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Dallas Public High Schools

This page presents a comprehensive and fact-based objective ranking of Dallas public high schools showing which currently are most effective in providing their students a broad-based learning success and preparing them for college. Evaluation factors for all 248 of the high schools included in this study are shown below in the 2018 DFW public high school rankings presented below. This complete set of evaluation metrics, which is presented in an interactive sortable and searchable table, makes possible apples-to-apples comparisons to help answer questions such as which is the best public high school in the DFW area and which are the top performing high schools in the Dallas ISD.

Each of the Dallas area high schools included in this analysis was evaluated on its success in preparing its students for college, based on three metrics: 1) students performance on the 2017 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) evaluations administered by the Texas Education Commission (TEA), 2) participation in and successful completion of Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, and 3) percentage of graduating seniors taking the SAT and ACT college admission tests and their performance on those tests. TEA ratings were not considered in this analysis since all but four of the high schools included in this analysis received Met Standard (MS) accountability ratings.

Many Texas high schools offer a four-year curriculum at a single campus. Some school districts, however, have chosen to operate separate campuses for ninth grade students or for ninth and tenth grade students. In this analysis, the performance factors for the schools that are a part of these multiple campus arrangements were combined and the schools were evaluated in the same manner as the four-year, single-campus high schools. Other school districts and some charter districts operate schools that teach more than four grades. The STAAR assessment student performance metric used in this best Dallas high schools ranking is for all grade levels taught at those schools.

Unlike some other DFW high school rankings this analysis examines only the most current student academic performance data available and no consideration is given to student demographics, changes in student performance over time on the STAAR tests, and other such factors or to subjective factors such as anonymous self-selected reviews and statistically invalid online opinion surveys. Click on this Methodology jump link for additional information about how the performance of these DFW public high schools was evaluated and ranked in this analysis.

To provide perspective regarding what these rankings, schools were assigned a letter grade that shows how their 2018 overall academic performance compares to other Texas high schools. A flat scale curve was used for these grade assignments. The top 10 percent of high schools in the Texas high schools ranking received A grades, the next 20 percent highest performing high schools received B's, the next 40 percent received C's and schools in the bottom 25 percent of the ranking received D's.

2018 DFW public high school rankings

The data presented in this table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the display of information by typing the name of a school or school district in the Search box. To display all schools, reset Show entries to All.

