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University Park Homes for Sale

This page presents valuable information for anyone who is considering buying a home in University Park. Detailed property descriptions and large high-resolution pictures of previously owned and new homes for sale in University Park are available by clicking on the property addresses in the MLS listings table below. Also on this page is information about key residential real estate factors that influence the desirability of University Park housing. At the bottom of the page are links to several authoritative sources that provide more general information about the City of University Park.

Homes currently for sale in University Park

The homes for sale listings shown on this page are an excellent starting point for learning about University Park single-family housing.

A more typical website presentation that provides a photo and summary description of each of these properties and advanced MLS search and mapping capabilities also is available on this University Park houses for sale expanded view page. Similar displays of all new and all pre-owned homes can be accessed by clicking on these University Park new construction homes and University Park pre-owned homes links.

The table in which these latest University Park homes for sale listings are presented is both searchable and sortable. The default display shows the 50 most recently listed homes in days listed order, but if you prefer to see all available properties sorted in descending price order, for example, select All in the Show entries box and double click on the "list price" column heading. To show only new construction properties, enter "new" in the Search box.

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days      address  list
sq. ft.year
14201 San Carlos Drive$1,285,0002,309193932.012N0.00Preowned
14076 Amherst Avenue$1,198,0003,035193443.122N0.16Preowned
13232 Purdue Avenue$964,9001,962193632.012N0.16Preowned
14085 Amherst Avenue$1,995,0005,127201655.122N0.16New Construction - Complete
23208 Wentwood Drive$2,595,0005,717201655.222Y0.24Preowned
23401 Marquette Street$1,275,0003,642195643.020Y0.28Preowned
24309 Hyer Street$1,600,0004,700201755.222N0.16Proposed
34328 Hyer$745,0001,905195532.012N0.20Preowned
54108 Stanhope Street$1,349,0003,705197243.020Y0.17Preowned
83225 Colgate Avenue$2,295,0005,397200444.222N0.26Preowned
84129 Caruth Boulevard$2,245,0005,359201756.132N0.20New Construction - Complete
83461 Amherst Avenue$1,665,0004,337199244.122Y0.16Preowned
93928 Bryn Mawr Drive$1,650,0002,389195043.012N0.28Preowned
94408 Amherst Avenue$2,185,0005,333201755.222N0.19New Construction - Incomplete
103625 Mcfarlin Boulevard$1,169,0003,474201744.132N0.08New Construction - Incomplete
104211 Windsor$4,175,0006,671201765.132N0.21New Construction - Incomplete
104028 Marquette Street$2,850,0006,109201756.233N0.28New Construction - Incomplete
123508 Villanova$2,475,0007,420200855.333N0.24Preowned
123412 Wentwood Drive$3,050,0005,954200245.233Y0.28Preowned
124033 Mcfarlin Boulevard$2,195,0006,699198354.132N0.23Preowned
143688 Asbury Street$895,0002,963199633.122N0.09Preowned
153424 Amherst Avenue$1,150,0003,239194143.122N0.16Preowned
164001 Normandy Avenue$4,250,0005,734199343.223Y0.50Preowned
164236 Caruth Boulevard$1,899,0005,757200656.122Y0.20Preowned
163009 Amherst Avenue$1,849,0004,918200644.222N0.19Preowned
163832 Stanford Avenue$2,395,0005,300201755.132N0.16New Construction - Complete
193617 Haynie Avenue$1,549,0003,805196263.122N0.29Preowned
214220 Normandy Avenue$1,350,0003,239193043.023N0.17Preowned
223404 Marquette Street$2,825,0005,524201456.222Y0.24Preowned
223627 Mcfarlin Boulevard$1,139,0003,376201744.132N0.08New Construction - Incomplete
223644 Mcfarlin Boulevard$2,995,0006,766200856.123N0.28Preowned
223249 Greenbrier Drive$2,895,0006,749200756.233Y0.26Preowned
224032 Hanover Street$1,119,0002,664192732.122N0.16Preowned
264449 Potomac Avenue$1,950,0004,133200533.122N0.17Preowned
263218 Amherst Avenue$1,365,0003,993199044.122N0.16Preowned
293619 Greenbrier Drive$3,849,0005,432200455.231Y0.26Preowned
292833 University Boulevard$1,399,0003,660200744.022N0.20Preowned
293141 Greenbrier Drive$2,095,0006,247199867.132Y0.26Preowned
294072 Purdue Avenue$1,549,0004,253199254.122Y0.16Preowned
304323 Mcfarlin Boulevard$2,100,0003,227194542.120Y0.29Preowned
303840 Wentwood Drive$3,950,0006,894201744.222N0.28New Construction - Complete
334320 Stanhope Street$1,775,0004,709193944.222Y0.18Preowned
363020 Westminster Avenue$1,435,0004,278200544.122N0.19Preowned
374352 Normandy Avenue$1,699,0004,852193155.033N0.19Preowned
376334 Westchester Drive$2,995,0006,692194055.123Y0.51Preowned
383316 Caruth Boulevard$2,999,0005,710201455.222Y0.27Preowned
404232 Hanover$1,425,0004,175193843.120N0.19Preowned
403828 Greenbrier Drive$3,790,0006,275201766.232N0.23New Construction - Complete
403408 Wentwood Drive$2,495,0005,934200455.222N0.24Preowned
413316 Lovers Lane$795,0001,967195332.012N0.19Preowned
