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Southlake Homes for Sale

This page presents valuable information for anyone who is considering buying a home in Southlake. Detailed property descriptions and large high-resolution pictures of previously owned and new homes for sale in Southlake are available by clicking on the property addresses in the MLS listings table below. Also on this page is information about key residential real estate factors that influence the desirability of Southlake housing. At the bottom of the page are links to several authoritative sources that provide more general information about the City of Southlake.

Homes currently for sale in Southlake

The homes for sale listings shown on this page are an excellent starting point for learning about Southlake single-family housing.

A more typical website presentation that provides a photo and summary description of each of these properties and advanced MLS search and mapping capabilities also is available on this Southlake houses for sale expanded view page. Similar displays of all new and all pre-owned homes can be accessed by clicking on these Southlake new construction homes and Southlake pre-owned homes links.

The table in which these latest Southlake homes for sale listings are presented is both searchable and sortable. The default display shows the 50 most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all available properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading. To show only new construction properties, enter "new" in the Search box.

Please call 972 355-3511 or email me whenever you see a property you want to visit.

days      address  list
sq. ft.year
1720 Saxon Trail$600,0003,411199854.023Y0.25Preowned
11507 New Castle Road$1,199,9956,819200055.224Y0.72Preowned
11210 Strathmore Drive$1,199,9005,488199854.123Y0.46Preowned
11005 Siena Drive$645,0003,707200543.123Y0.48Preowned
1420 W Chapel Downs Drive$1,429,9996,102200755.124Y0.48Preowned
1450 Marshall Road$739,0004,176199954.123N0.36Preowned
11902 Water Lily Drive$542,0003,502199643.123Y0.31Preowned
1720 Overland Trail$355,0002,012197842.012Y0.55Preowned
11354 Cross Timber Drive$889,0005,477198654.024Y1.17Preowned
1920 Midland Creek Drive$542,0002,572199433.013Y0.25Preowned
2805 Silverton Street$1,345,0006,015200755.224Y0.38Preowned
21600 Mockingbird Lane$519,0002,515198332.112Y1.11Preowned
2711 Greymoor Place$565,0003,457199843.123N0.27Preowned
22200 N Peytonville Avenue$1,749,0005,388200655.024Y1.63Preowned
2516 Clariden Ranch Road$825,0003,942200643.124Y1.02Preowned
21222 Wyndham Hill Lane$1,850,0008,229199676.134Y0.76Preowned
3600 Concho Court$689,9004,032199354.023Y0.47Preowned
3517 Coyote Road$2,175,0009,402200555.224Y1.14Preowned
41314 Montgomery Lane$745,0004,281200044.023Y0.29Preowned
4804 Hillcrest Trail$585,0003,329199944.123N0.46Preowned
51802 Larkspur Court$1,669,0007,399200155.324Y1.16Preowned
7715 Love Henry Court$1,185,0005,513200255.124Y0.54Preowned
7703 Sussex Court$875,0006,292200044.123N0.33Preowned
7902 Columbia Drive$749,9004,172199645.024Y0.46Preowned
81900 Country Moss Way$645,0003,842200143.123N0.46Preowned
8712 Shorecrest Drive$649,9003,472199543.123Y0.33Preowned
