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Keller Independent School District

This page provides for quick comparison of all current active listings of single-family homes located within Keller ISD attendance boundaries. General information about Keller ISD and student achievement indexes at both district and campus levels also are provided on this page.

Homes For Sale In Keller ISD

The table in which these listings are presented is searchable and sortable. For example, if you want to see all available properties sorted in descending price order, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading. To see properties located in a specific city or town, enter its name in the Search box.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
1704 Hidden Woods Drive, Keller$490,0003,886200244.023Y0.21
12001 Meadowview Drive, Keller$349,9002,161198633.012N1.00
1708 Brookstone Court, Keller$370,9902,200201732.122N0.11
11601 Wingate Court, Keller$689,9004,723199953.123Y0.50
19837 Stripling Drive, Fort Worth$272,7002,428200543.022N0.14
13704 Waxwing Circle S, Fort Worth$209,9001,848198732.122N0.12
19044 Tate Avenue, Fort Worth$259,9002,462200432.012N0.16
25100 Broken Bow Drive, Fort Worth$275,0002,990199142.122Y0.22
29717 Sam Bass Trail, Fort Worth$375,0003,892200654.022N0.17
2517 Spicewood Court, Keller$699,9005,630200354.123N0.48
24828 Salmon Run Way, Fort Worth$225,0001,970199532.122N0.12
21104 Melissa Drive, Keller$349,9002,612197832.011N1.00
2433 Morning Star, Keller$300,0002,100198742.012N0.59
28916 Hawley Drive, Fort Worth$280,0002,380200732.012N0.14
27001 Indiana Avenue, Fort Worth$169,0001,567199332.012N0.12
32304 Top Rail Lane, Southlake$1,191,7116,095200843.123Y0.47
35601 Reatta Place, Colleyville$649,9004,564200543.023Y0.40
312657 N Caylor Road, Fort Worth$675,0003,015197731.122N4.25
3826 Runnymede Road, Keller$415,0002,735198743.012Y0.47
310109 Vintage Drive, Fort Worth$359,0004,533200753.122N0.18
37809 Chaddington Court, North Richland Hills$425,0002,998199943.023N0.22
31209 Shady Lane N, Keller$309,9001,640197032.111N0.94
36213 Lantana Court, Colleyville$897,0005,303200755.024Y0.46
3713 Gean Trail, Keller$794,5053,688201743.113N0.82
32207 Cedar Elm Terrace, Westlake$1,150,0003,385200533.112Y0.29
35557 Seabury Drive, Fort Worth$364,9003,791200363.122N0.17
312120 Toffee Street, Fort Worth$230,0001,804200532.012N0.13
31063 Brookfield Path, Keller$599,0004,286201555.023N0.19
4700 Brookstone Court, Keller$350,9901,801201732.012N0.19
45024 Gadsden Avenue, Fort Worth$239,0002,932200553.022N0.20
43408 Paladin Place, Fort Worth$159,9001,446200632.012N0.13
4704 Brookstone Court, Keller$393,9902,791201733.022N0.19
42109 Old Pescos Trail, Fort Worth$377,8153,584201743.123N0.15
4321 Elkhorn Trail, Keller$474,9002,882201733.022N0.14
42401 Top Rail Lane, Southlake$999,9995,227201143.123N0.47
48321 Thorndyke Drive, North Richland Hills$520,0004,267199953.022Y0.35
44721 Eagle Trace Drive, Fort Worth$278,0002,940200142.122N0.15
4635 Wyndham Circle, Keller$248,9001,816200122.012N0.12
59712 Lacey Lane, Fort Worth$262,5002,155200342.012N0.20
52325 Buelingo Lane, Fort Worth$242,6102,145201732.012N0.13