Advanced Placement /
International Baccalaureate
college admission tests
course credit
1School for the Talented and GiftedDallas ISDA+100.0100.097.1%85.3%100.0%195729.2MS2619 - 12
2School of Science and EngineeringDallas ISDA+99.893.093.7%76.5%100.0%190829.3MS4189 - 12
3Uplift Education - North Hills Preparatory High SchoolUplift EducationA+95.575.369.9%75.6%100.0%172425.2MS5279 - 12
4Highland Park High SchoolHighland Park ISDA+98.366.545.6%74.5%99.0%183227.4MS2,1599 - 12
5Westlake AcademyWestlake Academy Charter SchoolA+95.970.564.7%69.1%100.0%169725.8MS843K - 12
6Carroll Senior High SchoolCarroll ISDA+98.959.030.9%83.5%96.4%174726.7MS2,74611 - 12
7Washington High School for the Performing and Visual ArtsDallas ISDA98.054.154.4%42.6%100.0%159823.4MS9299 - 12
8Lovejoy High SchoolLovejoy ISDA96.854.834.9%66.8%94.9%166725.4MS1,4319 - 12
9Imagine International Academy of North TexasImagine International AcademyA93.959.435.9%74.3%100.0%168325.8MS1,230K - 12
10Rangel Young Women's Leadership SchoolDallas ISDA99.648.755.7%27.6%100.0%159822.7MS2719 - 12
11School of Health ProfessionsDallas ISDA100.046.263.7%24.7%100.0%147821.2MS5499 - 12
12Sanders Law MagnetDallas ISDA99.546.263.7%26.2%100.0%147320.5MS3819 - 12
13Liberty High SchoolFrisco ISDA94.053.226.0%81.5%92.2%169726.0MS2,0609 - 12
14Plano West Senior High SchoolPlano ISDA94.251.127.4%84.1%84.6%170826.2MS5,66611 - 12
15Coppell High SchoolCoppell ISDA92.055.025.9%82.6%98.7%172924.5MS3,4099 - 12
16Wakeland High SchoolFrisco ISDA96.346.222.3%70.5%88.5%161924.4MS2,1329 - 12
17School of Business and MagementDallas ISDA99.638.950.9%15.9%100.0%140619.1MS5069 - 12
18Garza Early College High SchoolDallas ISDA99.838.515.1%37.9%100.0%141619.9MS4259 - 12
19Texas Academy of Biomedical SciencesFort Worth ISDA99.039.412.1%26.2%100.0%145622.3MS3859 - 12
20Flower Mound High SchoolLewisville ISDA94.747.016.6%85.2%89.1%170625.4MS3,57810 - 12
21Lassiter Early College High SchoolDallas ISDA100.037.013.1%19.0%100.0%140920.8MS2379 - 12
22Plano ISD Academy High SchoolPlano ISDA99.238.20.9%89.9%167125.0MS4559 - 12
23Richland Collegiate High SchoolRichland Collegiate High SchoolA99.237.90.2%96.0%156323.1MS57211 - 12
24Cedar Hill Collegiate High SchoolCedar Hill ISDA99.337.7100.0%150321.9MS4069 - 12
25Sorrells School of Education and Social ServicesDallas ISDA98.638.050.0%13.9%100.0%137219.4MS3339 - 12
26Keller High SchoolKeller ISDA94.545.119.9%72.9%88.9%160824.0MS2,8769 - 12
27Waxahachie Global High SchoolWaxahachie ISDA98.337.295.6%154122.7MS4189 - 12
28Marcus High SchoolLewisville ISDA93.146.419.4%82.4%88.0%164824.6MS3,3379 - 12
29Grand Prairie Fine Arts AcademyGrand Prairie ISDA-97.438.148.5%20.5%100.0%138717.1MS7406 - 12
30Centennial High SchoolFrisco ISDA-94.442.425.0%73.2%75.4%163924.5MS2,0379 - 12
31Mansfield Frontier High SchoolMansfield ISDA- - 12
32Argyle High SchoolArgyle ISDA-94.741.65.6%77.8%95.8%159224.0MS8009 - 12
33Independence High SchoolFrisco ISDA-,8239 - 12
34Steele Accelerated High SchoolNorthwest ISDA-96.934.7100.0%141619.7MS1429 - 12
35Gilliam Collegiate AcademyDallas ISDA-96.634.221.3%20.0%100.0%128818.0MS3649 - 12
36Colleyville Heritage High SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISDA-87.949.834.3%63.4%87.8%162924.9MS2,0789 - 12
