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Homes For Sale In Southlake

The table in which current Southlake single-family homes for sale listings are presented below is both searchable and sortable. This makes it an excellent tool for doing a quick high-level assessment of available Southlake housing. Detail property descriptions and photos also are available by clicking on the property addresses. The default display shows up to 50 of the most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading. To display only new construction properties, enter "new" in the Search box.

A more traditional website presentation in which a picture and summary description of each of these Southlake homes are shown, also is provided on this page.

Please call 972 355-3511 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
21505 Burney Lane$1,600,0006,701200345.223N1.11Preowned
4178 Jellico Circle$1,199,0005,397201754.123N1.08New Construction - Complete
61311 Powder River Trail$600,0003,750199843.023Y0.33Preowned
63049 Loch Meadow Court$1,270,0006,614200156.124Y1.10Preowned
6804 Winding Ridge Trail$1,149,0004,680201744.123N0.28New Construction - Incomplete
91309 Biltmore Drive$2,500,0008,231200966.225Y0.99Preowned
10701 Winding Ridge Trail$925,0003,842201743.113N0.30Preowned
11415 Fondren Court$659,9003,549199343.023Y0.47Preowned
12301 Lovegrass Lane$564,9004,063199653.123Y0.39Preowned
132162 Estes Park Road$1,100,0005,849200754.224Y0.35Preowned
15920 Lexington$1,624,3156,036201755.224N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
181116 Savoy Lane$1,648,6606,341201855.223N0.28New Construction - Complete
20722 Nettleton Drive$621,0003,550199454.023Y0.24Preowned
201100 Primrose Lane$389,0001,792196032.012N0.54Preowned
211821 Riviera Lane$687,5003,420201243.123N0.12Preowned
22811 Independence Parkway$999,9995,800199854.223Y0.37Preowned
22570 Love Henry Court$675,0003,575198343.123Y1.79Preowned
23620 Southview Trail$729,0004,339199353.123Y0.70Preowned
23702 Sutton Mill Court$735,0005,427199555.123Y0.57Preowned
26715 Love Henry Court$1,099,0005,513200255.124Y0.54Preowned
281210 Cross Timber Drive$599,0003,282198353.123N1.31Preowned
31704 Cimarron Trail$415,0002,379197842.012Y0.45Preowned
31642 Castle Rock Drive$1,326,0005,402200555.124Y0.47Preowned
33904 Winding Ridge Trail$1,049,0004,872201745.123N0.27New Construction - Incomplete
332895 Burney Lane$550,0002,240198332.112Y1.37Preowned
33302 Southridge Lakes Parkway$555,0003,044199042.123Y0.53Preowned
34714 Ashleigh Lane$619,0003,266199654.023Y0.26Preowned
342709 Brookshire Drive$925,0005,236199754.124Y0.49Preowned
352704 Aurora Court$729,0005,411200163.123Y0.55Preowned
36680 Oak Hill Drive$674,9994,433199153.123Y0.46Preowned
381021 Winfield Court$814,5004,479201144.123N0.46Preowned
41504 Round Hollow Lane$899,9005,321200054.123Y0.68Preowned
41201 Bob O Link Drive$525,0003,808199753.123Y0.32Preowned
41800 Timber Lake Circle$725,0003,948199754.023Y0.39Preowned
421259 Bolton Court$1,599,9006,000200756.124Y0.62Preowned
421660 Bent Creek Drive$1,178,0005,542199565.123Y0.80Preowned
431306 Normandy Drive$499,9992,764199542.113Y0.37Preowned
44100 King Ranch Road$930,0004,760200254.024N1.00Preowned
451129 Savoy Lane$1,349,6004,904201744.124Y0.35New Construction - Incomplete
46802 Carriage Court$1,125,0006,069199656.124Y0.54Preowned
47211 Killdeer Trail$519,8804,380199454.023N0.37Preowned
472012 Morgan Road$750,0002,932198132.123Y1.76Preowned