51901 Stonecastle Drive, Keller$669,9004,133199843.023N0.85
52437 Buelingo Lane, Fort Worth$222,3301,628201732.012N0.13
51978 Lewis Crossing Drive, Keller$435,0003,773200943.122N0.21
512716 Foxpaw Trail, Fort Worth$219,9002,085200842.012N0.13
56912 Benjamin Way, Colleyville$531,7763,522201744.023N0.17
58329 Spence Drive, North Richland Hills$442,5003,431200343.123N0.23
5716 Brookstone Court, Keller$386,9902,760201732.122N0.19
64017 River Birch Road, Fort Worth$160,0001,304198532.011N0.14
61035 Bradford Court, Keller$649,9004,964199053.123Y0.60
61125 Tuscany Terrace, Keller$899,0005,725200655.224N0.47
68849 Golden Sunset Trail, Fort Worth$236,0002,021200832.012N0.13
61544 Mountain Laurel Drive, Keller$330,0002,859199842.123Y0.21
6704 Maggie Court, Keller$499,0003,790199843.123Y0.33
712472 Woods Edge Trail, Fort Worth$254,9002,042201132.012N0.13
7808 Rembrandt, Colleyville$779,9004,071201144.023Y0.38
85701 Reatta Place, Colleyville$649,9993,580200443.023Y0.37
84401 Blooming Court, Fort Worth$289,5003,701200552.122N0.14
8405 Crystal Glen Drive, Keller$399,0003,153200843.122N0.20
813239 Roanoke Road, Westlake$469,0001,798197033.012N1.19
81928 Bridgecrest Lane, Keller$815,0005,290199964.123N1.32
91300 Mount Gilead Road, Keller$689,9003,395198343.013Y2.33
94140 Yancey Lane, Fort Worth$289,9002,502200632.112N0.19
912304 Black Maple Drive, Fort Worth$399,9004,242200354.023N0.27
98603 Castle Creek Court, North Richland Hills$390,0002,987199342.122Y0.22
96109 Legacy Trail, Colleyville$1,200,0005,191201755.124N0.50
94559 Dove Tree Court, Fort Worth$204,0001,536198332.012Y0.20
105121 Glen Canyon Road, Fort Worth$295,0002,979199243.122N0.17
10705 Apeldoorn Lane, Keller$429,9002,200201322.012N0.00
10420 Blackjack Trail, Keller$305,0002,838199853.022N0.22
10304 Woodland Trail, Keller$520,0002,895199543.013Y0.82
108804 Stonewall Court, North Richland Hills$366,9902,823199443.022N0.25
10749 Bandit Trail, Keller$740,0003,924200543.023N0.70
10405 E Taylor Street, Keller$174,0001,323197332.012N0.19
104656 Bracken Drive, Fort Worth$184,5001,656198531.121N0.12
101109 Jericho Court, Keller$710,0003,768198854.013Y1.09
10612 Guadalupe Road, Keller$679,0004,494200654.123Y0.29
11609 San Clemente Drive, Keller$275,0002,807199153.022N0.19
112012 Vista Trail, Keller$337,0002,248198732.012N0.46
115133 Postwood Drive, Fort Worth$278,0002,700200342.122N0.17
111021 Sumac Drive, Keller$780,0005,470200655.124Y0.57
111917 Angein Lane, Fort Worth$351,6603,150201643.122N0.15
111937 Angein Lane, Fort Worth$374,2003,602201643.123N0.16
111949 Holstein Way, Fort Worth$304,5902,080201632.012N0.17
111307 Ashmore Drive, Keller$369,9003,202200343.122N0.19
111509 Post Oak Place, Westlake$2,695,0008,050200844.323Y0.74
114016 Cane River Road, Fort Worth$214,9001,860200742.012N0.13
121925 Cielo Court, Keller$2,499,0007,169201655.224Y0.86
121424 Briar Meadow Drive, Keller$320,0002,568199742.122N0.19
121933 Brahorn Lane, Fort Worth$339,9102,479201643.012N0.20
143733 River Birch Road, Fort Worth$201,9001,797198642.122N0.12
14105 Audrey Drive, Keller$489,9003,166201432.213Y0.19
14604 Dana Drive, Keller$429,9002,732198343.122Y0.87
15216 Colt Lane, Keller$209,9001,765199132.012N0.13