37Heritage High SchoolFrisco ISDA-92.940.621.2%73.1%79.4%155123.2MS2,0759 - 12
38Nelson High SchoolNorthwest ISDA-89.846.129.4%51.2%100.0%152420.8MS2,5519 - 12
39McKinney Boyd High SchoolMcKinney ISDA-92.041.926.2%61.7%78.1%160724.4MS2,8149 - 12
40Fort Worth Adademy of Fine ArtsFort Worth Adademy of Fine ArtsA-92.541.121.5%26.8%94.3%159723.2MS3437 - 12
41New Tech High School at CoppellCoppell ISDA-91.042.510.7%49.4%100.0%159322.5MS3259 - 12
42Prosper High SchoolProsper ISDA-92.938.414.5%65.6%81.9%158523.2MS2,5159 - 12
43Plano Senior High SchoolPlano ISDA-91.340.720.0%85.5%72.3%164025.0MS5,39211 - 12
44Obama Male Leadership AcademyDallas ISDA-99.026.364.7%20.0%100.0%1467MS1879 - 12
45Sunnyvale High SchoolSunnyvale ISDA-92.936.089.3%158823.7MS5009 - 12
46Hebron High SchoolLewisville ISDA-89.242.518.3%80.3%81.2%160924.7MS3,6189 - 12
47Frisco High SchoolFrisco ISDA-88.743.224.2%71.9%77.8%162225.1MS1,6749 - 12
48Marine Creek Collegiate High SchoolFort Worth ISDA-93.434.6100.0%136320.3MS3139 - 12
49Grapevine High SchoolGrapevine-Colleyville ISDB+86.146.935.7%57.3%82.2%162225.2MS1,8209 - 12
50Uplift Education - Summit International High SchoolUplift EducationB+85.547.758.6%34.0%100.0%143820.4MS4389 - 12
51Allen High SchoolAllen ISDB+89.540.018.8%81.4%74.7%160824.3MS6,4379 - 12
52Lone Star High SchoolFrisco ISDB+92.733.714.9%66.2%71.0%154322.9MS1,9509 - 12
53Early College High SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDB+90.736.36.4%25.0%100.0%144719.9MS3119 - 12
54Young Women'S Leadership AcademyFort Worth ISDB+96.524.663.8%16.4%100.0%1430MS3996 - 12
55Pearce High SchoolRichardson ISDB+84.046.827.5%56.0%98.0%158821.2MS2,3329 - 12
56Rockwall High SchoolRockwall ISDB+88.438.417.8%53.4%81.4%154324.0MS2,4909 - 12
57Aledo High SchoolAledo ISDB+,6769 - 12
58Plano East Sr High School / McMillan High School / Williams High SchoolPlano ISDB+88.038.522.0%71.9%68.2%164425.3MS5,2759 - 12
59Dubiski Career High SchoolGrand Prairie ISDB+90.133.923.8%10.7%99.1%126919.5MS1,6689 - 12
60McKinney North High SchoolMcKinney ISDB+87.737.326.5%58.2%71.8%154922.7MS2,1069 - 12
61Richardson High SchoolRichardson ISDB+84.243.724.2%59.5%94.2%156520.2MS2,7249 - 12
62Central High SchoolKeller ISDB+89.034.317.6%62.5%71.5%154222.6MS2,5779 - 12
63Brock High SchoolBrock ISDB+92.228.374.1%147722.8MS3939 - 12
64Guyer High SchoolDenton ISDB+88.534.014.6%52.3%76.8%152722.3MS2,5429 - 12
65Mansfield High SchoolMansfield ISDB+88.134.517.1%43.1%77.8%151322.7MS2,4139 - 12
66Timber Creek High SchoolKeller ISDB+88.333.918.1%62.3%71.5%150622.0MS3,1519 - 12
67Wylie High SchoolWylie ISDB+89.032.313.4%62.2%72.8%146722.1MS2,3019 - 12
68Celina High SchoolCelina ISDB+ - 12
69Rockwall-Heath High SchoolRockwall ISDB+85.936.419.7%61.4%74.2%154823.0MS2,3559 - 12
70Northwest High SchoolNorthwest ISDB+81.741.418.5%50.6%100.0%150719.5MS2,0099 - 12
71Grandview High SchoolGrandview ISDB+ - 12
72Paschal High SchoolFort Worth ISDB+80.043.425.5%40.5%99.2%140923.0MS2,4549 - 12
73Forney High SchoolForney ISDB89.625.810.9%42.8%63.3%144421.2MS1,4189 - 12
74Glen Rose High SchoolGlen Rose ISDB88.227.75.9%45.4%70.2%147921.7MS4999 - 12
75The Colony High SchoolLewisville ISDB87.129.812.5%67.3%65.6%152221.5MS2,0899 - 12
76Mansfield Lake Ridge High SchoolMansfield ISDB86.730.416.7%32.7%76.8%140220.5MS2,2309 - 12
