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McKinney North High School

This page presents key academic performance metrics for McKinney North High School and where its student academic performance ranks among DFW public high schools. Also shown at the bottom of this page are all active MLS listings of single-family homes located within McKinney North High School attendance boundaries.

Best DFW open enrollment public high schools rank: 28

Academic performance score: 10

The ranking methodology used for both the state and metropolitan area best high schools analyses is described on this complete 2019 DFW public high school rankings page. High schools with combined State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and college readiness academic performance indexes ranked in the top ten percent of Texas high schools are awarded an academic performance score of 10, high schools in the next lower, ninth decile receive an academic performance score of 9, and so on.

2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) scaled STAAR score: 91

As described in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Manual, the STAAR scaled score is calculated by first adding equal weightings of the percentage of STAAR evaluations on which students’ performance mastered grade level, met grade level and approached grade level, dividing the sum by 3 and rounding it to the nearest whole percentage. The TEA refers to this as the STAAR raw component score. This raw score is then adjusted or “scaled” by using a conversion table to align letter grades and scores of Texas public school districts and campuses.

McKinney North High School's 2018 academic accountability rating is Met Standard, the top campus rating awarded in 2018 by the TEA.

2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results

Scaled STAAR component scores 91 83 92 94 95

2017 college readiness indicators

Percentage of students meeting TSI college-ready criteria 40.2% 44.9% 23.6%

The Advance Placement / International Baccalaureate (AP / IB) and SAT and ACT college admission tests metrics shown above are the percentage of students meeting college-ready criteria specified in the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state-legislated program to improve student success in college.

2019 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: 2

2016-2017 enrollment

McKinney North High School 2,123  
  Ninth grade 557  
  Tenth grade 512  
  Eleventh grade 528  
  Twelfth grade 526  

2016-2017 teaching staff

Number of students per teacher 15.3
Average years teaching experience 11.3

Campus address and phone number

2550 Wilmeth Road
McKinney, TX 75071
469 302-4300

For information about Dallas suburbs served by McKinney ISD schools, click on these McKinney and Fairview links.

Sources: McKinney Independent School District, Texas Education Agency and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