164812 Misty Ridge Drive, Fort Worth$255,0002,263199442.122Y0.14
17301 Foxcroft Lane, Keller$529,0004,231200543.123N0.40
17630 Bancroft Road, Keller$950,0001,649197532.012N5.31
171508 Silverleaf Drive, Keller$619,0003,589201443.023N0.32
17316 Riverdance Way, Keller$459,9003,225201532.222N0.14
174712 Baytree Drive, Fort Worth$154,9001,476199332.010N0.13
173904 Penny Royal Drive, Fort Worth$309,0003,133200653.023N0.15
179316 Bayard Street, Fort Worth$318,0003,025200453.122N0.13
172021 Red Brangus Trail, Fort Worth$305,0002,792201442.122N0.18
171529 Chase Oaks Drive, Keller$409,9003,564200244.022N0.36
185324 Wyndrook Street, Fort Worth$299,9002,490200442.013N0.24
189401 Ellison Street, Fort Worth$550,0004,814200743.123N0.31
189732 Barksdale Drive, Fort Worth$393,0003,833200543.123N0.24
182325 Johnson Road, Southlake$459,0001,941198132.012N1.55
18572 Hidden Meadow Drive, Keller$573,8113,400201744.123N0.00
18568 Still Meadow Drive, Keller$575,5953,397201744.123N0.00
18576 Hidden Meadow Drive, Keller$565,7493,320201544.023N0.00
18306 Tulip Way, Keller$484,9002,878201333.122N0.08
185568 Murton Place, Fort Worth$269,9993,553199953.022N0.22
18954 Roxbury Way, Keller$519,9003,718200343.013N0.39
18900 Pimlico Drive, Keller$615,0004,085200754.123N0.36
18923 Creekbend Drive, Keller$389,9003,196199853.122Y0.19
185932 Janet Court, Westlake$1,089,0006,072200654.023N0.75
191701 Hickory Chase Circle, Keller$465,0003,316201443.122Y0.18
19724 Cross Timbers Drive, Keller$649,9004,310200854.023Y0.35
203921 Lankford Trail, Fort Worth$290,0002,785200242.112N0.21
20529 Spicewood Court, Keller$699,9005,263200443.024Y1.25
201517 Pixie Rose Drive, Keller$668,8404,017201754.013N0.31
205909 St. Andrews Court, Colleyville$799,9004,377201644.013N0.46
218200 Fenwick Drive, North Richland Hills$515,0003,650200043.033Y0.25
21813 Sequoia Lane, Keller$444,9004,029199943.123N0.40
212565 Union Church Road, Southlake$1,274,0004,824201667.023N1.15
249809 Broiles Lane, Fort Worth$674,9004,913201455.123N0.23
248301 Johns Way, North Richland Hills$499,0003,496200654.023Y0.42
245032 Escambia Terrace, Fort Worth$275,0003,227200843.122N0.13
241008 Rembrandt, Colleyville$799,0004,617201144.123N0.38
242001 Brazos Court, Westlake$4,900,0008,968201455.325Y1.17
241224 Westwood Drive, Keller$750,0005,315200354.023N0.61
244332 Waterstone Road, Fort Worth$410,9903,269201753.123N0.19
244801 Cliburn Drive, Fort Worth$249,9001,869200432.013N0.14
241608 Creekridge, Keller$379,0003,345199953.122Y0.00
245205 Windstone Drive, Fort Worth$419,9903,430201743.123N0.19
241326 Briar Ridge Drive, Keller$399,9002,935200432.022N0.31
24802 Hidden Woods Drive, Keller$450,0004,138200043.122N0.19
2511917 Porcupine Drive, Fort Worth$188,0001,408200432.012N0.17
2511129 Davis Mountain Road, Fort Worth$295,0003,000201442.122N0.14
251012 Brahms, Colleyville$749,9004,476201254.123Y0.33
255125 Creek Bend Drive, Fort Worth$279,9002,850199842.122Y0.15
266913 Genevieve Drive, Fort Worth$238,5003,982200242.122N0.15
263721 Farm Field Lane, Fort Worth$189,9001,540198432.010N0.15
263721 Holly Brook Drive, Fort Worth$287,8852,191201742.012N0.13
263717 Holly Brook Drive, Fort Worth$308,7902,548201743.022N0.15