77Uplift Education - Williams Preparatory High SchoolUplift EducationB82.637.535.0%13.3%100.0%140020.0MS4729 - 12
78Paradise High SchoolParadise ISDB90.622.80.3%65.8%137920.2MS3659 - 12
79Bell High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISDB84.234.118.6%66.9%70.6%147722.3MS2,26110 - 12
80McKinney High SchoolMcKinney ISDB83.734.228.2%52.8%66.4%151022.4MS2,8639 - 12
81Burleson Centennial High SchoolBurleson ISDB84.432.217.5%40.5%77.2%143521.1MS1,6939 - 12
82Wylie East High SchoolWylie ISDB87.226.511.2%48.3%62.9%145721.5MS1,8259 - 12
83Melissa High SchoolMelissa ISDB90.220.956.6%149021.1MS7689 - 12
84Martin High SchoolArlington ISDB83.432.915.3%53.6%70.8%153023.5MS3,4519 - 12
85Boswell High SchoolEagle Mt-Saginaw ISDB85.728.419.6%35.7%64.0%150022.2MS1,8099 - 12
86Fossil Ridge High SchoolKeller ISDB85.827.613.1%47.1%65.9%144121.1MS2,4019 - 12
87Palmer High SchoolPalmer ISDB86.623.959.7%145725.4MS3099 - 12
88Aubrey High SchoolAubrey ISDB85.226.23.3%70.3%67.3%144421.8MS6469 - 12
89iUniversity PrepGrapevine-Colleyville ISDB94.19.74.1%44.5%42.0%1610MS4844 - 12
90Tolar High SchoolTolar ISDB87.621.31.1%60.3%140120.5MS2619 - 12
91Trinity High SchoolHurst-Euless-Bedford ISDB81.632.015.7%63.4%70.9%144321.7MS2,57410 - 12
92Sachse High SchoolGarland ISDB83.329.027.2%32.0%65.2%142521.4MS2,8119 - 12
93Birdville High SchoolBirdville ISDB83.128.519.8%46.6%61.1%149221.7MS2,1309 - 12
94Creekview High SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDB81.531.218.0%53.3%67.5%147522.3MS1,9009 - 12
95Krum High SchoolKrum ISDB84.326.19.8%38.3%65.4%145421.2MS6069 - 12
96North Forney High SchoolForney ISDB85.324.29.0%40.8%63.2%140619.8MS1,4859 - 12
97Smith New Tech High SchoolDallas ISDB-80.831.858.5%3.4%100.0%125817.2MS3949 - 12
98Burleson High SchoolBurleson ISDB-83.027.713.6%42.3%67.8%141520.9MS1,6759 - 12
99Caddo Mills High SchoolCaddo Mills ISDB- - 12
100Farmersville High SchoolFarmersville ISDB-84.623.41.9%61.5%59.7%150622.1MS4789 - 12
101Pilot Point High SchoolPilot Point ISDB- - 12
102Midlothian High SchoolMidlothain ISDB-,7709 - 12
103Mansfield Legacy High SchoolMansfield ISDB-81.728.612.5%40.1%70.5%143221.3MS2,0129 - 12
104Berkner High SchoolRichardson ISDB-76.936.614.0%46.9%96.1%143818.3MS2,5489 - 12
105Richland High SchoolBirdville ISDB-81.128.918.6%51.7%61.3%148822.1MS2,0819 - 12
106Uplift Education - Peak Preparatory High SchoolUplift EducationB-77.435.229.0%13.8%100.0%131519.0MS4179 - 12
107Chisholm Trail High SchoolEagle Mt-Saginaw ISDB-84.022.812.8%39.0%57.6%136420.1MS2,0119 - 12
108Lake Dallas High SchoolLake Dallas ISDB-81.726.55.5%53.5%68.3%141521.4MS1,2999 - 12
109Lake Highlands High SchoolRichardson ISDB-73.739.417.4%47.4%99.8%148318.4MS2,7569 - 12
110Wilson High SchoolDallas ISDB-74.837.330.1%28.0%100.0%129818.5MS1,8009 - 12
111Saginaw High SchoolEagle Mt-Saginaw ISDB-81.724.416.4%37.3%62.4%135618.9MS1,9249 - 12
112Wolfe City High SchoolWolfe City ISDB-88.411.871.4%19.5MS1949 - 12
113Trimble Technical High SchoolFort Worth ISDB-77.830.717.1%10.2%97.9%118118.0MS1,7539 - 12
114South Grand Prairie High SchoolGrand Prairie ISDB-76.333.28.8%35.8%94.7%125220.1MS3,3939 - 12
115Decatur High SchoolDecatur ISDB-80.525.313.0%28.4%64.4%143920.7MS9779 - 12
116Ponder High SchoolPonder ISDB- - 12
117Lone Oak High SchoolLone Oak ISDB-79.626.63.0%6.7%71.0%148121.7MS3289 - 12
