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The data on is largely about integrity and trust.

This website is dedicated to providing those who are considering buying a home in the Dallas area with information they need to make informed decisions. It also is intended to demonstrate why prospective DFW homebuyers can rely on my judgment and advice.

Some of what is on

Objective and transparent analyses

There are numerous ranking analyses on this site. Each is based on objective, third-party metrics that I consider the most representative and statistically valid quantified measurements available of the evaluation factors included in the analysis. Many online ranking analyses rely at least to some extent on opinions of self-selected and anonymous reviewers and "expert insights" and "taste and knowledge" weightings. Such subjective factors have no place in my analyses. Unfortunately, conclusions based on anecdotes are frequently misleading or just plain wrong. Another problem with the use of subjective ranking factors is that they all too often are used to manipulate analysis results in order to support a favored narrative.

Examples of comparisons of rankings on this website to other online rankings, several of which that place substantial reliance on subjective factors, are presented on the pages linked below.

With the exception of my best Dallas public high schools analysis and ranking, a complete description of the analyses methodologies and all of the metrics used in the analyses are disclosed. The analysis methodology used in this analysis is described on the DFW high schools page, but due to space limitations, the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate participation rate by subject area and SAT and ACT subject area test scores used in this analysis cannot be displayed on that page. These participation rates and test scores, of course, are available on the Texas Education Agency website from which they were sourced.

Comprehensive rankings

The best Dallas suburbs analysis on this site evaluates the livability of 118 cities and towns with populations of about 2,500 or more people located within the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan Statistical Area . The best school districts in DFW evaluation considers the academic performance of 99 independent school districts located within 80 miles or so from the center of the Dallas Fort Worth area. Additional information and links to MLS listings pages for each city or town and each school district included on these ranking analyses are available on these DFW cities/towns and DFW school districts pages.

Best DFW public high schools, best DFW public middle schools and best DFW public elementary rankings, all based solely on the schools' academic performances, also are provided on this site. Complete rankings of 246 DFW public high schools, 359 DFW public middle schools and 1,168 DFW public elementary schools operated by the school districts included in the best school districts in DFW analysis referenced above also are provided. Links to pages that present additional analyses can be accessed by clicking the Best places to live tab on the top navigation menu bar shown on all pages of this website.

Most current information available

When new and updated information is published by the Texas Education Agency, the U.S. Census Bureau, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Inc. and the many other third-party sources cited on, it quickly is incorporated into my analyses and posted on this website. MLS listings on this site are updated about every fifteen minutes.

If you are considering buying a home in the Dallas area, like what you see here, and want to discuss how we might work together, please call 972 355-3511 or send me an email. If you have friends or colleagues who are thinking about buying a home in the DFW area, I will appreciate the referral.

Looking for the best real estate agent to assist you in buying a home in the Dallas suburbs?

If you are looking for a professional, business-savvy buyer's agent, please call 972 355-3511 or send me an email and let's talk about how I can assist you. If you will be traveling from outside the DFW area and want me to show you houses while you are here, please call me before finalizing your plans.

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