47807 Cross Lane$935,0005,125199855.223Y0.48Preowned
481500 Coryell Court$620,0003,650199343.023N0.51Preowned
481214 Sabine Court$629,0003,732199043.023Y0.64Preowned
49614 Northwood Trail$635,0003,501199743.123Y0.25Preowned
491309 Province Lane$935,0005,313200155.124N0.26Preowned
49701 Malton Lane$669,0003,693199943.123Y0.49Preowned
49920 Lake Carillon Lane$1,039,0004,197201543.123Y0.37Preowned
491395 E Dove Road$400,0001,220196031.010N1.00Preowned
50601 Clariden Ranch Road$899,9005,226200564.124Y1.01Preowned
51140 Jellico Circle$537,5002,086198042.012Y1.67Preowned
551385 Lakeview Drive$805,0004,491198544.023N1.19Preowned
57903 Wentwood Drive$839,9004,794200044.023Y0.30Preowned
57300 W Highland Street$1,170,0005,250199865.123Y0.99Preowned
591521 Meeting Street$1,499,9993,882201534.132Y0.07Preowned
592024 Woodbury Court$720,0004,275201154.023N0.50Preowned
60308 Woodsong$1,481,5505,844201755.223N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
60508 Cascade Springs$1,404,1636,338201755.224N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
612005 Lake Vista Court$956,9954,035201844.123N0.25New Construction - Incomplete
62512 Cascade Springs Drive$1,299,8504,726201444.113Y0.34Preowned
622136 Camden Circle$1,075,0005,172200855.123Y0.40Preowned
631652 Creekside Drive$999,9504,000201744.122N1.02New Construction - Incomplete
63600 Clariden Ranch Road$1,099,0005,091200655.023Y1.15Preowned
65455 Southlake Park Road E$1,850,0005,785201754.123N0.89New Construction - Incomplete
651020 Hatch Court$1,999,9996,053201855.224N1.00Proposed
66710 S White Chapel Boulevard$6,495,00010,986199676.325Y5.20Preowned
691218 Morgan Road$675,0003,727198844.023Y1.49Preowned
69700 Sutton Mill Court$899,0004,567199454.123Y0.66Preowned
702903 Sutton Place$1,048,0004,546201743.123N0.37New Construction - Incomplete
711904 Ptarmigan Street$1,450,0006,070199954.223Y1.38Preowned
73324 Oak Pointe Lane$1,015,0005,750200555.124Y0.58Preowned
751005 Siena Drive$599,9003,707200543.123Y0.48Preowned
752029 Southlake Glen Drive$759,9952,779201733.113N0.23New Construction - Incomplete
76504 Saint Tropez Drive$919,9004,528201344.223N0.39Preowned
76208 Montrose Lane$899,9003,527201743.013N0.36New Construction - Incomplete
772236 Cotswold Valley Court$650,0003,706201343.113N0.27Preowned
801117 Savoy Lane$1,060,0004,054201544.123Y0.29Preowned
831311 Concord Avenue$798,0004,786199244.123Y0.48Preowned
83815 Pearl Drive$825,0006,294199055.223N0.19Preowned
842775 Florence Road$698,5003,701200243.223N1.41Preowned
851415 Mccrae Trail$585,0003,905199843.123Y0.40Preowned
871855 E Dove Road$650,0001,927197832.012N1.00Preowned
881601 Riviera Lane$705,0003,505201644.122N0.21Preowned
901710 Maranatha Way$1,299,0005,042201755.123N1.19New Construction - Incomplete
94809 Huntington Court$995,0006,054199755.123Y0.51Preowned
100614 Fairway View Terrace$999,0005,579199765.123Y0.45Preowned
1001729 Torian Lane$1,449,0005,130201755.124N0.57New Construction - Incomplete
100800 Columbia Drive$744,9003,761199643.023Y0.47Preowned
101916 Winchester$1,375,1464,574201744.213N0.50New Construction - Incomplete
103600 Concho Court$640,0004,032199354.023Y0.47Preowned
103304 Watermere Drive$410,0002,588200733.122Y0.00Preowned
103645 Truelove Trail$590,9424,498199243.123N0.47Preowned
104807 Fairwood Court$885,0004,965199744.023Y0.49Preowned
1042105 Palomar Trail$1,250,0005,462200855.124Y0.51Preowned
1052112 Cheyenne Park Lane$1,299,0005,933200655.124Y0.45Preowned