118Lewisville High SchoolLewisville ISDB-81.622.79.2%48.4%56.9%142320.3MS4,4349 - 12
119Poteet High SchoolMesquite ISDB-79.726.216.6%34.3%66.1%137719.9MS1,7919 - 12
120MacArthur High SchoolIrving ISDC+75.633.512.6%41.9%100.0%125616.9MS2,8139 - 12
121Azle High SchoolAzle ISDC+,7889 - 12
122Singley AcademyIrving ISDC+75.632.323.9%14.3%100.0%125016.9MS1,8289 - 12
123Mansfield Timberview High SchoolMansfield ISDC+77.927.810.0%20.1%80.5%134418.8MS1,7789 - 12
124Hillcrest High SchoolDallas ISDC+74.933.119.0%27.2%100.0%122217.0MS1,0979 - 12
125Peaster High SchoolPeaster ISDC+ - 12
126Joshua High SchoolJoshua ISDC+78.625.22.7%43.7%66.7%145321.5MS1,4579 - 12
127Arlington Heights High SchoolFort Worth ISDC+72.236.724.3%25.4%96.7%131820.4MS1,9999 - 12
128Lakeview Centennial High SchoolGarland ISDC+78.325.520.7%11.6%71.3%136419.3MS2,2089 - 12
129Granbury High SchoolGranbury ISDC+78.823.96.8%35.4%59.1%149922.3MS1,9219 - 12
130Seguin High SchoolArlington ISDC+75.729.414.0%30.1%81.2%131719.2MS1,6459 - 12
131Scurry-Rosser High SchoolScurry-Rosser ISDC+82.616.70.7%47.9%143119.5MS3429 - 12
132Little Elm High SchoolLittle Elm ISDC+79.322.410.1%51.0%55.9%139319.7MS2,0389 - 12
133Blue Ridge High SchoolBlue Ridge ISDC+78.922.80.3%66.7%141419.0MS2029 - 12
134Crandall High SchoolCrandall ISDC+ - 12
135Red Oak High SchoolRed Oak ISDC+77.423.85.6%54.1%64.0%135220.3MS1,8449 - 12
136Kaufman High SchoolKaufman ISDC+,0969 - 12
137North Garland High SchoolGarland ISDC+76.525.427.1%29.8%56.6%144620.9MS2,7459 - 12
138Kennedale High SchoolKennedale ISDC+76.425.35.0%48.4%65.8%143621.2MS1,0109 - 12
139Bridgeport High SchoolBridgeport ISDC+78.720.84.2%48.8%55.6%140220.5MS6449 - 12
140Millsap High SchoolMillsap ISDC+77.622.86.2%6.2%63.8%137221.1MS2979 - 12
141Rowlett High SchoolGarland ISDC+77.922.219.0%29.5%53.9%140720.2MS2,6979 - 12
142Arlington High SchoolArlington ISDC+74.927.713.5%46.1%66.9%142120.9MS2,7469 - 12
143Maypearl High SchoolMaypearl ISDC+80.018.349.4%144222.0MS3299 - 12
144Midlothian Heritage High SchoolMidlothian ISDC+88.03.710.8%55.6%MS8309 - 12
145Mansfield Summit High SchoolMansfield ISDC+75.626.211.1%25.4%70.8%138919.9MS2,1289 - 12
146Uplift Education - Hampton Preparatory High SchoolUplift EducationC+80.816.538.9%6.2%100.0%17.8MS3169 - 12
147Keene High SchoolKeene ISDC+ - 12
148Weatherford High SchoolWeatherford ISDC+77.122.811.0%47.0%55.0%143220.8MS2,3169 - 12
149Life High School WaxahachieLife SchoolC+ - 12
150Princeton High SchoolPrinceton ISDC+,1289 - 12
151Horn High SchoolMesquite ISDC+,3629 - 12
152Newman International Academy of ArlingtonNewman International Academy of ArlingtonC+75.924.41.1%72.4%136819.1MS1,041PK - 12
153Mabank High SchoolMabank ISDC+,0279 - 12
154Ranchview High SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDC73.128.48.5%77.9%68.4%142020.7MS8869 - 12
155Boyd High SchoolBoyd ISDC79.816.30.8%46.4%142720.0MS3409 - 12
156Alvord High SchoolAlvord ISDC84.47.848.9%18.8MS2069 - 12
157Smith High SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDC74.824.914.5%37.6%59.2%145121.0MS1,9359 - 12
158Sanger High SchoolSanger ISDC78.318.23.4%31.4%50.8%139819.8MS7929 - 12
159Brewer High SchoolWhite Settlement ISDC75.223.710.8%22.1%64.9%136519.9MS1,9199 - 12