81421 Brighton Court$625,0003,479199654.023Y0.40Preowned
8504 Round Hollow Lane$945,0005,505200054.123Y0.68Preowned
8424 Orleans Drive$929,0004,713201243.123N0.20Preowned
81311 Northridge Drive$620,0003,473199443.023Y0.47Preowned
8639 Fairway View Terrace$949,0004,711199744.123Y0.41Preowned
8604 Shady Brook Court$729,0004,130199343.023Y0.37Preowned
9509 Bluffview Terrace$825,0003,703201533.113Y0.31Preowned
9700 Love Henry Court$1,029,0005,475200255.124Y0.62Preowned
9416 Marshall Road$900,0004,879200054.124Y0.62Preowned
101300 Burgundy Court$675,0004,108199654.123Y0.50Preowned
101117 La Salle Lane$1,081,0004,600201755.123N0.30New Construction - Incomplete
101304 Kings Brook Court$700,0003,837199743.123N0.50Preowned
10904 Stratford Drive$599,0004,074199543.123Y0.34Preowned
102024 Woodbury Court$772,7004,275201154.023N0.50Preowned
12300 W Highland Street$1,399,0005,250199865.123Y0.99Preowned
12601 Clariden Ranch Road$1,175,0005,226200564.124Y1.01Preowned
121015 Carroll Meadows Court$925,0003,928200154.023N1.03Preowned
132004 Montecito Trail$1,199,9005,062200955.124N0.65Preowned
142405 Hillside Court$649,0002,796198543.013Y1.08Preowned
151314 Province Lane$1,050,0005,655200255.123Y0.27Preowned
15608 Clariden Ranch Road$1,100,0005,457200654.123N1.00Preowned
161025 Carroll Meadows Court$987,5375,052200155.023Y1.08Preowned
16205 Westwood Drive$499,9003,026198343.022Y0.84Preowned
16100 Belmont Place Circle$529,9003,247199643.122N0.51Preowned
181000 Venice Avenue$585,0004,103200455.023N0.46Preowned
18580 Briarridge Road$749,9005,403199363.123N0.46Preowned
18706 Wentwood Drive$775,0004,425199954.023Y0.32Preowned
19706 Chaucer Court$1,060,0005,631199965.024Y0.47Preowned
211459 Sunshine Lane$1,300,0003,100198443.112Y3.00Preowned
213049 Loch Meadow Court$1,490,0006,614200156.124Y1.10Preowned
22726 Bryson Way$565,0003,232199843.123N0.35Preowned
221712 Live Oak Lane$1,774,9006,501200855.124Y1.30Preowned
22500 Briarwood Drive$815,0006,664200565.224N1.00Preowned
233459 Southlake Park Road$899,0002,591196733.013Y1.30Preowned
23831 Simmons Court$1,750,0005,500200855.224Y3.65Preowned
233005 Lake Drive$950,0003,256200543.024N2.15Preowned
232155 Estes Park Road$1,099,0005,387200555.024Y0.35Preowned
25565 N Peytonville Avenue$1,650,0006,108200444.223Y1.40Preowned
26286 Lilac Lane$689,5003,872199243.122N1.01Preowned
28716 Helmsley Place$1,180,0005,191201456.123N0.34Preowned
281405 Bentley Court$1,199,0006,603199367.023Y0.41Preowned
29713 Winding Ridge Trail$999,0004,596201744.123N0.24New Construction - Incomplete
292105 Woodbine Circle$629,0003,800200664.023N1.00Preowned
29130 Creekway Bend$900,0005,467199454.123Y0.46Preowned
292809 Riverbrook Way$669,9003,009201732.112N0.23New Construction - Complete
30804 Winding Ridge Trail$1,099,0004,680201744.123N0.28New Construction - Incomplete
31512 Cascade Springs Drive$1,399,5004,726201344.113N0.34Preowned
311565 Bent Creek Drive$975,0005,109199845.023Y0.42Preowned
313145 Powhatan Court$589,0004,198200243.223Y0.43Preowned
32420 Shady Lane$540,0002,135196032.010N1.47Preowned
35230 Glenrose Court$715,0004,058199343.123Y0.54Preowned
351382 Lakeview Drive$511,0002,653198432.112N1.00Preowned
37129 Welford Lane$979,0005,149200554.124Y1.22Preowned