106608 Potomac Place$825,0004,838199543.123Y0.54Preowned
1112421 Top Rail Lane$795,0005,153201043.123N0.46Preowned
1121505 Meeting Street$1,595,0004,100201544.132N0.08Preowned
1212411 Emerald Circle$475,9002,100198532.012N1.00Preowned
122817 Giverny Lane$1,029,0004,844201455.023N0.27Preowned
1251503 Meeting Street$1,559,0003,918201534.132N0.10Preowned
131101 Londonberry Terrace$1,198,0006,474200554.223N0.54Preowned
133935 Deer Hollow Boulevard$729,0003,903200243.123N1.00Preowned
1341411 Northridge Drive$579,0004,111199254.023Y0.67Preowned
1351208 Rothschild Boulevard$925,0004,100201743.113N0.39New Construction - Incomplete
1361009 Lexington$1,359,5974,193201744.113N0.50New Construction - Incomplete
1361013 Lexington$1,422,3474,981201755.113N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
1381110 La Paloma Court$1,295,0006,347199854.123Y0.57Preowned
1401170 Haven Circle$929,9004,204201143.124N0.50Preowned
140825 Simmons Court$1,399,0005,000201444.123N1.03Preowned
144601 Warrington Lane$474,9002,626199842.113Y0.47Preowned
146404 Sheffield Drive$630,0004,083199243.122N0.45Preowned
148709 Orleans Drive$799,9004,744201443.123N0.18Preowned
153902 Emerald Boulevard$999,9004,808198543.123Y1.06Preowned
1601013 Cool River Drive$1,495,0005,752201555.223N0.51Preowned
1621568 Main Street$897,5003,307200533.232N0.06Preowned
164405 Shady Lane$825,0004,488198544.016Y1.98Preowned
1701015 Carroll Meadows Court$839,0003,966200154.023N1.03Preowned
1751547 Meeting Street$1,530,0003,879201734.132N0.08New Construction - Incomplete
1751549 Meeting Street$1,435,0003,922201734.132N0.07New Construction - Incomplete
1762100 W Continental Boulevard$480,0002,271199632.112N0.94Preowned
185313 Woodsong$1,500,0006,010201755.224N0.50New Construction - Complete
188716 Helmsley Place$999,9995,191201456.123N0.34Preowned
1921012 Evergreen$1,487,7285,964201756.124N0.38New Construction - Complete
1951820 N Kimball Avenue$679,9004,872199544.113Y0.98Preowned
195300 Woodsong Way$1,449,0006,015201755.224N0.34New Construction - Complete
1961220 Wyndham Hill Lane$1,885,0008,008199754.133Y0.65Preowned
202550 N Peytonville Avenue$1,099,0005,876200054.123Y0.95Preowned
2031900 Shady Oaks Drive$5,490,0008,882199355.225Y10.00Preowned
2031310 Byron Nelson Parkway$950,0004,932199744.123Y0.63Preowned
2102200 N Peytonville Avenue$1,549,0005,459200655.024Y1.63Preowned
231831 Simmons Court$1,649,9005,500200855.224Y3.65Preowned
256670 S Peytonville Avenue$5,995,00012,402200366.325Y2.76Preowned
2572755 Florence Road$1,375,0006,308200166.024Y4.94Preowned
257276 Pine Drive$1,299,9006,302200065.124Y1.96Preowned
258304 King Ranch Road$1,150,0005,567200655.024Y1.00Preowned
2581901 E Highland Street$689,9002,354195543.010N2.00Preowned
2731112 La Salle Lane$1,065,5004,867201744.123N0.35New Construction - Incomplete
2731128 La Salle Lane$1,689,9006,697201755.223N0.28New Construction - Incomplete
2802401 Top Rail Lane$825,0005,227201143.123N0.47Preowned
307150 Lilac Lane$1,899,0007,518200567.223Y2.26Preowned
346381 Watermere Drive$370,0002,106201222.112N0.00Preowned
3561245 Westwyck Court$2,775,0007,697201755.224Y1.16New Construction - Incomplete
384900 Lake Carillon Lane$1,165,5005,062201766.124N0.33New Construction - Incomplete
483509 King Ranch Road$2,299,99910,000200466.224Y1.00Preowned
546475 Bentwood Lane$1,695,0005,431200155.124Y1.00Preowned
713314 Watermere Drive$350,0002,560200723.022N0.00Preowned
7733716 N White Chapel Boulevard$3,750,00019,673200788.429Y1.51Preowned

