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School Districts In Dallas Fort Worth

Academic performance ranking information for school districts in the DFW area is provided in the DFW school districts table shown below. Additional performance data and a description of the ranking analysis methodology are shown on this 2018 best DFW school districts page. Similar comprehensive ranked lists of Dallas schools can be displayed by clicking on these Dallas public high schools, Dallas public middle schools and Dallas public elementary schools links.

If you are thinking about buying a home in the DFW area, quality of local schools should be a major consideration, whether you have school age children or not. If you have children who will be attending local schools, it is reassuring to know that they will have access to high-quality primary and secondary education. If you don't have school age children, the quality of nearby schools is still important. It is more likely that houses located within the attendance boundaries of a strong school district will see higher appreciation when the market is good and more likely to hold their value when it is not so good than houses that are in lower-quality school districts. It also is easily demonstrated that homes in good school districts usually sell faster than homes in lower-quality school districts, especially when housing demand is soft. And finally, many homeowners believe they will have better neighbors when they live in a good school district. All in all, it is relatively easy to make a compelling case that buying in a strong school district can enhance and help protect the investment you make when you purchase a home.

As shown on this DFW commute times and distances page, the time and cost expended for getting to one place from another within the DFW metroplex can be significant. This and the quality of schools issue typically cause their decision about which communities are preferable or acceptable to be one of the first that prospective home buyers make. Where to buy decisions almost always also include an assessment of which areas offer the desired combination of great houses at a reasonable price and a safe and nice place to live. Data provided in table below and on these best Dallas suburbs and best Dallas suburbs for families pages can provide a good start in finding the communities that might best meet the needs of you and your family.

DFW school districts rankings

The data presented in this table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You also can limit the display of information by typing the name of a school district in the Search box. To display all DFW school districts, reset Show entries to All.