372209 Patterson Way$899,9995,171200454.123Y0.52Preowned
38905 Quail Creek Court$1,200,0003,833199564.023N3.83Preowned
39708 Winding Ridge Trail$765,0003,400201633.123N0.25New Construction - Complete
401218 Morgan Road$699,9003,727198844.023Y1.49Preowned
41455 Marshall Road$824,9004,561199944.023Y0.39Preowned
42618 Castle Rock Drive$1,449,0005,986200855.224Y0.43Preowned
43700 Boulder Drive$1,230,0005,324200755.023Y0.43Preowned
442130 E Highland Street$1,100,0002,847198232.112N3.67Preowned
461200 Clubhouse Court$1,359,0006,448200255.223Y0.44Preowned
46178 Jellico Circle$1,369,0005,398201754.123N1.11New Construction - Complete
48670 S Peytonville Avenue$5,995,00012,402200366.325Y2.76Preowned
492755 Florence Road$1,687,5006,308200166.024Y4.94Preowned
49613 Rancho Laredo Trail$1,200,0005,376200865.224Y0.36Preowned
49276 Pine Drive$1,299,9006,302200065.124Y1.96Preowned
501304 Regency Court$900,0004,692199945.123Y0.20Preowned
50804 Rochester Lane$1,449,0005,800201355.224Y0.59Preowned
50875 E Dove$765,0002,871198334.012N1.65Preowned
50702 Shadow Glen Drive$599,0004,265199353.123N0.34Preowned
501360 Cross Timber Drive$575,0002,888198532.112Y1.01Preowned
50304 King Ranch Road$1,199,9005,567200655.024Y1.00Preowned
50775 Black Forest Court$1,239,0005,211200555.124Y0.60Preowned
501901 E Highland Street$689,9002,354195543.010N2.00Preowned
51850 Wildwood Lane$589,0003,530198332.122Y0.93Preowned
521610 Enclave Court$2,298,0008,652200766.324Y1.02Preowned
521259 Bolton Court$1,650,7986,000200756.124Y0.62Preowned
541603 Enclave Court$2,665,0009,816200666.225Y1.00Preowned
54707 Inwood Drive$589,9003,468199643.123Y0.30Preowned
57816 Orleans Drive$725,0003,478201454.022N0.20Preowned
57704 Verdun Court$819,9004,674199754.025Y0.49Preowned
572123 Cheyenne Park Lane$1,399,0006,250200655.124Y0.52Preowned
59435 Marshall Road$759,0004,404199943.123Y0.44Preowned
592940 Burney Lane$850,0004,623198243.112Y2.08Preowned
591311 Forest Hills Court$649,9004,048199644.123Y0.48Preowned
591802 Lantana Court$1,595,0007,502199966.224Y1.00Preowned
601440 Brown Lane$649,9001,827197633.012N2.30Preowned
612100 W Continental Boulevard$500,0002,290199632.112N0.94Preowned
61417 Saint Tropez Drive$1,599,9006,834201354.123N0.36Preowned
641200 E Dove Road$789,0004,879200654.023Y1.00Preowned
641717 Torian Lane$1,476,0005,706201755.124N0.50New Construction - Incomplete
651112 La Salle Lane$1,149,0004,867201644.123N0.35New Construction - Incomplete
651128 La Salle Lane$1,528,6185,902201755.223N0.28New Construction - Incomplete
65100 King Ranch Road$742,9004,760200254.024N1.00Preowned
662280 N Peytonville Avenue$1,769,0007,221200655.225Y0.83Preowned
712304 Top Rail Lane$1,091,7116,095200843.123Y0.47Preowned
711313 Province Lane$879,0004,865200055.123Y0.26Preowned
722401 Top Rail Lane$899,0005,227201143.123N0.47Preowned
72408 W Chapel Downs Drive$1,395,0006,179201255.124N0.46Preowned
74900 Hampton Manor$1,516,4465,818201755.223N0.47New Construction - Incomplete
781000 Lexington Terrace$1,599,9005,812201555.224Y0.47Preowned
781800 Larkspur Court$1,895,0007,991199955.224Y1.00Preowned
812162 Estes Park Road$1,195,0005,849200754.224Y0.35Preowned
851141 Tealwood Court$740,0003,291201434.023N0.23Preowned
851205 Timber Court$799,9003,843199744.023N3.19Preowned