424116 Stanford Avenue$2,499,0005,970201755.232N0.19New Construction - Complete
434313 Purdue Avenue$1,199,0003,875193945.120N0.19Preowned
452816 Mcfarlin Boulevard$625,0001,366195422.010N0.16Preowned
463420 University Boulevard$899,0002,399192443.022N0.20Preowned
464041 Druid Lane$3,250,0006,463194655.124Y0.57Preowned
463424 Stanford Avenue$2,900,0004,649200244.222Y0.32Preowned
474025 Purdue Avenue$989,0002,728193533.022Y0.16Preowned
473321 Caruth Boulevard$1,825,0005,429200353.222N0.27Preowned
492829 Dyer Street$1,495,0004,784201456.032N0.17Preowned
493615 Stanford Avenue$2,895,0005,906200144.233Y0.24Preowned
504012 Centenary Avenue$1,975,0004,541198754.122Y0.30Preowned
503512 University Boulevard$1,479,0002,853192440.020N0.32Preowned
503021 Southwestern Boulevard$2,675,0006,714200657.132Y0.26Preowned
513205 Stanford Avenue$1,359,0003,936198543.122N0.16Preowned
514501 Normandy Avenue$2,200,0004,755201433.122N0.17Preowned
524036 Lovers Lane$1,495,0005,306200744.132Y0.16Preowned
533432 Potomac$899,0003,248200143.122N0.50Preowned
543705 Amherst Avenue$1,495,0004,610199545.022Y0.16Preowned
543201 Greenbrier Drive$2,299,0005,809199145.133N0.27Preowned
573913 Stanford Avenue$1,699,0005,147200466.132N0.16Preowned
583808 Bryn Mawr Drive$2,095,0004,679200544.222Y0.19Preowned
583923 Hanover$2,385,0005,412201755.132N0.01New Construction - Incomplete
603200 Lovers Lane$799,0001,894194532.012N0.19Preowned
613501 Caruth Boulevard$5,495,0008,356201166.334Y0.45Preowned
634029 Marquette Street$1,299,0001,965194732.012N0.27Preowned
642713 Westminster Avenue$2,075,0005,752201555.223N0.22Preowned
643448 Amherst Avenue$1,675,0005,232200446.032N0.16Preowned
644009 Amherst Avenue$1,795,0006,075198557.232Y0.16Preowned
643040 Rosedale Avenue$1,427,0004,757198544.120N0.17Preowned
653529 Colgate Avenue$2,875,0007,302200859.133Y0.26Preowned
653832 Greenbrier Drive$2,795,0006,772199855.232Y0.23Preowned
663401 Amherst Avenue$875,0001,804199532.012N0.16Preowned
683828 Hanover Street$2,495,0006,588200156.232N0.20Preowned
685800 Armstrong Parkway$3,850,0007,792200356.233N0.29Preowned
713341 Stanford Avenue$1,899,0005,659201767.032N0.19New Construction - Complete
716620 Golf Drive$4,995,0008,890200656.233Y0.54Preowned
714112 Hanover Street$1,299,9993,855193845.020Y0.19Preowned
733601 Greenbrier Drive$4,690,0007,044200566.233N0.48Preowned
733949 Marquette Street$2,799,0006,815200055.122N0.31Preowned
743333 Greenbrier Drive$1,275,0003,165193733.120Y0.22Preowned
744201 Windsor Parkway$3,949,0007,106200656.223Y0.28Preowned
753200 Purdue Avenue$2,499,0005,675201655.223N0.22New Construction - Complete
754429 Grassmere Lane$869,0002,458194132.110N0.16Preowned
784020 Lovers Lane$925,0003,153193033.122Y0.16Preowned
793637 Haynie Avenue$2,799,0006,147200555.232N0.21Preowned
803921 Amherst Avenue$995,0002,086193833.022N0.16Preowned
823417 University Boulevard$2,150,0004,525192444.122Y0.38Preowned
833508 Mcfarlin Boulevard$2,099,0005,730200543.223Y0.31Preowned
892901 Bryn Mawr Drive$3,700,0008,620201655.123N0.37New Construction - Complete
933217 Centenary Avenue$1,639,0004,869199454.222Y0.24Preowned
943816 Hanover Street$3,300,0005,316201655.122Y0.20New Construction - Complete
963532 Milton Avenue$2,495,0006,656200755.222N0.21Preowned
977008 Dublin Street$924,9003,201198343.122N0.16Preowned
994519 Shenandoah Street$1,700,0003,915200833.122N0.16Preowned
1033408 Stanford Avenue$1,650,0004,231201643.322N0.16New Construction - Complete
1063648 Mcfarlin Boulevard$3,595,0006,034199355.222N0.34New Construction - Incomplete
1104216 San Carlos Street$2,295,0005,048201644.122N0.18New Construction - Complete
1124428 Windsor Parkway$2,249,0005,126200355.132Y0.19Preowned
1134004 Purdue Street$999,9952,210193532.022N0.16Preowned
1386809 Golf Drive$3,795,0006,341200656.332Y0.24Preowned
1414111 San Carlos Street$1,715,0003,960193944.023Y0.19Preowned
1453937 Purdue Avenue$1,175,0003,249195044.022N0.16Preowned
1463136 Bryn Mawr Drive$2,899,0006,488201755.132N0.26New Construction - Complete
1693341 Amherst Avenue$2,250,0005,000193554.122N0.19New Construction - Incomplete
1803636 University Boulevard$4,790,0007,666193645.133Y0.30Preowned
1842729 Stanford Avenue$1,995,0005,400201655.232N0.19New Construction - Complete
1893449 Stanford Avenue$2,095,0005,189201665.232N0.16New Construction - Complete
1973525 University Boulevard$2,949,0005,798200443.123Y0.32Preowned
2003624 Wentwood Drive$2,950,0006,100201255.122N0.24Preowned
2253008 Southwestern Boulevard$2,695,0006,137201755.223N0.26New Construction - Incomplete
2576101 Saint Andrews Drive$5,995,0007,404198557.133Y0.53Preowned
2743004 Southwestern Boulevard$2,300,0005,937200255.122N0.26Preowned
2754321 Amherst Avenue$799,0001,750193922.012N0.18Preowned
3456700 Turtle Creek Boulevard$15,900,00012,458199656.233N1.71Preowned
3563120 Stanford Avenue$2,795,0005,666198555.322Y0.29Preowned
3963300 Bryn Mawr Drive$2,699,0006,009201656.233N0.26New Construction - Incomplete
4143428 Purdue$2,395,0005,119201655.132N0.16New Construction - Incomplete


