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West Plano Homes for Sale

This page presents valuable information for anyone who is considering buying a home in west Plano. Detailed property descriptions and large high-resolution pictures of previously owned and new homes for sale in west Plano are available by clicking on the property addresses in the MLS listings table below. Also on this page is information about key residential real estate factors that influence the desirability of west Plano housing. At the bottom of the page are links to several authoritative sources that provide more general information about the City of Plano.

Homes currently for sale in west Plano

The homes for sale listings presented on this page are an excellent starting point for learning more about west Plano single-family housing.

A more typical web presentation that provides a photo and summary description of each of these properties and advanced MLS search and mapping capabilities also is available on this west Plano houses for sale expanded view page. New construction homes for sale listings are shown on this west Plano new homes page.

The table in which these latest west Plano homes for sale listings are presented is both searchable and sortable. The default display shows the 50 most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all available properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading. To show only new construction properties, enter "new" in the Search box.

Please call 972 355-3511 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
16401 Stonebrook Circle$899,0005,120199544.124Y0.36Preowned
15205 W Plano Parkway$292,0001,632198832.122N0.13Preowned
12105 Bridge View Lane$645,0003,281198043.112N0.39Preowned
15713 Walden Drive$835,0004,040199344.023Y0.24Preowned
15121 Rain Forest Trail$1,050,0005,000199955.123Y0.00Preowned
12704 Polo Lane$719,5004,425199554.023Y0.20Preowned
26705 Gray Wolf Drive$539,0004,003199854.122Y0.21Preowned
25068 Royal Creek Lane$1,125,0004,991200154.223Y0.28Preowned
26700 Prairie View Lane$625,0003,806200143.122N0.18Preowned
25845 Pathfinder Trail$572,0003,139198233.013Y0.24Preowned
32901 Deansbrook Drive$569,0002,779201643.022N0.13New Construction - Complete
35109 Watch Hill Circle$550,0003,187198943.123Y0.26Preowned
31705 Old Course Drive$815,0004,154199144.123Y0.23Preowned
35908 Wight Street$609,9003,435200043.123Y0.18Preowned
42909 Masters Circle$995,0005,495198844.123Y0.30Preowned
85501 Blackhawk Drive$789,0003,607198644.013Y0.29Preowned
85505 Hamptondale Road$2,228,0007,223199766.125Y1.39Preowned
86821 Mulhouse Court$2,450,0006,512201855.123Y0.43New Construction - Incomplete
84916 Waldorf Way$619,0003,414201654.122N0.13New Construction - Complete
84908 Waldorf Way$599,0003,013201643.022N0.13New Construction - Complete
82908 Beauchamp Drive$1,149,0005,187199354.123Y0.27Preowned
95605 Malone Drive$599,9003,421199944.023Y0.19Preowned
95924 Saint Agnes Drive$595,0003,791198943.123Y0.19Preowned
91809 Cliffview Drive$1,500,0007,639199465.224Y0.37Preowned
105821 Dorset Drive$649,0003,614199753.122Y0.19Preowned
103608 Shantara Lane$1,750,0006,882199454.223Y0.53Preowned
155805 Steeplechase Drive$510,0002,987198443.012Y0.22Preowned
153704 Watercrest Drive$799,9005,239199544.123N0.26Preowned
155105 Malvern Drive$866,0004,209199743.123Y0.27Preowned
153005 Greenhill Drive$674,9004,716199443.022N0.22Preowned
165812 Broadwell Drive$520,0003,415198943.022Y0.20Preowned
166808 Labelle Court$1,174,9005,245200944.123N0.17Preowned
166501 Bermuda Dunes Drive$995,0004,414198754.123N0.28Preowned
175744 Adair Lane$845,0004,251201454.022N0.13Preowned
176700 Fountain Grove Drive$509,9003,664200353.122N0.16Preowned
186305 Widgeon Drive$455,0002,966199743.022N0.20Preowned
192708 Pelican Bay Court$1,200,0005,813198844.223Y0.29Preowned
195704 Eastman Drive$895,0004,324199643.123Y0.24Preowned
225217 Terrace View Lane$474,9002,483198332.012Y0.19Preowned
234900 Portrait Lane$495,0003,848199053.122N0.15Preowned
235813 Misted Breeze Drive$649,9003,613199754.023Y0.20Preowned
246809 Lemans Court$2,430,0007,194201755.324N0.49New Construction - Incomplete
255749 Cadence Lane$875,0004,006200643.122Y0.13Preowned
286621 Bermuda Dunes Drive$709,0004,530199844.123Y0.26Preowned
282705 Redding Drive$845,0004,973199445.123Y0.23Preowned
283704 Shantara Lane$1,850,0007,844199555.123Y0.46Preowned
295905 Dorset Drive$699,0003,839200155.222Y0.19Preowned
291504 Burning Tree Lane$560,0003,475198643.112Y0.26Preowned
296040 Garden Gate Drive$625,0004,175200843.122Y0.23Preowned