263713 Holly Brook Drive, Fort Worth$319,9253,060201742.122N0.15
263708 Holly Brook Drive, Fort Worth$326,9053,307201742.122N0.13
263728 Holly Brook Drive, Fort Worth$272,5502,041201742.012N0.15
271500 Hawthorne Lane, Keller$929,9005,050201655.224N0.58
28936 Nottingham Road, Keller$600,0003,172200733.123N0.20
288348 Thornhill Drive, North Richland Hills$399,0002,807199242.112Y0.36
2813324 Ridgepointe Road, Fort Worth$272,0002,439200242.122Y0.13
298105 Vine Wood Drive, North Richland Hills$320,0002,269199742.012N0.24
30310 Tulip Way, Keller$415,0002,142201332.112N0.08
304628 Wineberry Drive, Fort Worth$139,9001,361198132.012N0.16
313812 Carlsbad Way, Fort Worth$226,0002,673200352.122N0.13
311208 Ridgeway Drive, Keller$749,9004,952201454.123Y0.36
31516 Bennington Lane, Keller$537,9902,691201733.012N0.00
31571 Hidden Meadow Drive, Keller$619,0763,815201644.023N0.00
314716 Slide Road, Fort Worth$252,5003,095201042.122N0.17
31701 Avignon Trail, Keller$389,9001,867201322.012N0.06
319737 Sam Bass Trail, Fort Worth$384,9003,474200643.123N0.18
31615 Monterey Drive, Keller$329,9002,578199342.122Y0.20
31175 Jellico Circle, Southlake$1,468,0003,435196954.013Y4.49
314849 Grinstein Drive, Fort Worth$310,0003,199200642.122N0.15
335240 Scenic Point Drive, Fort Worth$299,9002,824200143.023N0.26
336201 Ridgewood Lane, Colleyville$1,029,0004,495201745.013N0.48
339128 Northampton Drive, North Richland Hills$542,9503,253201733.013N0.21
335136 Broken Bow Drive, Fort Worth$254,0002,961199142.122N0.19
338517 Grand View Drive, North Richland Hills$369,9003,091200043.122N0.23
342102 Cedar Elm Terrace, Westlake$3,995,0007,417201156.222Y1.00
341248 Edgemere Drive, Keller$699,9004,932201343.223N0.47
343920 Cane River Road, Fort Worth$125,0001,505200632.012N0.06
344820 Sunset Circle S, Fort Worth$450,0003,424198253.022N1.36
342252 King Fisher Drive, Westlake$5,500,00010,572200655.425Y3.84
348305 Spruce Meadows Drive, Fort Worth$295,5762,840201743.022N0.18
348309 Spruce Meadows Drive, Fort Worth$284,7052,432201733.022N0.18
357221 Buttonwood Drive, Fort Worth$152,0001,412198332.010N0.18
35507 Myrtle Court, Keller$736,3953,545201753.013N0.50
3511200 Freedom Way, Fort Worth$109,900925198321.011N0.12
368352 Park Brook Drive, North Richland Hills$469,9003,649200443.023N0.26
363613 Barber Creek Court, Fort Worth$459,9002,466201732.112N0.18
378001 Redwood Trail, Fort Worth$223,0002,500199242.122N0.25
389549 Sinclair Street, Fort Worth$327,9992,374201343.013N0.13
388221 Westwind, North Richland Hills$519,0003,917200353.123N0.23
38541 Still Meadow Drive, Keller$598,9502,949201743.113N0.00
384276 Staghorn Circle N, Fort Worth$140,0001,370198632.012N0.19
405024 Bateman, Fort Worth$685,7424,001201644.123N0.35
404817 Salmon Run Way, Fort Worth$225,0001,963199532.122Y0.12
418201 Edgemont Court, North Richland Hills$354,8502,428199932.012Y0.25
41525 Stratton Drive, Keller$589,9903,945201744.023N0.00
42113 Audrey Drive, Keller$549,0004,077200844.123N0.19
432115 Serene Court, Keller$344,0002,615200942.122Y0.15
44717 Brookstone Court, Keller$427,9903,534201753.022N0.12
44809 Brookstone Court, Keller$439,0453,508201644.022N0.12
444673 Lance Leaf Drive, Fort Worth$215,0001,663200632.012N0.13