McKinney North High School homes for sale

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
1605 Splash Circle, McKinney$815,2193,796201844.123N0.54
16520 Palmetto Bluff Road, McKinney$574,5963,842201844.123N0.17
16516 Palmetto Bluff Drive, McKinney$585,9744,326201854.123N0.17
11700 Landon Lane, McKinney$399,0002,973200943.122N0.15
12302 Summit Drive, McKinney$219,0001,528198732.012N0.23
13608 Ashire Court, McKinney$299,0001,651201832.012N0.00
1701 Marioneth Drive, McKinney$580,9344,038201844.023N0.17
14418 Fm 1827, McKinney$249,0002,241196032.112N1.00
21109 Moore Street, McKinney$35,0001,150192221.010N0.23
27701 Shasta Drive, McKinney$312,5002,456200442.022N0.25
24357 Waterstone Estates Drive, McKinney$899,0004,938201654.123N1.00
25960 County Road 471, McKinney$295,0001,440200432.010N2.97
21801 Van Landingham Drive, McKinney$319,0002,252200232.012N0.14
32325 Norway Spruce Street, McKinney$550,0003,335201844.023N0.00
34117 Meramac Drive, McKinney$285,0002,000201442.012N0.22
4901 Canyon Wren Drive, McKinney$485,0003,463200343.123Y0.34
41105 Nocona Drive, McKinney$283,9002,391201142.122N0.21
4309 Haddington Lane, McKinney$579,9004,454200754.123N0.25
57808 Lewisville Lane, McKinney$417,0332,341201843.012N0.13
64000 Meramac Drive, McKinney$265,0001,847201442.012N0.16
71512 Haverford Way, McKinney$590,0004,024200544.023N0.26
7905 Thornapple Drive, McKinney$499,9004,003200443.122N0.20
73813 Edward Drive, McKinney$379,0003,456200843.122N0.14
72216 Watermark Place, McKinney$523,8183,006201843.023N0.13
82409 Cross Oak Place, McKinney$493,9903,529201844.123N0.00
8613 Teton Drive, McKinney$639,0004,522201454.123Y0.24
8370 Woodcreek Drive, Lowry Crossing$425,0003,629199753.022N2.00
92905 Palomino Court, McKinney$280,0002,621199942.122Y0.35
92425 Gabriel Drive, McKinney$238,0001,280200632.012N0.16
11812 Mayberry Drive, McKinney$393,0002,725200343.022N0.28
137520 Guadalupe Way, McKinney$365,9003,178201543.122N0.14
133708 Gotland Avenue, McKinney$325,0002,962201653.022N0.16
148613 White River Trail, McKinney$391,9002,351201843.022N0.00
141420 Caney Creek Lane, McKinney$304,9002,105201642.112N0.17
143412 Drysdale Parkway, McKinney$374,1002,900201743.023N0.17
15816 Moss Cliff Circle, McKinney$490,0003,848200654.023N0.25
157812 Wichita Falls Boulevard, McKinney$424,0003,127201744.022N0.14
158545 White River Trail, McKinney$374,9001,950201832.012N0.00
152538 County Road 852, McKinney$975,0006,183199543.125N2.50
151704 Stapleton Drive, McKinney$370,0002,847200443.122N0.15
162604 Cattleman Drive, McKinney$245,9002,202200042.122N0.12
173716 Creek View Drive, McKinney$295,0001,641201632.012N0.13
173720 Creek View Drive, McKinney$285,0001,531201632.012N0.13
178204 Saint Clair Drive, McKinney$429,0003,070201254.022Y0.17
173413 Montadale Avenue, McKinney$294,9901,851201832.012N0.00
173733 Borderdale Lane, McKinney$322,9902,376201832.122N0.00
186416 Lost Pine Drive, McKinney$565,0003,326201344.022Y0.18
18300 Mossy Rock Dr., McKinney$423,3672,683201843.122N0.00
191400 Madrid Falls Drive, McKinney$429,9003,862201643.222N0.17
21431 Dale Drive, New Hope$345,0002,140198432.012Y1.09
221205 Thimbleberry Drive, McKinney$450,0003,517200443.122N0.20
231512 Wysong Drive, McKinney$295,0001,671196532.012N0.23
23K4 Horizon Trail, McKinney$649,9003,779201843.023N1.00
230000 Lake Shore Drive, McKinney$609,9003,192201834.013N1.00
237804 Medina Way, McKinney$434,9003,555201653.022N0.22
23308 Waterfront Drive, McKinney$321,0002,860200442.122N0.18
248628 Holliday Creek Way, McKinney$339,9001,984201832.012N0.00
254100 Tejas Court, McKinney$335,6003,492200754.022N0.15
252920 Frontier Lane, McKinney$246,0002,000200232.122N0.13
263112 Nandina Street, McKinney$230,0001,550200432.012N0.14
288300 Belew Drive, McKinney$489,0003,735201343.123N0.26
298617 Lake Arrowhead Trail, McKinney$397,9002,798201843.122N0.00
301316 Madrid Falls Drive, McKinney$424,9003,306201643.122N0.19
307416 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$699,9904,155201644.123N0.23