296708 Greyhawk Circle$1,039,0005,802200054.123Y0.35Preowned
291408 Stoneview Court$557,9003,960199364.023Y0.31Preowned
295057 Castle Creek Lane$1,099,0005,490200254.123Y0.32Preowned
302712 Redding Drive$875,0004,474199543.123Y0.25Preowned
326216 Palomino Drive$479,9003,073199643.022Y0.18Preowned
366600 Briar Ridge Lane$1,049,9006,305200054.123Y0.32Preowned
365929 Turtle Creek Drive$949,9004,850199544.123Y0.27Preowned
365304 Westfield Drive$914,2305,153201655.114N1.05New Construction - Incomplete
366613 Bermuda Dunes Drive$1,099,0005,798200254.223Y0.26Preowned
381708 Riviera Drive$1,495,0008,547198866.223Y0.50Preowned
405909 Crownover Court$925,0004,947199854.023Y0.30Preowned
412612 Seascape Court$1,150,0006,178198545.024Y0.54Preowned
433909 Cornwall Street$549,9003,850199664.023N0.21Preowned
435217 Windjammer Road$1,297,5006,104198565.123Y0.53Preowned
433108 Kennison Court$1,100,0005,456199955.023Y0.41Preowned
435701 Arcady Place$1,999,9995,642199344.123Y0.89Preowned
445909 Mcfarland Court$879,9004,801199455.023Y0.37Preowned
442813 Deansbrook Drive$609,0003,464201643.122N0.13New Construction - Complete
445704 Garrett Drive$1,045,0005,798199854.123Y0.25Preowned
445608 Templin Way$1,040,0005,192199643.123Y0.28Preowned
456813 Rainwood Drive$899,0004,797201043.123Y0.27Preowned
506820 Amaretto Court$2,295,0007,106201555.223Y0.39New Construction - Incomplete
513504 Watercrest Drive$599,0003,541199443.022Y0.21Preowned
512016 Sinclair Lane$799,9004,110200733.123N0.14Preowned
556504 Riverside Drive$975,0005,046199854.123Y0.34Preowned
565048 Castle Creek Lane$1,099,0006,348200144.123Y0.29Preowned
576640 Woodland Hills Lane$1,100,0005,368200154.123Y0.32Preowned
573213 Coventry Lane$1,299,0005,584200255.123Y0.26Preowned
575713 Northbrook Drive$1,399,0007,096199844.123Y0.45Preowned
582616 Shadow Hill Lane$443,9002,925199442.122N0.17Preowned
596404 Twin Oaks Drive$885,0004,782199644.123Y0.32Preowned
615769 Adair Lane$725,0004,303201554.022N0.13Preowned
645709 Whitecliff Circle$1,375,0005,603199556.123Y0.41Preowned
675748 Quebec Lane$899,0004,624200844.122Y0.13Preowned
696424 Bermuda Dunes Drive$669,5004,071199553.122N0.23Preowned
785000 Castle Creek Court$1,395,0007,013200243.323Y0.27Preowned
785716 Templin Way$1,150,0005,691199665.123Y0.28Preowned
806900 Rainwood Drive$1,095,0004,680200553.133Y0.21Preowned
802800 Fenwick Lane$1,059,0005,343199644.123N0.28Preowned
825633 Northbrook Drive$1,249,9006,334199855.223Y0.28Preowned
821804 Windermere Drive$699,0004,549199454.123Y0.43Preowned
855600 Plantation Circle$2,395,0008,424198466.124Y1.11Preowned
855929 Beth Drive$539,0003,552199944.023Y0.20Preowned
856405 Stonebrook Circle$799,9004,379199543.123Y0.30Preowned
875760 Bernay Lane$934,6005,052201244.123N0.17Preowned
873660 Ranchero Road$6,399,00013,986201067.226Y2.63Preowned
922205 Bradbury Court$852,9004,983199854.123Y0.25Preowned
925716 Arcady$2,495,0008,440199555.327Y1.35Preowned
943904 Wood Lake Drive$1,249,9006,361199755.223Y0.39Preowned
1025748 Gleneagles Drive$1,079,9005,344200255.122Y0.00Preowned
1075060 Castle Creek Lane$1,190,0006,039200255.123Y0.26Preowned
1073500 Cedar Falls Lane$1,475,0006,739199655.223Y0.38Preowned
1085701 Woodmont Court$1,439,9006,448199554.223Y0.51Preowned
1095008 Bellaire Drive$1,095,0005,100200055.123Y0.23Preowned
1146208 Jacqueline Drive$790,0004,203201343.123N0.13Preowned
1183013 Greenhill Drive$648,5004,125199444.022N0.18Preowned
1276405 Tempest Circle$487,0003,709200143.123N0.21Preowned
1476632 Oakmont Court$449,5003,281199342.223N0.24Preowned
1615008 Kirkland Court$1,250,0005,803199954.123Y0.27Preowned
1905509 Blackhawk Drive$750,0004,480198643.123Y0.31Preowned
2055004 Castle Creek Court$1,200,0006,065200164.123Y0.27Preowned
2066909 Admirals Cove Court$454,5003,787199943.022N0.12Preowned
2186416 Village Springs Drive$569,9993,521200143.123Y0.19Preowned
2265601 Banister Court$3,995,00010,797199557.126Y1.48Preowned
2555045 Royal Creek Lane$4,750,00013,406200265.424Y0.60Preowned
2576524 Old Gate Road$2,495,0007,796200056.224Y0.81Preowned
2616821 Labelle Court$1,200,0003,924201633.022N0.15New Construction - Incomplete
3143500 Ranchero Road$2,400,0007,450197946.014Y2.60Preowned
3206413 Old Gate Road$6,999,00014,279200179.226Y1.86Preowned
3385909 Fairchild Court$1,049,0004,817199654.123Y0.26Preowned
3605224 Creekpoint Drive$1,274,9006,201199854.123Y0.42Preowned
3866612 Old Gate Road$2,150,0009,100199656.123Y0.74Preowned
3963620 Ranchero Road$6,999,00017,306200967.427Y3.32Preowned
4533425 Ranchero Road$2,995,0006,352197465.123Y4.49Preowned