160Anna High SchoolAnna ISDC78.117.43.1%36.4%47.9%137720.4MS8339 - 12
161Venus High SchoolVenus ISDC77.018.958.1%133418.4MS5509 - 12
162Ryan High SchoolDenton ISDC75.521.55.8%43.3%56.6%141320.5MS2,0589 - 12
163Denton High SchoolDenton ISDC71.229.211.7%46.6%71.8%143821.0MS2,0459 - 12
164Southwest High SchoolFort Worth ISDC68.933.227.4%16.0%93.8%127519.2MS1,2959 - 12
165Adams High SchoolDallas ISDC72.027.415.7%6.8%100.0%110415.0MS2,0409 - 12
166W.T. White High SchoolDallas ISDC68.533.618.4%27.7%100.0%124817.3MS2,2619 - 12
167Bowie High SchoolArlington ISDC72.426.414.8%29.1%70.5%134619.6MS2,8429 - 12
168Sunset High SchoolDallas ISDC71.228.414.8%7.8%100.0%113715.6MS1,9669 - 12
169Springtown High SchoolSpringtown ISDC77.516.73.4%40.3%45.6%139520.1MS9349 - 12
170Nimitz High SchoolIrving ISDC70.130.110.4%27.7%98.7%119815.9MS2,5039 - 12
171Irving High SchoolIrving ISDC69.431.217.7%17.5%97.3%123217.1MS2,4919 - 12
172Boles High SchoolBoles ISDC76.517.751.0%139619.9MS1689 - 12
173Royse City High SchoolRoyse City ISDC75.020.16.5%34.2%51.8%143021.2MS1,5249 - 12
174Garland High SchoolGarland ISDC70.527.719.2%55.3%56.5%149122.1MS2,5839 - 12
175Waxahachie High SchoolWaxahachie ISDC74.221.05.5%53.6%54.2%140420.7MS2,1559 - 12
176Community High SchoolCommunity ISDC74.519.63.9%18.0%54.6%139720.4MS5889 - 12
177Western Hills High SchoolFort Worth ISDC65.834.713.6%18.2%100.0%122520.8MS1,0839 - 12
178Molina High SchoolDallas ISDC69.527.716.1%3.8%100.0%114315.1MS2,1239 - 12
179Greenville High SchoolGreenville ISDC76.614.41.2%41.1%140620.1MS1,3448 - 12
180Skyline High SchoolDallas ISDC68.728.614.1%5.6%100.0%116015.7MS4,5319 - 12
181North Mesquite High SchoolMesquite ISDC73.120.612.2%20.0%59.5%127818.7MS2,8169 - 12
182Mesquite High SchoolMesquite ISDC-72.421.59.3%26.9%64.3%126617.6MS2,8589 - 12
183Godley High SchoolGodley ISDC-73.918.80.1%55.0%136019.9MS5199 - 12
184Haltom High SchoolBirdville ISDC-71.721.714.3%34.7%55.0%137019.5MS2,6249 - 12
185Universal AcademyUniversal AcademyC- - 12
186Turner High SchoolCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDC-,0449 - 12
187Avalon SchoolAvalon ISDC-77.510.561.1%1351MS403PK - 12
188Ennis High SchoolEnnis ISDC-72.818.99.1%34.2%50.7%137119.0MS1,6609 - 12
189Adamson High SchoolDallas ISDC-68.027.412.8%6.8%100.0%112014.9MS1,4809 - 12
190Bland High SchoolBland ISDC- - 12
191Everman High SchoolEverman ISDC-,5029 - 12
192South Hills High SchoolFort Worth ISDC-66.628.911.9%6.9%100.0%111016.8MS2,2119 - 12
193North Side High SchoolFort Worth ISDC-65.431.020.3%12.9%100.0%117417.1MS1,6849 - 12
194Terrell High SchoolTerrell ISDC-74.413.60.6%30.0%42.4%130917.9MS1,1669 - 12
195Alvarado High SchoolAlvarado ISDC-73.714.31.1%42.2%130720.3MS1,1169 - 12
196North Crowley High SchoolCrowley ISDC-68.523.711.6%43.6%61.2%133619.8MS2,4009 - 12
197Lake Worth High SchoolLake Worth ISDC-71.917.18.7%20.2%51.0%128317.9MS8469 - 12
198Naaman Forest High SchoolGarland ISDC-69.620.717.2%24.0%53.9%134919.6MS1,9949 - 12
199Castleberry High SchoolCastleberry ISDC- - 12
200Commerce High SchoolCommerce ISDC-68.521.50.3%63.6%134419.7MS4739 - 12
201North Dallas High SchoolDallas ISDC-65.127.611.7%12.3%100.0%108715.2MS1,0599 - 12
202West Mesquite High SchoolMesquite ISDC-,0579 - 12
203Chico High SchoolChico ISDC-68.820.763.5%130219.0MS1839 - 12