4511917 Summerwind Drive, Fort Worth$414,9003,158200553.123Y0.26
45986 Quail Ridge, Keller$352,0002,805198743.022N0.30
458337 Saddlebrook Drive, North Richland Hills$636,4103,874201743.013N0.31
461705 Sherburne Drive, Keller$1,499,8507,234200756.124Y0.88
462029 Bantry Drive, Keller$655,0004,047200344.024Y0.46
478601 Arcadia Park Drive, Fort Worth$269,5002,866200042.122N0.20
472733 Los Gatos Lane, Fort Worth$335,0002,728201053.012N0.19
495628 Blackmon Court, Fort Worth$170,0001,542200132.122N0.08
532822 Volterra Way, Keller$575,0002,900201342.113Y0.27
54710 Lakeway Drive, Keller$599,9004,094200143.023Y0.31
543532 Pendery Lane, Fort Worth$235,0001,740200232.012N0.14
549101 Chardin Park Drive, Fort Worth$280,0002,628200442.122N0.15
626701 St Moritz Parkway, Colleyville$815,0005,560200355.124Y0.49
624009 Durrett Street, Fort Worth$499,9004,391200354.023Y0.13
62204 Polo Trail, Colleyville$735,0004,459199943.023Y0.37
631314 Roanoke Road, Keller$279,0001,800196042.010N0.82
653729 Aldersyde Drive, Fort Worth$249,9002,348200242.122N0.15
66912 Nottingham Road, Keller$619,0003,455200833.122N0.17
681000 Heron Drive W, Colleyville$677,9004,129201754.023N0.18
688249 Spruce Meadows Drive, Fort Worth$285,4472,501201743.022N0.12
694177 Tupelo Trail, Fort Worth$230,0002,848199842.122N0.13
70381 Watermere Drive, Southlake$429,0002,106201222.112N0.00
704833 Leaf Hollow Drive, Fort Worth$202,9001,637200532.012N0.12
70314 Tulip Way, Keller$449,9002,468201333.022N0.08
736905 Handel, Colleyville$965,0006,001201243.124Y0.40
731640 Chase Oaks Drive, Keller$335,0003,515199743.123Y0.26
741615 Branchview Court, Keller$375,0003,317199853.123N0.22
758204 Pine Meadows Drive, Fort Worth$243,7401,857201732.012N0.12
751850 Ottinger Road, Keller$1,274,9005,853200954.023Y0.91
796704 St Moritz Parkway, Colleyville$1,150,0005,414200454.224Y0.46
801503 Creekview Drive, Keller$379,0003,102199443.122Y0.25
802000 Preta Way, Fort Worth$287,9002,522201542.112N0.19
801502 De Moss Court, Keller$299,9002,385199332.012Y0.28
801005 Heron Drive E, Colleyville$697,9002,949201732.113N0.17
80804 Briar Ridge Drive, Keller$469,9004,191200354.023Y0.28
829137 Manana Street, Fort Worth$290,0002,988200643.122N0.17
825733 Sugar Maple Drive, Fort Worth$288,0002,654200043.023N0.19
842222 King Fisher Drive, Westlake$6,200,00010,450200366.324Y3.53
843516 Amador Drive, Fort Worth$325,8903,418200553.122N0.14
858608 Glenmont Drive, North Richland Hills$469,0003,446200243.122Y0.21
862801 Riverbrook Way, Southlake$775,0003,356201533.113N0.24
861315 Snow Mountain Circle, Keller$299,9002,319198742.112Y0.34
896808 Herbert, Colleyville$1,200,0005,800201755.123N0.46
90709 Brookstone Court, Keller$350,9901,891201732.012N0.19
902912 Riverbrook Way, Southlake$775,0003,385201533.122N0.24
9011031 Peninsula Lane, Fort Worth$71,0001,292199732.010N0.01
951616 Creekridge Drive, Keller$360,0002,882200042.122Y0.19
969036 Morning Meadow Drive, Fort Worth$299,9002,949200443.022N0.15
97533 Still Meadow Drive, Keller$559,5993,061201754.023N0.00
986608 Herbert Road, Colleyville$1,200,0005,680201766.123N0.46
986804 Herbert Road, Colleyville$1,200,0005,694201755.123N0.46