Southlake homes for sale listings

Presented below are pictures and descriptions of all currently listed Southlake single-family homes. Other more narrowly defined selections of available Southlake homes can be displayed by clicking on the following links.

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Southlake homes for sale - $700,000 to $800,000 Southlake homes for sale - $2 million and above
Southlake homes for sale - $800,000 to $1 million  

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Photo of Listing #13727285

1505 Burney Lane, Southlake, TX - $1,600,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 5.2 Baths
  • 6,701 SQFT
  • 2 DAYS
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Incredible 4 Bed, 5 Bath On Over 1 Acre Just Minutes From Grapevine Lake! Features Custom Wood Work, Tray And Elevated Ceilings, Cascading Windows, Gorgeous Travertine Tile, And Hand-painted Murals On Several Ceilings. The Chef's Kitchen Boats All...

Photo of Listing #13732665

178 Jellico Circle, Southlake, TX - $1,199,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4.1 Baths
  • 5,397 SQFT
  • 4 DAYS
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New Construction-completed 9-2017. (staged)open Style-grand Dining,large Island Appliances:built In Refrig Gas Stove-oven.massive Master Suite Down +sitting Area-elegant Bath Features Stand Alone Tub-sep. Vanities.wi...

Photo of Listing #13721370

1311 Powder River Trail, Southlake, TX - $600,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,750 SQFT
  • 6 DAYS
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Do Not Miss This Outstanding Opportunity To Be In Carroll Isd For $600k! We Offer An Oversized Island Kitchen With Granite Tops, Gas Cooking, Stainless Steel Appliances, Double Oven, And Endless Counter And Storage Space! Wood Floors Throughout Th...

Photo of Listing #13732179

3049 Loch Meadow Court, Southlake, TX - $1,270,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 6.1 Baths
  • 6,614 SQFT
  • 6 DAYS
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Private Secluded Oasis On Over An Acre!! This Is An Entertainer's Delight! Every Detail Thought Out In This Custom 5, 6.5, 4 Home. Wonderful Kitchen With Viking And Subzero Appliances And Open Living Area. Very Warm And Cozy Family Room, Doubl...

Photo of Listing #13732447

804 Winding Ridge Trail, Southlake, TX - $1,149,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 4.1 Baths
  • 4,680 SQFT
  • 6 DAYS
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Introducing Ryan Homes Newly Designed Craftsman Style Tudor. 4 Bed. 4.5 Bath. 3 Car Garage. Premium Lot Overlooking The 3.5 Acre Greenbelt. Uniquely Designed Floor Plan Provides Over 44 Feet Width In Family Room To Kitchen With A Specially Desig...

1309 Biltmore Drive, Southlake, TX - $2,500,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 6 Beds
  • 6.2 Baths
  • 8,231 SQFT
  • 9 DAYS
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Exceptional Quality & Style Throughout This Custom Home In Westwyck Hills. Beautiful Formal Entertaining Includes An Intimate Wine Rm.inviting Casual Liv W Vaulted Beamed Ceiling & Floor To Ceiling Stone Fireplc.gourmet Kitch Has Sep Catering Kit...