313504 Trinity View Drive, McKinney$319,9002,990200543.122N0.16
32624 Mayberry Drive, McKinney$330,0002,264200332.012N0.24
337708 Michael Court, McKinney$385,0003,038200643.022N0.14
331101 Trail Ridge Drive, McKinney$850,0005,604200144.123Y0.41
331809 La Cima Drive, McKinney$375,0003,399200643.123N0.14
332108 Nassau Drive, McKinney$574,9372,768201732.112N0.16
34301 Longhorn Drive, McKinney$539,9004,039201254.223N0.22
348177 County Road 858, McKinney$525,0003,172198432.123N2.37
352512 Nueces Cove, McKinney$320,0002,111200642.012N0.14
361713 Bald Eagle Drive, McKinney$374,9003,193201543.022N0.14
367505 W Fork Lane, McKinney$418,0003,107201643.122N0.16
372806 Peak Drive, McKinney$267,0002,508200042.122N0.16
384801 Rustic Ridge Drive, McKinney$239,0001,479200032.012N0.16
397509 W Fork Lane, McKinney$365,0002,394201732.122N0.14
411203 Greenville Road, McKinney$265,0001,988195941.110N0.55
42420 Venezia Court, Princeton$269,9001,510199432.012N1.95
42612 Wichita Trail, McKinney$280,0002,362201342.122N0.14
426416 Wind Song Drive, McKinney$425,0003,749201054.022N0.13
427916 Wichita Falls Boulevard, McKinney$480,0003,195201754.123N0.27
432609 Meadowview Court, McKinney$319,9003,564200642.122N0.19
438621 Lake Arrowhead Trail, McKinney$374,9002,301201842.012N0.00
438629 White River Trail, McKinney$394,9002,180201843.012N0.00
438501 Lake Arrowhead Trail, McKinney$424,9002,504201843.012N0.00
438625 Holliday Creek Way, McKinney$374,9002,169201833.013N0.00
433525 Willow Creek Trail, McKinney$249,5002,307200132.122N0.14
442209 Catherine Lane, McKinney$315,0003,208200743.122N0.14
448609 White River Trail, McKinney$349,9001,950201832.012N0.00
448541 White River Trail, McKinney$374,9001,984201832.012N0.00
442304 Glenhaven Drive, McKinney$254,9902,210200332.122N0.16
453904 Hickory Bend Trail, McKinney$345,0003,296200543.023N0.26
461717 Landon Lane, McKinney$559,0003,607200744.123N0.51
463904 River Bend, McKinney$399,0002,321201832.112N0.14
47321 Mossy Rock Drive, McKinney$309,9002,139201632.012N0.14
47500 Tully Court, McKinney$600,0003,994201154.023Y0.37
486312 Valley View Drive, McKinney$366,0002,915200743.022N0.17
487000 Allegiance Drive, McKinney$294,9002,141200532.012N0.15
484505 Pecan Place Drive, McKinney$289,9001,497197632.012N1.84
494553 Lake Breeze Drive, McKinney$750,0003,852200743.123Y1.36
554594 Lake Shore Drive, McKinney$769,9004,406201843.023N1.00
563725 Holley Ridge Walk, McKinney$309,0001,965201842.012N0.19
562624 Lookout Drive, McKinney$230,0001,789199832.012N0.13
567517 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$434,9902,939201843.013N0.22
578632 Holliday Creek Way, McKinney$339,9001,992201842.012N0.00
577609 Calhoun Cove, McKinney$344,9002,624201643.013N0.24
576505 Palmetto Bluff Drive, McKinney$512,0792,542201843.013N0.17
574245 Waterstone, McKinney$649,9904,113201844.023N1.00
573409 Montadale Avenue, McKinney$374,0002,448201842.113N0.00
57705 Rio Concho Trail, McKinney$310,0002,168201532.012N0.19
584446 Lake Breeze Drive, McKinney$654,9614,158201844.023N1.00
631025 Spring Falls Drive, McKinney$374,9993,108201643.122N0.14
641009 Hubbard Creek Trail, McKinney$349,9002,188201843.012N0.00
648529 White River Trail, McKinney$359,9002,169201843.012N0.00
647805 Saint Clair Drive, McKinney$490,0003,313201643.023N0.18
644686 Lake Breeze Drive, McKinney$1,900,0007,800201276.224Y2.00
653229 Wiltshire Horn Avenue, McKinney$355,0002,886201642.122N0.14
653417 Grant Street, McKinney$265,0002,696200342.122N0.15
66829 Inwood Drive, McKinney$209,9001,785197121.110N0.16
66B-45r Lake Breeze Drive, McKinney$3,500,00010,000201988.228Y16.08
677208 Maudsley Drive, McKinney$445,0003,521200343.123Y0.23
692713 Lynnwood Lane, McKinney$349,5003,158200443.122N0.14
698516 Backwater Bay Cove, McKinney$405,8952,999201843.022N0.14
70140 Dale Drive, New Hope$295,0001,903198432.112N1.00
701505 Country Walk Drive, McKinney$365,0003,563200653.122N0.14
703605 Roth Drive, McKinney$339,0002,174201832.012N0.17
708013 Deep Water Cove, McKinney$358,5301,896201832.012N0.00