985724 Heron Drive E, Colleyville$617,9002,814201743.113N0.17
985732 Heron Drive W, Colleyville$609,9003,279201733.112N0.17
985728 Heron Drive W, Colleyville$605,9002,944201732.113N0.17
1014325 Bewley Drive, Fort Worth$319,9992,402201243.012N0.13
1023504 Oliver Drive, Fort Worth$389,9103,716200353.123N0.20
104542 Still Meadow Drive, Keller$539,9003,358201554.022N0.21
1052114 Karnes Drive, Keller$539,0003,902200154.023Y0.35
108705 W Ld Lockett Road, Colleyville$299,0001,510197032.012N0.52
108705 Lyndsey Way, Colleyville$1,038,0004,800201755.023N0.41
1089124 Northampton Drive, North Richland Hills$562,0603,596201643.023N0.21
1089853 Voss Avenue, Fort Worth$299,5003,936200943.022N0.13
1098112 Beverly Drive, North Richland Hills$356,0002,724200032.112N0.24
1111701 Castle Cove Court, Keller$875,0006,812199954.125Y1.23
111775 Richmond Lane, Keller$400,0003,155198943.013Y0.32
1126116 Legacy Trail, Colleyville$1,099,0004,840201655.124N0.47
1146772 St Moritz Parkway, Colleyville$715,0004,310200443.223Y0.46
1151953 Winter Drive, Keller$1,050,0005,984200554.224N1.00
1152520 Deep Eddy Trail, Keller$569,9004,314200254.023Y0.23
1191002 Texas Trail, Keller$775,0005,400201456.123Y0.79
1221516 Hudnall Farm Road, Keller$575,0004,419199953.123N0.34
1221216 Robin Drive, Keller$425,0002,042197842.012N1.31
1245209 Edgebrook Way, Fort Worth$399,9903,270201643.023N0.19
1266704 Herbert Road, Colleyville$325,0002,100196052.020Y0.46
128917 Nottingham Road, Keller$600,0003,563200733.123Y0.17
12912333 Shale Drive, Fort Worth$324,0003,283200443.023N0.31
129308 Elkhorn Trail, Keller$439,9002,566201642.112N0.13
130305 Waterfall Court, Colleyville$1,229,5003,783201644.123Y0.42
130428 Monarch Hill Court, Keller$650,0004,671201064.023N0.35
1316740 St Moritz Parkway, Colleyville$859,9005,733200254.024Y0.46
1341904 Bridgecrest Lane, Keller$985,0006,851200054.224Y0.88
13511965 Summerwind Drive, Fort Worth$290,0003,079200653.122N0.28
1442208 Vaquero Estates Boulevard, Westlake$3,690,0009,451200568.124Y1.71
1448929 Thornway Drive, North Richland Hills$545,0004,717200164.123Y0.34
1468229 Spruce Meadows Drive, Fort Worth$244,9651,855201632.012N0.13
1496808 Herbert Road, Colleyville$310,0001,570196031.011N0.46
150757 Bandit Trail, Keller$596,0003,606197143.222Y1.40
1509905 Crawford Farms Drive, Fort Worth$271,0002,897200542.122N0.17
1511854 Post Oak Place, Westlake$3,895,0008,256201566.224Y0.77
1528801 Quarry Ridge Trail, Fort Worth$234,9992,664200932.122N0.14
153443 Watermere Drive, Southlake$575,0002,812201322.112N0.00
1531720 Sawtooth Oak Trail, Keller$309,0002,623199653.122Y0.20
1546104 Legacy Estates Drive, Colleyville$920,0004,090201644.124N0.50
157421 Winhall Way, Keller$525,0003,545201444.023N0.20
1611016 N Pearson Lane, Keller$595,0001,911197042.012N1.95
1626716 Zermatt Court, Colleyville$925,0005,642200555.223Y0.47
1641900 Little Bluestem Court, Westlake$1,995,0006,573200455.223Y0.59
1658320 Smithfield Road, North Richland Hills$650,0005,042200643.223N0.49
1699749 Rancho, Fort Worth$439,9953,968200054.022Y0.43
1711449 England Drive, Keller$170,0001,782198834.011N0.56
174517 Stratton Drive, Keller$599,9904,053201644.023N0.00
1752202 Watercrest Drive, Keller$364,9003,322200043.022N0.15