204Carter-Riverside High SchoolFort Worth ISDC-62.930.516.6%12.1%100.0%113217.5MS1,3659 - 12
205Uplift Education - Luna Preparatory High SchoolUplift EducationD+ - 12
206Celeste High SchoolCeleste ISDD+ - 12
207Cleburne High SchoolCleburne ISDD+69.418.18.2%32.3%48.6%137619.5MS1,7599 - 12
208Rio Vista High SchoolRio Vista ISDD+ - 12
209Pinkston High SchoolDallas ISDD+64.925.811.6%2.6%100.0%103914.6MS9789 - 12
210Uplift Education - Heights Preparatory High SchoolUplift EducationD+78.01.747.2%6.0%MS4109 - 12
211Samuell High SchoolDallas ISDD+,8699 - 12
212Inspired Vision AcademyInspired Vision AcademyD+68.917.54.2%60.6%121915.8MS5797 - 12
213Conrad High SchoolDallas ISDD+,2709 - 12
214Seagoville High SchoolDallas ISDD+,3899 - 12
215Jefferson High SchoolDallas ISDD+63.626.614.1%3.9%100.0%107114.9MS1,7019 - 12
216Lamar High SchoolArlington ISDD+63.726.212.4%40.8%64.6%140921.0MS2,8649 - 12
217Lancaster High SchoolLancaster ISDD+66.321.313.0%7.2%71.4%115117.0MS2,0749 - 12
218Spruce High SchoolDallas ISDD+63.326.511.2%4.6%100.0%106015.0MS1,7679 - 12
219Poolville High SchoolPoolville ISDD+72.98.964.0%16.4MS1739 - 12
220Italy High SchoolItaly ISDD+71.510.664.4%19.4MS2816 - 12
221DeSoto High SchoolDesoto ISDD+,2149 - 12
222Duncanville High SchoolDuncanville ISDD+64.721.83.8%27.7%66.9%127218.2MS4,2789 - 12
223Grand Prairie High SchoolGrand Prairie ISDD+,7309 - 12
224Kimball High SchoolDallas ISDD+61.426.98.7%3.9%100.0%111014.8MS1,5049 - 12
225International Leadership of TexasInternational Leadership of TexasD75.7MS3549 - 11
226Cedar Hill High SchoolCedar Hill ISDD63.422.17.0%11.1%67.3%129418.5MS2,2479 - 12
227Carter High SchoolDallas ISDD60.926.112.1%3.4%100.0%104014.9MS1,1419 - 12
228A+ AcademyA+ AcademyD60.426.55.5%95.8%116915.0MS1,068PK - 12
229Kemp High SchoolKemp ISDD68.910.328.9%143420.7MS4949 - 12
230Crowley High SchoolCrowley ISDD63.818.510.1%20.7%54.5%130117.7MS2,1009 - 12
231Wilmer-Hutchins High SchoolDallas ISDD59.026.610.3%0.7%100.0%107015.2MS8189 - 12
232Ferris High SchoolFerris ISDD66.113.53.8%6.5%40.3%135418.7MS7169 - 12
233Life School Oak CliffLife SchoolD61.119.81.4%65.6%124317.0MS1,599K - 12
234Wh Ford High SchoolQuinlan ISDD64.013.90.5%42.4%135718.3MS8059 - 12
235Houston High SchoolArlington ISDD61.218.211.0%15.5%58.2%121816.4MS3,7259 - 12
236Polytechnic High SchoolFort Worth ISDD56.426.817.0%1.3%100.0%103615.9IR1,2539 - 12
237Roosevelt High SchoolDallas ISDD55.926.913.0%2.7%100.0%107115.4MS6539 - 12
238Wyatt High SchoolFort Worth ISDD56.225.59.0%2.0%100.0%100214.9MS1,3399 - 12
239Eastern Hills High SchoolFort Worth ISDD55.426.415.6%0.7%100.0%103415.6MS1,1949 - 12
240Dunbar High SchoolFort Worth ISDD55.526.212.5%3.0%100.0%107914.5MS8839 - 12
241South Garland High SchoolGarland ISDD60.814.710.8%8.8%47.8%120916.6MS2,2969 - 12
242Lincoln Humanities/Communications SchoolDallas ISDD54.625.416.6%1.9%100.0%104314.1IR5459 - 12
243Diamond Hill-Jarvis High SchoolFort Worth ISDD-55.123.526.5%1.8%84.1%111915.8MS8379 - 12
244South Oak Cliff High SchoolDallas ISDD-53.325.08.8%1.6%100.0%104113.7MS1,2869 - 12
245Gateway Charter AcademyGateway Charter AcademyD- - 12
246Madison High SchoolDallas ISDD-50.023.913.0%100.0%99513.2IR4799 - 12
247Advantage AcademyAdvantage AcademyD-59.26.437.5%1331MS1,650PK - 12
248Focus Learning AcademyFocus Learning AcademyD-,018PK - 12