Recent University Park home sales

Compared to previous year sales, on average, prices of University Park MLS-listed pre-owned single-family homes sold during the three months ending February 28, 2017 increased 1.2 percent ... median sales price of homes sold $1,365,000 ... home prices generally ranged from about $760,000 to $4.2 million ... average house size 4,070 square feet, average price per square foot $387.00 and average house age 42.9 years ... houses sold averaged 69 days on market ... 3.1 months average supply of homes listed for sale during month of February


University Park real estate and homes for saleUniversity Park residential real estate profile

2017 Best Dallas suburbs rank: 3

University Park public schools have the highest composite STAAR performance index of all Dallas suburbs and its high school, Highland Park High School, ranks first among the 2017 best open enrollment high schools in the DFW metroplex. University Park also has the tenth lowest overall crime rate of all Dallas suburbs and its tax rate is in the bottom quartile of property tax rates in the Dallas area. Some of the ways University Park is different from and similar to other DFW cities and towns are shown on these best Dallas suburbs and about Dallas suburbs pages.

As the DFW metroplex continues to grow and becomes more densely populated, University Park's proximity to downtown Dallas, both Love Field and DFW International airports, and the north Dallas business center is likely to make University Park residential real estate even more desirable than it is now for people who need to commute frequently to and from these areas.


University Park public schools are not only among the best in the DFW metroplex, they are among the best in the State of Texas ... school age children who reside in University Park are eligible to attend Highland Park Independent School District schools

Click on this University Park schools link for TEA STAAR scores, student population by grade, and other information for all University Park public schools. Performance information for other DFW metroplex school districts is available on this best Dallas Fort Worth school districts page and performance information for other public schools in the Dallas area is provided on these DFW high schools, DFW middle schools and DFW elementary schools page.

Private schools located near University Park are identified on this park cities/north Dallas private schools page.


Looking for the best places to live in University Park? A key reason University Park residential real estate is so desirable is its terrific neighborhoods and they are a great place to begin your search. Click on this park cities neighborhoods link for profiles that describe some of the best and most popular of these neighborhoods.

Community amenities/activities

One of the truly outstanding things about living in University Park is its exceptional community amenities.


Approximately 8 miles and 15 minutes drive time without traffic from University Park to downtown Dallas ... 23 miles and 29 minutes to DFW International Airport passenger terminals ... 8 miles and 12 minutes to the north Dallas business center

Commute time and distance information for additional destinations, and for other DFW metroplex cities and towns, is provided on this average DFW commute distances and times page.

Nearby shopping centers


2015 estimated population 24,759 ... population density 6,710 residents per square mile ... 2014 annual median household income $176,836 ... 75.9 percent of University Park residential real estate units owner occupied

Additional demographic information about University Park and similar information about other DFW cities and towns are available by clicking on this more about DFW suburbs link.

Property taxes

University Park real estate property tax rate for 2015 is 2.06 percent of tax appraisal value. A description of how Texas property taxes are calculated and paid, along with 2015 property tax rates for other DFW cities and towns, are available by clicking on this DFW property tax rates link.

Cities/towns near University Park

from University Park              
2016 median
house price
2014 median
household income
Dallas1121,300,092$310,000 $43,359 7south
Highland Park159,189$1,600,000 $192,946 2south

Notes: Best cities/towns rank derived from analysis presented on best Dallas suburbs page.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Inc., Google Maps.


More about University Park

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