Advanced Placement /
International Baccalaureate
college admission tests
course credit
1Highland Park ISD (University Park)7,00096.869.245.6%74.5%99.0%183227.4MS
2Carroll ISD8,20097.461.630.9%83.5%96.4%174726.7MS
3Lovejoy ISD4,10095.957.334.9%66.8%94.9%166725.4MS
4Coppell ISD12,30092.556.924.6%79.7%98.8%171724.3MS
5Frisco ISD55,70091.845.422.4%72.6%80.8%160724.3MS
6Allen ISD20,90092.342.018.8%81.4%74.7%160824.3MS
7Grapevine-Colleyville ISD13,80087.446.331.5%58.8%80.4%162422.3MS
8Argyle ISD2,40091.545.05.6%77.8%95.8%159224.0MS
9Aledo ISD5,40091.139.219.0%61.7%74.9%156823.6MS
10Prosper ISD10,00091.141.014.5%65.6%81.9%158523.2MS
11Plano ISD53,90085.445.622.6%78.4%75.6%166525.5MS
12Northwest ISD22,00084.746.523.9%49.4%100.0%151320.2MS
13Sunnyvale ISD1,70091.239.489.3%158823.7MS
14Rockwall ISD15,70086.639.718.7%57.3%77.9%154523.5MS
15McKinney ISD24,70084.639.727.0%57.5%72.1%155623.2MS
16Keller ISD34,60086.537.717.4%61.8%74.8%152722.5MS
17Celina ISD2,40090.433.48.5%50.0%73.4%156222.1MS
18Wylie ISD (Wylie)15,00089.231.712.4%56.1%68.4%146321.9MS
19Grandview ISD1,20091.628.01.8%69.8%145021.4MS
20Lewisville ISD53,20082.839.815.1%71.9%76.0%157823.3MS
21Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD23,10084.934.917.1%65.0%70.8%145922.0MS
22Midlothian ISD8,40084.933.410.0%114.8%65.5%148421.9MS
23Brock ISD1,30089.330.974.1%147722.8MS
24Richardson ISD39,20078.944.120.6%52.4%97.0%151719.5MS
25Melissa ISD2,60090.522.856.6%149021.1MS
26Aubrey ISD2,40086.628.43.3%70.3%67.3%144421.8MS
27Mansfield ISD34,30083.732.013.9%32.7%75.3%142220.8MS
28Glen Rose ISD1,80085.030.15.9%45.4%70.2%147921.7MS
29Caddo Mills ISD1,70087.824.259.8%146621.5MS
30Forney ISD9,70084.326.99.9%41.8%63.2%142520.5MS
31Farmersville ISD1,60084.525.41.9%61.5%59.7%150622.1MS
32Burleson ISD11,90079.832.115.6%41.4%72.5%142521.0MS
33Joshua ISD5,30082.627.52.7%43.7%66.7%145321.5MS
34Lake Dallas ISD3,90081.528.75.5%53.5%68.3%141521.4MS
35Denton ISD28,40079.730.811.0%47.7%69.0%146421.3MS
36Paradise ISD1,20083.425.00.3%65.8%137920.2MS
37Birdville ISD23,80078.927.617.3%43.6%58.8%144421.0MS
38Palmer ISD1,20081.626.259.7%145725.4MS
39Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD19,60079.226.916.1%37.4%61.2%140420.3MS
40Decatur ISD3,10079.227.313.0%28.4%64.4%143920.7MS
41Krum ISD2,10078.828.29.8%38.3%65.4%145421.2MS
42Ponder ISD1,30080.924.30.6%60.0%147221.5MS
43Waxahachie ISD8,40079.325.64.6%44.9%60.9%142621.0MS
44Kennedale ISD3,10078.627.45.0%48.4%65.8%143621.2MS
45Peaster ISD1,10081.520.95.0%8.4%46.3%156224.6MS
46Azle ISD6,30078.924.26.3%38.0%59.4%140820.5MS
47Royse City ISD5,50079.721.76.5%34.2%51.8%143021.2MS
48Princeton ISD4,10079.920.29.2%25.6%48.5%143420.5MS
49Little Elm ISD7,40076.823.910.1%51.0%55.9%139319.7MS
50White Settlement ISD6,80076.925.710.8%22.1%64.9%136519.9MS
51Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD25,20074.627.915.4%43.1%62.3%143520.5MS
52Boyd ISD1,20080.417.90.8%46.4%142720.0MS
53Maypearl ISD1,10079.120.049.4%144222.0MS
54Red Oak ISD5,70075.625.85.6%54.1%64.0%135220.3MS
55Garland ISD57,00074.625.520.5%28.1%58.0%139020.1MS
56Kaufman ISD3,80070.938.62.7%29.3%100.0%141019.9MS
57Pilot Point ISD1,40076.026.42.0%11.8%63.2%153521.8MS
58Grand Prairie ISD29,30071.734.816.7%20.1%97.7%121918.4MS
59Granbury ISD7,00075.525.96.8%35.4%59.1%149922.3MS
60Scurry-Rosser ISD1,00078.918.20.7%47.9%143119.5MS
61Boles ISD50078.419.351.0%139619.9MS
62Crandall ISD3,80075.224.88.3%26.6%63.6%135719.6MS
63Weatherford ISD8,00074.224.411.0%47.0%55.0%143220.8MS
64Bland ISD70083.06.838.9%1252MS
65Sanger ISD2,70077.219.83.4%31.4%50.8%139819.8MS
66Alvord ISD70081.78.548.9%18.8MS
67Millsap ISD1,00074.624.96.2%6.2%63.8%137221.1MS
68Blue Ridge ISD80074.224.90.3%66.7%141419.0MS
69Arlington ISD62,10071.128.313.4%35.8%67.4%137520.1MS
70Anna ISD3,20075.718.93.1%36.4%47.9%137720.4MS
71Springtown ISD3,50075.918.13.4%40.3%45.6%139520.1MS
72Irving ISD34,70068.334.415.5%26.7%99.0%123416.7MS
73Community ISD2,10074.521.43.9%18.0%54.6%139720.4MS
74Keene ISD1,10072.425.56.4%18.2%64.9%140020.2MS
75Ennis ISD5,80073.720.39.1%34.2%50.7%137119.0MS
76Dallas ISD157,80067.533.519.5%11.5%100.0%117216.1MS
77Bridgeport ISD2,10072.322.64.2%48.8%55.6%140220.5MS
78Mesquite ISD40,90071.023.811.1%26.1%62.9%130018.5MS
79Cedar Hill ISD7,90070.326.85.9%9.4%72.3%132619.1MS
80Lancaster ISD7,60071.023.213.0%7.2%71.4%115117.0MS
81Everman ISD5,90072.419.18.4%10.9%54.4%124818.0MS
82Fort Worth ISD87,20065.234.419.1%14.1%98.4%119517.9MS
83Venus ISD2,10071.420.758.1%133418.4MS
84Poolville ISD60074.69.764.0%16.4MS
85Godley ISD1,90069.520.60.1%55.0%136019.9MS
86Cleburne ISD6,70068.019.68.2%32.3%48.6%137619.5MS
87Wills Point ISD2,40069.016.51.8%4.2%42.0%144920.6MS
88Duncanville ISD12,80065.723.83.8%27.7%66.9%127218.2MS
89Greenville ISD5,40069.115.71.2%41.1%140620.1MS
90Castleberry ISD4,00067.218.79.5%5.3%53.7%126518.0MS
91Crowley ISD15,20064.322.910.9%32.9%58.1%132018.9MS
92Kemp ISD1,50068.411.328.9%143420.7MS
93Lake Worth ISD3,50064.718.68.7%20.2%51.0%128317.9MS
94Quinlan ISD2,60066.115.20.5%42.4%135718.3MS
95Terrell ISD4,40066.014.90.6%30.0%42.4%130917.9MS
96DeSoto ISD9,70061.724.25.7%12.7%72.7%120617.2MS
97Ferris ISD2,60065.214.73.8%6.5%40.3%135418.7MS
98Rio Vista ISD70067.49.40.8%49.0%1372MS
99Alvarado ISD3,70062.815.71.1%42.2%130720.3MS

Note: Best school districts rankings from 2018 analysis presented on best school districts in Dallas Fort Worth page.

Sources: North Texas Real Estate Information Systems Inc. 2016 existing single-family homes sales and price data.

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