711900 Van Landingham Drive, McKinney$369,9003,357200543.122N0.14
736217 Crystal Cove Court, McKinney$774,8854,735201855.123N0.25
741401 Grapevine, McKinney$374,0003,746201642.122N0.17
758512 Backwater Bay Cove, McKinney$359,9532,321201832.112N0.13
76701 Rio Concho Trail, McKinney$389,9992,942201642.122N0.20
771020 Llano Falls Drive, McKinney$321,9001,925201632.012N0.14
77905 Austin Lane, McKinney$265,0002,589200232.122N0.16
788632 Lake Arrowhead Trail, McKinney$374,9002,567201843.012N0.00
798601 White River Trail, McKinney$374,9002,594201843.022N0.00
808621 Broad Meadow Lane, McKinney$539,9004,106200654.123Y0.24
80205 Holder Trail, McKinney$264,9001,400198632.012N1.01
841305 Anthony Street, McKinney$199,9001,440195732.010N0.15
858517 Lake Arrowhead Trail, McKinney$374,9002,598201842.122N0.00
858608 Lake Arrowhead Trail, McKinney$424,9003,045201844.123N0.00
861025 Hubbard Creek Trail, McKinney$362,9002,442201842.122N0.00
86520 Terrace View Drive, McKinney$269,9002,424200432.012N0.15
877417 River Park Drive, McKinney$434,9902,939201832.113N0.21
902805 High Pointe Boulevard, McKinney$239,9001,835199932.012N0.18
901990 Sunset Trail, McKinney$760,0004,499200244.123Y4.72
91216 Headwaters Drive, McKinney$459,0002,932201643.113N0.19
923600 Bluff Creek Lane, McKinney$349,0004,169200254.022N0.54
932109 Triton Drive, McKinney$415,0003,424201643.122N0.15
952009 Triton Drive, McKinney$414,4332,930201843.122N0.15
977509 Fossil Creek Trail, McKinney$439,9003,104201643.112N0.19
981213 Shenandoah Drive, McKinney$370,0003,265200543.122N0.14
982101 Eisenhower Drive, McKinney$286,0003,040200442.122N0.14
99B-102 Lake Shore Drive, McKinney$2,100,0007,232201954.233N1.00
997725 Lake Worth Cove, McKinney$317,5001,939201532.012N0.17
994704 Lake Shore Drive, McKinney$689,0003,901201843.123N1.00
994644 Lake Breeze, McKinney$799,0004,515201855.023N1.74
1007501 Fossil Creek Trail, McKinney$409,9902,550201832.113N0.13
101601 Teton Drive, McKinney$509,9004,065201445.123N0.23
104309 Village Creek Drive, McKinney$435,2603,197201654.122N0.13
1057404 River Park Drive, McKinney$469,9903,041201843.113N0.13
1063712 Saint Croix Avenue, McKinney$319,0002,385201632.012N0.17
1068701 Herns Meadow Lane, McKinney$449,9003,751200654.123N0.20
1068016 Prentiss Drive, McKinney$525,9004,107201654.023N0.17
1062517 Avalon Creek Way, McKinney$250,0002,132200232.122N0.14
1077701 Krause Springs Drive, McKinney$459,9023,627201843.122N0.18
1077925 Krause Springs Drive, McKinney$452,7213,472201843.122N0.18
107608 Rous Falls, McKinney$421,5233,218201842.122N0.18
107600 Rous Falls, McKinney$406,5672,728201843.112N0.18
1077517 River Park Drive, McKinney$456,5233,091201844.113N0.18
1077513 Texoma Trail, McKinney$411,3762,539201832.112N0.18
1077605 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$406,9182,539201832.112N0.18
1087508 Sabine Drive, McKinney$449,9903,575201443.122N0.17
1084233 Waterstone Estates Drive, McKinney$649,9004,068200643.123N1.00
1087604 Fossil Creek Drive, McKinney$429,9902,996201833.022N0.21
1087600 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$464,9904,127201853.122N0.21
1082617 Lake Meadow Drive, McKinney$240,0001,868200232.012N0.13
1127208 Millerd Pond Drive, McKinney$654,9004,685200454.123Y0.23
1127408 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$459,9903,800201843.122N0.22
1127601 River Park Drive, McKinney$434,9902,939201843.013N0.21
115704 Spring Falls Drive, McKinney$327,5001,995201632.012N0.14
1167525 River Park Drive, McKinney$444,9902,996201832.022N0.21
1182816 High Pointe Boulevard, McKinney$249,9002,203199932.122N0.17
1197416 Province Street, McKinney$365,0003,163200543.122N0.22
1207313 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$459,9903,702201843.123N0.21
1227409 River Park Drive, McKinney$449,9903,391201843.123N0.21
1225705 Port Vale Drive, McKinney$474,7493,168201844.123N0.16
1237500 Sabine Drive, McKinney$350,0002,656201843.012N0.36
123800 Neches River Drive, McKinney$445,0003,469201843.122N0.17
1245717 Port Vale Drive, McKinney$504,9573,373201843.123N0.20