Recent west Plano home sales

Compared to previous year sales, on average, prices of west Plano MLS-listed pre-owned single-family homes sold during the three months ending February 28, 2017 increased 4.1 percent ... median sales price of homes sold $560,000 ... home prices generally ranged from about $360,000 to $2.6 million ... average house size 4,160 square feet, average price per square foot $173.60 and average house age 21.6 years ... houses sold averaged 75 days on market ... 3.3 months average supply of homes listed for sale during month of February


West Plano real estate and homes for saleWest Plano residential real estate profile

West Plano's principal high school ranks seventh among the 2017 best open enrollment high schools in the DFW metroplex and the northwest Plano area ranks sixth among DFW areas with best kindergarten through grade 12 schools. How Plano ranks and compares with other Dallas area cities and towns for these and other best places to buy home factors is shown on the DFW best places to buy home analysis page.

As the DFW metroplex continues to grow and becomes more densely populated, its proximity to both the DFW International and Love Field airports, the Legacy and north Dallas business centers, and downtown Dallas is likely to make west Plano residential real estate even more desirable than it is now for people who need to commute frequently to and from these areas.


The west Plano area is served principally by Plano Independent School District schools. Eight communities or subdivisions in westernmost part of west Plano are served by the Lewisville Independent School District

Click on this west Plano schools link for TEA STAAR scores, student population by grade, and other information for all Plano public schools. Performance information for other DFW metroplex school districts is available on this best Dallas Fort Worth school districts page and performance information for other public schools in the Dallas area is provided on these DFW high schools, DFW middle schools and DFW elementary schools pages.

Private schools located near west Plano are identified on this north Dallas suburbs private schools page.


A key reason west Plano residential real estate is so desirable is its many terrific neighborhoods. Click on this west Plano neighborhoods link for profiles that describe some of the best and most popular of these neighborhoods. Other great north Dallas area neighborhoods are identified on this best DFW neighborhoods page.


Approximately 22 miles and 31 minutes drive time without traffic from central west Plano to DFW Airport passenger terminals ... 7 mile and 12 minutes to the Legacy business center ... 8 miles and 13 minutes to the north Dallas business center ... 22 miles and 29 minutes to downtown Dallas

Commute time and distance information for additional destinations, and for other DFW metroplex cities and towns, is provided on this average DFW commute distances and times page

Community amenities/activities

One of the truly outstanding things about living in Plano is its exceptional community amenities.

Nearby shopping centers

Property taxes

Students living in west Plano attend schools operated by two separate school districts. Since each of these school districts have different tax rates, west Plano real estate property tax rates for 2016 range from 2.19 to 2.21 percent of tax appraisal value. A description of how Texas property taxes are calculated and paid, along with 2016 property tax rates for other DFW cities and towns, are available by clicking on this DFW property tax rates link.


More about Plano

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