86931 Parkview Lane$825,0005,055199854.023Y0.39Preowned
87179 Summit Avenue$1,269,0003,942200544.232Y0.09Preowned
88700 S White Chapel Boulevard$2,500,0007,549198865.125Y6.77Preowned
91313 Blanco Circle$559,5003,456199143.023N0.46Preowned
92475 E Bob Jones Road$1,195,0005,960199954.124Y1.36Preowned
941521 Moss Lane$2,695,0007,600201766.124N1.00New Construction - Complete
99150 Lilac Lane$1,899,0007,518200567.223Y2.26Preowned
992012 Vail Road$935,0004,829200854.024N0.34Preowned
101516 Round Hollow Lane$984,0006,190200155.124Y0.73Preowned
1031029 La Salle Lane$1,069,0004,475201754.123N0.28New Construction - Incomplete
1031033 La Salle Lane$1,067,0004,466201755.023N0.27New Construction - Incomplete
1071021 La Salle Lane$1,049,0004,388201655.123N0.34New Construction - Complete
1071309 Biltmore Drive$2,400,0008,231200966.225Y0.99Preowned
107605 Logans Lane$729,9004,315199744.123N0.42Preowned
1081024 La Salle Lane$1,515,3306,076201755.223N0.30New Construction - Incomplete
1081502 Plantation Drive$1,495,0008,047198754.234Y1.00Preowned
108908 Hampton Manor$1,427,9776,409201755.224N0.50New Construction - Incomplete
108917 Lexington$1,251,9084,143201744.113N0.50New Construction - Incomplete
108525 Coyote Road$1,339,0005,217200544.224Y1.01Preowned
1102112 Beaver Creek Lane$999,0006,381200854.124N0.42Preowned
115533 Coyote Road$2,699,90013,624200666.125Y1.02Preowned
1161212 Cross Timber Drive$1,075,0004,957198743.123Y1.25Preowned
117605 Morningside Drive$630,0004,727199654.023Y0.59Preowned
133508 Rancho Laredo Trail$1,299,0005,591201455.124Y0.50Preowned
137208 Woodsong$1,630,6546,300201755.224N0.00New Construction - Incomplete
138381 Watermere Drive$399,9002,106201222.112N0.00Preowned
1411709 Grass Court$2,150,0007,323200954.224Y1.13Preowned
145198 Sam Bass Ridge Road$1,390,0003,660199142.233N1.67Preowned
1481245 Westwyck Court$2,775,0007,697201755.224Y1.16New Construction - Incomplete
1491860 Hunters Creek Drive$685,0003,734198943.122N1.12Preowned
1491021 Winfield Court$849,8004,479201144.123N0.46Preowned
1542801 Riverbrook Way$749,0003,356201533.113N0.24Preowned
1621411 Northridge Drive$629,0004,111199254.023Y0.67Preowned
176900 Lake Carillon Lane$1,249,0005,062201766.124N0.33New Construction - Incomplete
202400 W Chapel Downs Drive$1,595,0006,349200755.123Y0.46Preowned
2041204 Earlston Court$795,0004,398199943.123Y0.35Preowned
220561 Round Hollow Lane$929,0005,296200155.024Y0.98Preowned
2322508 Ogollala Court$650,0004,062199844.123Y0.38Preowned
236200 White Chapel Court$1,070,0005,600200343.223Y1.00Preowned
2392005 N White Chapel Boulevard$2,049,0009,103200855.224Y1.73Preowned
275509 King Ranch Road$2,499,99910,000200466.224Y1.00Preowned
3112158 Estes Park Road$1,050,0004,703200644.124Y0.35Preowned
338475 Bentwood Lane$1,695,0005,431200155.124Y1.00Preowned
3971000 La Salle Lane$1,121,9005,059201655.123N0.27New Construction - Incomplete
397612 Silver Spur Drive$950,0004,789200543.225N1.01Preowned
4501600 Burney Lane$495,0001,222195600.010N1.00Preowned
505314 Watermere Drive$400,0002,560200723.022N0.00Preowned
5653716 N White Chapel Boulevard$4,500,00019,673200788.429Y1.51Preowned
6231012 La Salle Lane$1,049,0005,017201544.123N0.00New Construction - Complete