1262308 Watermark Place, McKinney$449,9902,486201833.013N0.00
1267044 Deerwood Trail, McKinney$699,9005,024201855.023N1.00
1278000 Prentiss Drive, McKinney$594,9004,131201854.022N0.19
1272416 Cross Oak Place, McKinney$452,0002,949201843.013N0.13
1277516 Sabine Drive, McKinney$358,9002,546201443.023N0.17
127609 Kiowa Drive, McKinney$349,9003,332200664.022N0.14
128909 Palo Pinto Trail, McKinney$414,9902,792201832.112N0.22
1287513 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$414,9902,792201832.112N0.21
1287613 Dolan Falls Drive, McKinney$409,9902,610201843.012N0.13
1281421 Shenandoah Drive, McKinney$345,0002,643200543.022N0.20
1286501 Alderbrook Place, McKinney$541,3992,963201843.112N0.19
1303604 Braham Court, McKinney$289,0001,965201842.012N0.17
1351020 Simpson Road, Lowry Crossing$479,9003,210199644.012N6.90
1398600 Backwater Bay Cove, McKinney$409,4073,042201843.022N0.14
141701 Wooded Creek Lane, McKinney$285,0002,158199732.012N0.20
1428017 Deep Water Cove, McKinney$365,5292,092201832.012N0.14
142516 Lake Livingston, McKinney$387,0332,178201832.012N0.00
1436700 Wind Song Drive, McKinney$290,0002,562200543.122N0.15
1442113 Grafton Lane, McKinney$564,1644,002201844.023N0.18
1474910 Sunrise Trail, McKinney$710,0004,681200743.123N1.00
1491313 Grapevine Cove, McKinney$439,9003,617201643.123N0.18
1506213 Crystal Cove Court, McKinney$696,3963,408201843.113N0.23
1511404 Caney Creek Lane, McKinney$315,0001,903201532.012N0.14
1537309 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$399,9902,792201832.112N0.22
1535709 Port Vale Drive, McKinney$459,2462,654201832.222N0.16
1541908 Van Landingham Drive, McKinney$369,9002,628200532.122N0.14
1553925 Ironbark Way, McKinney$399,0002,297201843.012N0.13
1575713 Port Vale Drive, McKinney$499,3743,382201844.123N0.16
1573916 Ironbark Way, McKinney$409,9182,323201832.112N0.13
1643909 River Bend Street, McKinney$414,9002,651201833.123N0.00
1677900 Lavaca River Drive, McKinney$424,0004,052201843.123N0.20
1684001 Bamboo Trail, McKinney$435,9903,219201843.022N0.00
1683912 Bamboo Trail, McKinney$454,9903,394201843.022N0.00
1683609 Hickory Bend Trail, McKinney$329,0003,118200643.122N0.17
1712117 Grafton Lane, McKinney$519,0003,061201833.013N0.17
173508 Lake Livingston, McKinney$324,9951,896201832.012N0.14
177817 Donelson Drive, McKinney$479,9003,296201843.023N0.19
1797500 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$580,4904,348201653.123N0.23
1826505 Canyon Crest Drive, McKinney$385,9003,218200444.022N0.13
187813 Greenbrook Trace, McKinney$675,0004,256201854.223N0.50
1896404 Canyon Crest Drive, McKinney$305,0002,328200832.012N0.13
1938717 Verona Drive, McKinney$826,5385,469201856.023N0.30
1956817 Revere Drive, McKinney$284,9001,738201532.012N0.19
1971101 Stonington Drive, McKinney$545,9004,379200554.122N0.33
199917 Hidden Springs Court, McKinney$489,9003,762200553.123N0.44
2004273 Waterstone Estates Drive, McKinney$735,0004,491201854.123N1.00
208904 Heron Creek Pass, McKinney$379,2752,331201832.013N0.15
2082316 Spruce Meadow Lane, McKinney$273,0002,599200142.122N0.14
209313 Village Creek Drive, McKinney$407,1773,042201843.022N0.14
2117516 W Fork Lane, McKinney$365,0002,838201642.122N0.25
2187801 Fossil Creek Trail, McKinney$398,1572,999201843.022N0.16
2221616 County Road 282, McKinney$874,9005,142200444.133N3.00
2273808 Bluff Creek Lane, McKinney$280,0002,756200242.122N0.30
2353625 Limousine Parkway, McKinney$350,0003,145201643.122N0.16
2494009 Bamboo Trail, McKinney$385,0002,224201843.012N0.13
2988616 Tuscan Oaks Drive, McKinney$544,9003,998201654.023N0.24
3074220 Waterstone Estates Drive, McKinney$579,0003,620201844.123N1.00
3097000 Whispering Oaks, McKinney$675,0004,031201845.023N1.00
3355609 Port Vale Drive, McKinney$464,5632,964201833.123N0.18
4175152 Pecan Place Drive, McKinney$520,0002,040197832.012N2.08
4981075 Gray Branch Road, McKinney$2,495,00010,535199955.229Y10.75
7107312 Clear Rapids Drive, McKinney$436,9903,627201743.122N0.09

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