles and 24 minutes to the Las Colinas business center ... 28 miles and 33 minutes to downtown Dallas

Commute time and distance information for additional destinations, and for other DFW metroplex cities and towns, is provided on this average DFW commute distances and times page.

Nearby shopping centers


2015 estimated population 71,253 ... population density 1,602 residents per square mile ... 2014 annual median household income $121,549 ... 89.3 percent of Flower Mound residential real estate units owner occupied

Additional demographic information about Flower Mound and similar information about other DFW cities and towns are available by clicking on this more about DFW suburbs link.

Property taxes

Flower Mound is located in two counties and students living in Flower Mound attend schools operated by three separate school districts. Since each of these entities have different tax rates, Flower Mound real estate property tax rates for 2016 are 2.11 percent to 2.49 percent of tax appraisal value. A description of how Texas property taxes are calculated and paid, along with 2016 property tax rates for other DFW cities and towns, are available by clicking on this DFW property tax rates link.

Cities/towns near Flower Mound

from Flower Mound              
2016 median
house price
2014 median
household income
Coppell1741,159$399,800 $111,325 9southeast
Copper Canyon1,431$590,500$111,325 7north
Double Oak63,078$526,300 $132,955 5north
Grapevine2851,404$315,000 $75,931 9south
Highland Village516,149$359,500 $133,161 9northeast
Lewisville73104,039$235,000 $58,559 8east
Marshall Creek12west
Northlake462,237$392,300 $61,774 17northeast
Roanoke487,400$294,000 $61,010 13west
Trophy Club411,759$420,000 $127,391 16west

Notes: Best cities/towns rank derived from analysis presented on best Dallas suburbs page.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, North Texas Real Estate Information Systems Inc. and Google Maps.


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