Southlake new home construction

There currently is a moderate amount of new home construction occurring in Southlake. Click on this new construction homes link to see all new Southlake homes that currently are listed for sale. Shown below are some of the neighborhoods in which these new homes are being built. Links to neighborhood profiles for some of the subdivisions in which these new homes are being built are provided below.

I frequently am asked by folks who have never bought a new construction home if they should be assisted by a buyer’s agent when selecting a builder and when negotiating their new home purchase. My answers almost always are "Yes" and "Yes."

Recent home sales

Compared to previous year sales, on average, prices of Southlake MLS-listed pre-owned single-family homes sold during the three months ending February 28, 2017 increased 4.5 percent ... median sales price of homes sold $634,500 ... home prices generally ranged from about $350,000 to $1.7 million ... average house size 4,150 square feet, average price per square foot $171.50 and average house age 20.2 years ... houses sold averaged 63 days on market ... 3.4 months average supply of homes listed for sale during month of February


Southlake real estate and homes for saleSouthlake residential real estate profile

2017 Best Dallas suburbs rank: 1

Southlake public schools have the second highest composite STAAR performance index of all Dallas suburbs and its principal high schools, Carroll Senior High School / Carroll High School, rank second among the 2017 best open enrollment high schools in the DFW metroplex. Southlake also has the twenty-fourth highest percentage of owner occupied homes of all Dallas suburbs and the fifteenth lowest overall crime rate. Some of the ways Southlake is different from and similar to other DFW cities and towns are shown on these best Dallas suburbs and about Dallas suburbs pages.

As the DFW metroplex continues to grow and becomes more densely populated, Southlake's proximity to DFW International Airport, both the Las Colinas and north Dallas business centers, and both downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth is likely to make Southlake residential real estate even more desirable than it is now for people who need to commute frequently to and from these areas.


Southlake public schools are not only among the best in the DFW metroplex, they are among the best in the State of Texas ... most school age children who reside in Southlake are eligible to attend Carroll Independent School District schools ... six subdivisions located in northwest Southlake are served by the Northwest Independent School District

Click on this Southlake schools link for TEA STAAR scores, student population by grade, and other information for all Southlake public schools. Performance information for other DFW metroplex school districts is available on this best Dallas Fort Worth school districts page and performance information for other public schools in the Dallas area is provided on these DFW high schools, DFW middle schools and DFW elementary schools pages.

Private schools located near Southlake are identified on this north Dallas suburbs private schools page.


A key reason Southlake residential real estate is so desirable is its terrific neighborhoods. Click on this Southlake neighborhoods link for profiles that describe some of the best and most popular of these neighborhoods. Other great north Dallas area neighborhoods are identified on this best DFW neighborhoods page.

Community amenities/activities

One of the truly outstanding things about living in Southlake is its exceptional community amenities.


Approximately 10 miles and 14 minutes drive time without traffic from central Southlake to DFW International Airport passenger terminals ... 17 miles and 19 minutes to the Las Colinas business center ... 23 miles and 28 minutes to the north Dallas business center ... 26 miles and 30 minutes to downtown Dallas ... 25 miles and 37 minutes to downtown Fort Worth

Commute time and distance information for additional destinations, and for other DFW metroplex cities and towns, is provided on this average DFW commute distances and times page.

Nearby shopping centers


2015 estimated population 29,941 ... population density 1,335 residents per square mile ... 2014 annual median household income $170,742 ... 92.4 percent of Southlake residential real estate units owner occupied

Additional demographic information about Southlake and similar information about other DFW cities and towns are available by clicking on this more about DFW suburbs link.

Property taxes

Southlake is located in two different counties and students living in Southlake attend schools operated by three separate school districts. Since each of these entities have different tax rates, Southlake real estate property tax rates for 2016 range from 2.16 percent to 2.61 percent of tax appraisal value. A description of how Texas property taxes are calculated and paid, along with 2016 property tax rates for other DFW cities and towns, are available by clicking on this DFW property tax rates link.

Cities/towns near Southlake

from Southlake              
2016 median
house price
2014 median
household income
Bedford4149,337$226,000 $60,373 8south
Colleyville1425,487$520,000 $151,169 5south
Euless4354,219$211,000 $54,619 12southeast
Grapevine2851,404$315,000 $75,931 4east
Hurst4239,016$190,000 $53,488 10southwest
Keller1145,758$376,000 $144,266 6west
North Richland Hills4969,204$207,000 $62,927 11southwest
Roanoke487,400$294,000 $61,010 8northwest
Trophy Club411,759$420,000 $127,391 9northwest
Westlake1,264$1,453,900 6northwest

Notes: Best cities/towns rank derived from analysis presented on best Dallas suburbs page.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Inc., Google Maps.


More about Southlake

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If you are looking for a professional, business-savvy buyers agent, please call 972 355-3511 or send me an email and let's talk about how I can assist you. If you will be traveling from outside the DFW area and want me to show you houses while you are here, please call me before finalizing your plans.

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