701 Winding Ridge Trail, Southlake, TX - $925,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,842 SQFT
  • 10 DAYS
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One Story Completed 2017 On A Fabulous Lot & Great Location. Attention To Detail & Smart Design Perfects The Balance Of Elegance & Casual Living. Open Floor Plan W-designer Upgrades Throughout. Exposed Beams, Solid Core Doors, Gorgeous Lightly Ha...

415 Fondren Court, Southlake, TX - $659,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 3,549 SQFT
  • 11 DAYS
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Location!! Walk To Southlake Town Center. Fabulous Home On .45 Acre Cul De Sac Lot Boasts 4 Bedrooms, Soaring Ceilings, Crown Molding And Carpet Oct 2017. Family Room Has Fireplace With Custom Mantel & 2 Walls Of Windows For Views Of Backyard & To...

301 Lovegrass Lane, Southlake, TX - $564,900

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 4,063 SQFT
  • 12 DAYS
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Super Clean Home Deep In The Middle Of The Subdivision. Backs To Tennis Courts, So No One Looking In Your Backyard. Rare 5 Bedroom Plus A True Study, 3-car Garage Home In The City Of Southlake, Carroll Isd Under $600,000 With A Pool & Spa! Heated ...

2162 Estes Park Road, Southlake, TX - $1,100,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4.2 Baths
  • 5,849 SQFT
  • 13 DAYS
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Pristine Lakefront Family Home Set In The Desirable Neighborhood Of Estes Park. Great One Owner Home Featuring Two Story Grand Salon, Sweeping Staircase Framed By Open Living Areas. Custom Built This Home Features A Multitude Of Great Features F...

920 Lexington, Southlake, TX - $1,624,315

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.2 Baths
  • 6,036 SQFT
  • 15 DAYS
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Calatlantic Homes Is The Seller Of This Home, Please Contact The Shady Oaks Sales Office For More Information.

1116 Savoy Lane, Southlake, TX - $1,648,660

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.2 Baths
  • 6,341 SQFT
  • 18 DAYS
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Clean Line Modern Home In Southlake's Carillon, 6341 Sq Ft, 5br 5.2baths, 2 Living+study+media+non Ac Flex Rm. Stunning Design Elements Throughout, Elegant Kitchen W*thermador Prof Series Appl, Butler's Pantry, Mster Retreat Down W*spa Bath, Overs...

722 Nettleton Drive, Southlake, TX - $621,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4 Baths
  • 3,550 SQFT
  • 20 DAYS
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Beautiful Home With Ideal Flow, Lovingly Maintained In The Heart Of Timarron. Walls Of Windows Highlight The Sparkling Pool And Private Yard – No Rear Neighbors. Gourmet Kitchen With Island & Neutral Granite Is A Chef’s Delight With Plenty Of Food...

Photo of Listing #13724381

1100 Primrose Lane, Southlake, TX - $389,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1,792 SQFT
  • 20 DAYS
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Remodeled And Updated Single Story 3 Bedroom 2 Bath In Carroll Isd On Over Half An Acre. Only Minutes From Lake Grapevine, Town Square, And Central Market. Costly Upgrades Recently Done: Floors, Roof, Sewer, And Electrical. Yard Naturally Maintain...

1821 Riviera Lane, Southlake, TX - $687,500

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,420 SQFT
  • 21 DAYS
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Bring Your Picky Buyers! This Low-maintenance Southlake Beauty Leaves Nothing To Be Desired. Large, Open Living Spaces, A Gorgeous Kitchen, Spacious Bedrooms, Including An Exquisite Master Suite Are Just A Few Of The Highlights Of This Incredible...

811 Independence Parkway, Southlake, TX - $999,999

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 4.2 Baths
  • 5,800 SQFT
  • 22 DAYS
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A Beautiful 5 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom Home With Two Offices, An Exercise Room, A Pool With An Outdoor Kitchen-living Area. Updated, Neutral Paint Pallet. The Dishwasher, Water Heaters & Microwave Have Just Been Replaced. This Pristine Home Is In The ...