Note: The student achievement index is the percentage of total number of student assessments for all subjects tested that met or exceeded TEA achievement standards.The college readiness index is derived from student performance in AP/IB courses and on college admission tests.

Source: Texas Education Agency

Similar Dallas area elementary schools and middle schools student performance ranked lists are available on these best DFW public elementary schools and best DFW public middle schools pages. Schools with the best k-12 student performance are identified on this best DFW public k-12 schools page and rankings for area school districts are shown on this best DFW school districts page.


The three factors on which this 2018 analysis of Dallas area public high schools academic performance is based the annual TEA STAAR evaluations, the level of participation and success of students taking AP/IB courses, and the level of participation and success of students on college admission tests. Each high school included in the study was measured against twelve evaluation criteria that were selected to reflect these three factors.

Within each evaluation category, the top rated school was awarded the maximum points allocated to that category and all other schools were awarded a proportional number of points based on how their individual scores compared to the score of the top rated school. Scores from all six evaluation categories were then added together to arrive at the school's overall score. Students at some high schools did not participate in all the evaluation categories. While these schools were credited with no points in the applicable categories, total possible points for each of these schools also were adjusted.

Performance on STAAR evaluations: 60 points

A maximum of 40 points was awarded based on the percentage of a school's students meeting achievement standards on the TEA reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies subject assessments. The TEA refers to the percentage of total number of student assessments for all subjects tested that met or exceeded its achievement standards for campuses and districts as their student achievement indexes.

Participation and performance in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses: 20 points

A maximum of 20 points was awarded based on percentage of students in grades 11-12 participating and successfully completing AP/IB courses. The schools with the highest percentage of students taking and passing College Board AP examinations or IB examinations in English language arts (ELA), mathematics, science and social studies were awarded five points for each subject area category. Because of display space limitations in the above table, the participation rate in each subject area is not displayed.

Participation and performance on college entrance exams: 20 points

The schools with the highest adjusted SAT scores (percentage of seniors taking SAT and ACT college entrance exams times their SAT median ELA and mathematics scores) were each awarded ten points. The schools with the highest adjusted ACT scores (percentage of seniors taking SAT and ACT college entrance exams times their ACT median ELA, mathematics and science scores) were also awarded five points. Because of display space limitations in the above table, the subject area scores are not displayed.

Source: Texas Education Agency.

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