1759309 Niles Court, Fort Worth$264,9002,407200433.022N0.13
1792201 Cedar Elm Terrace, Westlake$1,229,0003,514200644.122N0.33
179156 Mount Gilead Road, Keller$850,0002,192197532.012N4.42
1807832 Sevenoaks Drive, North Richland Hills$485,2102,861201633.013N0.24
1824245 Waterstone Road, Fort Worth$408,0723,023201632.212N0.19
186108 Audrey Drive, Keller$649,0004,270201654.023N0.20
1911209 Stegall Road, Keller$429,9002,767199943.023N0.81
1915125 Edgebrook Way, Fort Worth$426,9893,494201644.022N0.19
192309 Elkhorn Trail, Keller$419,9002,231201632.012N0.14
1931905 N Pearson Lane, Westlake$9,999,0008,575198866.225Y35.00
1936920 Handel, Colleyville$800,0005,265201243.124N0.37
2001255 Mount Gilead Road, Keller$674,5003,187201643.013N1.02
2044232 Waterstone Road, Fort Worth$459,2493,990201654.022N0.17
2075805 Bryton Court, Colleyville$650,0003,655201743.123N0.50
21313225 Thornton Drive, Westlake$750,0003,222199744.022N1.60
215524 Stratton Drive, Keller$569,9903,574201643.122N0.00
2151001 Hideaway Drive, Keller$689,0005,361200654.123Y0.70
2161429 Danbury Parks Drive, Keller$749,9995,118200655.024N0.58
2162213 Cedar Elm Terrace, Westlake$1,495,0005,182200554.223Y0.32
2171474 Ottinger Road, Keller$1,399,0005,636201755.124N1.00
2282320 Tall Woods Trail, Keller$805,0004,752200543.124Y0.46
2292858 Volterra Way, Keller$559,9002,956201232.112N0.24
2312175 N Pearson Lane, Westlake$1,850,0001,719197832.010N5.25
2374916 Bateman, Fort Worth$689,3384,001201644.123N0.35
2401500 Shropshire Street, Keller$499,9904,615200154.123N0.51
2521717 Wisteria Way, Westlake$1,849,0005,702200645.223Y0.51
2521265 Mount Gilead Road, Keller$725,0003,612201643.113N1.00
2551861 Post Oak Place, Westlake$2,499,9007,514200545.124Y0.54
2582255 King Fisher Drive, Westlake$1,999,0006,790200455.124Y1.38
2587000 Avery Lane, Colleyville$486,0003,233201733.123N0.16
2591402 Fountain Grass, Westlake$2,950,0006,540201655.223Y0.49
2591517 Peppertree Drive, Keller$569,9853,187201633.013N0.31
2612228 Cedar Elm Terrace, Westlake$1,675,0005,127200445.223Y0.39
26412932 Steadman Farms Drive, Fort Worth$375,0003,803201644.122N0.00
2705009 Bateman, Fort Worth$620,5913,217201633.113N0.35
2705017 Bateman, Fort Worth$657,7804,107201644.123N0.35
2901001 Roxbury Court, Keller$649,9005,813199955.026N0.52
29036 Brenda Lane, Keller$779,0004,675201554.123N0.57
2921505 Chase Oaks Drive, Keller$424,9993,799200354.022N0.30
3131437 Latigo Lane, Keller$648,5565,010201655.023N0.32
3141500 Cherry Bark Drive, Keller$667,8424,200201644.123N0.37
3312005 White Wing Cove, Westlake$4,000,0009,103201667.224Y0.70
3362944 Veranda Lane, Southlake$653,2753,091201632.113N0.33
3622000 Wood Thrush Court, Westlake$2,995,0008,232200455.224Y0.72
3971109 Post Oak Place, Westlake$3,300,0008,334200544.323N1.15
4111713 Buckingham Drive, Keller$1,199,9006,346200455.224Y0.84
437314 Watermere Drive, Southlake$400,0002,560200723.022N0.00
440404 Emerald Ridge Drive, Keller$679,4904,802201655.023N0.35
4541500 Silverleaf Drive, Keller$641,8214,089201664.123N0.32
5662211 Vaquero Club Drive, Westlake$1,650,0004,863200543.123N0.50
6351211 Perdenalas Trail, Westlake$3,999,0009,103200555.225Y1.07