570 Love Henry Court, Southlake, TX - $675,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,575 SQFT
  • 22 DAYS
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Situated On Nearly Two Acres In The Heart Of Southlake, This Home Features Four Bedrooms, Three And A Half Bathroom, And Two Living Spaces. The Home Has A Downstairs Master With Two Sinks, Walk In Shower, And A Door To The Backyard. Living Room In...

620 Southview Trail, Southlake, TX - $729,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 4,339 SQFT
  • 23 DAYS
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Trees Abound On This .7 Acre Homesite In The Heart Of Southlake Just Blocks From Southlake Town Square. Gorgeous Colonial Columned Entrance Leads To Grand Staircase And Large Living Area With Open Kitchen Concept. An Oversized Master Bedroom And B...

Photo of Listing #13685288

702 Sutton Mill Court, Southlake, TX - $735,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.1 Baths
  • 5,427 SQFT
  • 23 DAYS
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Stately Custom Welcomes You With 5427 Sq. Ft. Perfectly Complemented By A Sweeping Staircase Off The Formal Entry, Stacked Formals, Gracious Windows And Tall Ceilings, Custom Built-ins, And Newer Wood Floors. Gourmet Kitchen Has Gas Cook-top, Doub...

715 Love Henry Court, Southlake, TX - $1,099,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.1 Baths
  • 5,513 SQFT
  • 26 DAYS
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You Will Love This Impeccably Maintained Custom Home In The Heart Of Southlake! Rich Wood Floors Throughout, Custom Mill Work, Soaring Ceilings, Picture Windows With Fabulous Views! Private Study. Open Formal Areas With Fireplace. Open Family Roo...

1210 Cross Timber Drive, Southlake, TX - $599,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.1 Baths
  • 3,282 SQFT
  • 28 DAYS
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Incredible Opportunity To Own A Beautiful Home On 1.3 Plus Wooded Acres In Southlake! Completely Renovated With Wood Floors Throughout, No Carpet, Granite Counters, Stainless Appliances, New Fixtures, Plugs And Switches. Lots Of Charm With A Wrap...

Photo of Listing #13717037

704 Cimarron Trail, Southlake, TX - $415,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 2,379 SQFT
  • 31 DAYS
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Beautifully Updated 4 Bedroom 2 Bath 2 Living Areas In Very Desired Southlake Texas...this Home Sits On Almost A Half Acre In A Non Hoa Area Of Southlake...this Home Is In The Keller Isd But Homeowners Students Have Transfer Rights To Attend Very ...

642 Castle Rock Drive, Southlake, TX - $1,326,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.1 Baths
  • 5,402 SQFT
  • 31 DAYS
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Your Dream Home Awaits! Custom 5 Bedroom, 5.5 Bath Home In Southlake's Prestigious Estes Park & Award Winning Carroll Isd. Luxury Abounds In This Exquisite Home W Stone & Hardwood Floors, Soaring Ceilings, Floor To Ceiling Windows, Plantation Shut...

904 Winding Ridge Trail, Southlake, TX - $1,049,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 4 Beds
  • 5.1 Baths
  • 4,872 SQFT
  • 33 DAYS
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Introducing A Transitional Blend Of Contemporary And Quality By Maykus Custom Homes. Offered For Sale For The First Time Is This Much Desired Floor Plan With Incredible Tree Top Views. Perched High Atop The Subdivision You Can See Skylines Of Bo...

2895 Burney Lane, Southlake, TX - $550,000

Residential, Single Family
  • 3 Beds
  • 2.1 Baths
  • 2,240 SQFT
  • 33 DAYS
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Value Is In The Land! Beautiful 1.37 Acre Property Located In Harbor Oaks. Country Living In The City!! Highly Sought After And Acclaimed Carroll Isd Schools. Barn-workshop On Property Is 32x24 With Electricity. 35k Gallon In-ground Diving Poo...

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