If you prefer a more traditional presentation with large, high-resolution photos of the homes listed below and an advanced MLS search and property mapping capabilities, click on this all about homes for sale in Keller ISD link.


Keller Independent School District profile

2017 best DFW school districts rank : 17

Keller ISD homes for saleKeller ISD operates twenty-two elementary schools, five intermediate schools, six middle schools, and four high schools. These thirty-seven schools are attended by approximately 34,100 students who live in Keller, Colleyville, Fort Worth, Haltom City, Hurst, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Watauga, and Westlake.

Keller ISD's composite 2016 Texas Education Agency (TEA) Student Achievement Index is 86. The Student Achievement Index is the percentage of total student assessments for all subjects tested that met or exceeded the TEA 2016 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) achievement standards. Like all other DFW area school districts, Keller ISD's 2016 TEA accountability rating is Met Standard, the top district and campus rating awarded.

Nine of its campuses attained a Student Achievement Index between 90 and 100, seventeen between 80 and 89, eight between 70 and 79, and the Student Achievement Index of three campuses is between 60 and 69.

Thirteen Keller ISD schools are attended by students living in the north Dallas suburbs profiled on this website. As shown below, nine of these campuses has a 2016 Student Achievement Index between 90 and 100 and the Student Achievement Index of four campuses is between 80 and 89. Additional performance and other information for each campus is available by clicking on the campus name. The 2016 TEA accountability rating for all of the campuses listed below is Met Standard.

Keller ISD schools

  serves students living in
 Student Achievement IndexKellerColleyvilleSouthlakeWestlake
Florence Elementary School 94  
Hidden Lakes Elementary School 96    
Keller Harvel Elementary School 86      
Liberty Elementary School 93    
Ridgeview Elementary School 89      
Shady Grove Elementary School 90      
Willis Lane Elementary School


Bear Creek Intermediate School 93  
South Keller Intermediate School


Indian Springs Middle School 87    
Keller Middle School



Central High School 88      
Keller High School 96

Keller High School is ranked among the 25 best open enrollment public high schools in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Click on this 2017 best Dallas Fort Worth public high schools link for complete rankings and analysis methodology.

For information about other public schools attended by Keller, Colleyville, Southlake and Westlake students, click on these Keller schools, Colleyville schools, Southlake schools and Westlake schools links.

Sources: Keller Keller Independent School District and Texas Education Agency

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